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iJango Presentation Dec 09


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Business Presentation - Wave 3 of Internet Profits

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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iJango Presentation Dec 09

  1. 1. How do you find the Winner? Everybody wants to pick a Winner, but
  2. 2. How does someone who was working 60 hours a week, never taking a vacation, finally become financially independent in just 3 or 4 years? Have you ever asked yourself… “ How Did They Do That?”
  3. 3. In your lifetime, Two Huge Waves have created Millionaires and Billionaires…. If you missed the first Two Waves, listen up! The Third Wave is just beginning, and you can stake your claim to it now!
  4. 4. First Wave: 1975-1998 The people in this picture changed your world forever: they may not be pretty, but everyone is a millionaire, and two are Billionaires: Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They were not afraid to bet on themselves and take advantage of timing, opportunity, and action!
  5. 5. Second Wave: 2000 – 2008 These websites are visited daily by people the world over. Their owners became Billionaires almost overnight, building on what the First Wave created. The Internet has created huge wealth for a very few people… until now.
  6. 6. Are you online? Do you realize how much money you are making for the large internet search engines? Would you like some of that revenue to come to you? iJango is an online Membership Rewards Community which allows you to participate in the revenue generated from what you do online everyday already. With iJango, you can be part of history in the making! Welcome to WAVE THREE: 2009 – iJango!
  7. 7. Choose Your Path in iJango! 2. Be a Community Director and earn 40% of the commission from your internet usage, PLUS 20% of all referrals’ usage. 1. Be a FREE Member and earn 20% of the commission from your own internet usage, PLUS 5% of all referrals’. Or….
  8. 8. 3. Participate in the iJango Community Success Ladder … Or 4. Grow a vigorous residual income and help your local community through the iJango Local Adz program! AND iJango offers Optional Revenue Streams for those who desire more:
  9. 9. In iJango You Earn Commissions simply doing what you do everyday on the internet. If iJango is your gateway to the internet…. When you shop, email, read news, browse, search, etc.….. YOU GET PAID!!! Be part of an online community which shares its revenue with you!
  10. 10. You can be a Free iJango Member for….. FREE! Launch Your Future Now! Or, be an iJango Community Director for only $149.95 one time and $19.95 per month – and quickly build revenue from an iJango online community.
  11. 11. Get your own home page organizer, and let the EOS browser take you where you want to go while returning revenue to your bank account!
  12. 12. Welcome to the iJango Community! Get with the Community Director who gave you the iJango Vision and begin to claim your stake in Wave Three for yourself and your family TODAY!
  13. 13. My name is Michael Fletcher & I am an iJango Community Director. Contact me at: [email_address] Let me help you establish another stream of income doing exactly what you are already doing every day on the internet. I am living proof that this is working - I am earning cash each month – IT IS SIMPLE, Easy to setup, easy to use, and it is Completely FREE! (Unless you want to make a lot of money – Talk to me: Learn more about our iJango community: (Take a tour of the customizable home page)