Ways to Promote Retention


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  • Make sure staff know your Health Center is participating in a retention projectFocus in specifically on “front line” folks that answer phones or greet patients in the Center to ensure they know your organization offers renewal assistance, who provides that assistance and how they should direct patients to get help with renewal
  • Michigan has a great track record in getting kids coverage, but a not so good outlook on keeping them enrolledUse the meeting, for example a “lunch and learn” to share the data basics, make sure staff understand when kids have to renew and what the process is like and encourage them to talk about it with their patientsEmphasize that retaining coverage is not only important for making sure kids get access to healthcare/their medical home, it also help the Health Center capture revenue which is important to maintain the mission!
  • Think about the number of calls that come in to your Health Center each day or the number of emails you send, embedding the retention message there is free and powerfulPromote the fact that your Health Center offers assistance for patients that need it because you know its such an important service for the families you serve
  • - Remember that the biggest proportion of kids get enrolled initially because a friend or family member tell them about it, try and harness this “referral source” for retention in the same way you would about promoting the services your Health Center offers
  • - Let us know how many you want and put them up in your sites (waiting rooms, hallways, patient accounts, bulletin boards etc.) to spread the message, MPCA will pay for the printing and mail them to you directly.
  • Use all of the communications resources available to your organization to promote the retention message and build awareness in your patient baseWebsitePatient NewslettersFlyers in the Waiting Room (we could create and provide)Short “Blurbs” on Patient Forms (checkout is a great place)Others? (Ask participants to Brainstorm)
  • Check-In and Check-Out are “prime times” to remind parents that their child’s coverage needs to be renewed, especially since coverage eligibility is typically being verified/checked at check-in anyway
  • Health insurance gets taken for granted until its needed mostShare stories about patients (with permission or more casually in conversation) to illustrate why health insurance is important and the importance of retaining it as long as a child remains eligible
  • Ways to Promote Retention

    1. 1. WAYS TO PROMOTE RETENTION MPCA Erin Sloan-Turner
    2. 2. 1Send out emailannouncements to staff and/orvolunteers at your HealthCenter and feature it inemployee newsletters andintranets
    3. 3. 2Setup an introductoryworkshop or meeting forpeople within yourorganization who mightbe interested to learnabout the program.
    4. 4. 3Ask your Health Centerto update emailsignatures, voicemailgreetings, hold  Sample email signature:messaging and Each year children enrolled in“signage” with a short Healthy Kids or MIChild need toblurb about Promoting renewal their health insurance. Remind families you interact withRetention that their children’s health insurance needs to be renewed each year.
    5. 5. 4Word-of-Mouth
    6. 6. 5Display Posters
    7. 7. 6Promote retentionthrough a Health Centernewsletter, website, orsocial media
    8. 8. 7Encourage staff toremind familiesabout their child’srenewal at key pointsduring a visit
    9. 9. 8Talk about positivepersonal narrativesthat deal with theimportance ofcoverage for children
    10. 10. QUESTIONS ?