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Haverhill, MA needs a fiber network


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Don't be a settler. Haverhill, MA needs a fiber network for economic development and competition for residential services.

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Haverhill, MA needs a fiber network

  1. 1. Don’t be a Settler 1
  2. 2. Haverhill Needs a Next Generation Fiber Optic Network
  3. 3. Why • Economic development • Lower cost of doing business and better business services • Essential for Advanced Manufacturing – “Internet of Things” • Residential • Competition to drive down broadband and TV prices and improve service • The value to education, entrepreneurship, families and governance are all enhanced • By nearly ubiquitous access and the availability of high speed network When the cutting edge ignores the common man, it exacerbates inequity Reference: Boston Globe
  4. 4. Boston-Verizon Partnership • Prototype for Big City • $300 million in fiber-optic investment to the city over six years • With upload AND download speeds up to 500 Mbps, it’s the fastest Internet and Wi-Fi available • Advanced wireless 5G, which can deliver up to 50x the speed of 4G LTE • For businesses, including a range of speed choices up to 10 GigE • Conduct a Smart Cities trial with sensors and traffic signal control technology • To help decrease congestion and improve traffic flow
  5. 5. Business Options for Haverhill (preliminary) •Next Generation FiOS •100M (megabits/second) x 100M •$99 per month • Comcast • 100M x 20M • $189 • Enterprise Fiber (Comcast, Verizon, Lightower, Other) • 100M x 100M • $1500 - $3000 • Municipal fiber • Large upfront investment by City • Public utilities (e.g. municipal lighting plant) have the ability to issue bonds • Many options (e.g. grants, public-private partnerships) • Examples of cities with public utilities for fiber: Chattanooga, Tenn.,Town of Leverett, MA
  6. 6. Residential Options for Haverhill (preliminary) • Broadband & TV •Next Generation FiOS • Other Cable (in addition to COMCAST) • Internet only plus iTV service • COMCAST Today: approx. $55-60, no voice • Municipal fiber
  7. 7. What Network Providers Want in Cities (preliminary) • Demand aggregation • Access to any common ducts, pole or right of way • Non-onerous franchise fees • Avoid excessive oversight of cities • Expedited permitting • Shared vision • Other?
  8. 8. Haverhill Strategy • Ask Verizon: “What do we need to do to get you into our city?” • Haverhill is Next Generation FiOS Prototype for small, mid-sized cities (complements Boston’s big city prototype) • Advanced manufacturing (complements Boston’s R&D) • Smart cities “services” • Shared vision • Develop incremental implementation plan • Start with downtown TDI and business parks • Take-off points into neighborhoods • Demand aggregation • Comprehensive, rapid permitting • Easy access – right of ways • Other
  9. 9. Recommendation: 1. Develop Haverhill Strategy now 2. Form a Delegation (Led by Mayor Fiorentini) 3. Pitch to Verizon Regional President (Donna Cupelo, Region President – Verizon NE)