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Wednesday 4 pitch presentations belgian delegation

  1. 1. NanoTechnologies for Health @ DSP ValleyDSP Valley: cluster organization offering matchmakingDSP = designing smart products, by using micro/nanoelectronics for digital signal processing as key enablingtechnologyDSP Valley contributes to Smart Specialization Strategyfor region of Flanders: “NanoTechnologies for Health”Connecting micro/nano electronics technology providerswith smart health systems product integrators, withspecial focus on: Active electrical implants Body wearable monitoring devices Diagnostics instruments13-5-2013 Slide 1
  2. 2. Clusterbezoek Medicon ValleyOverzicht van de delegatieGovernmentFlemish Minister for Innovation Lieten, IngridFlemish Minister for Welfare Vandeurzen, JoFlemish Ministry Lemmens, RubenFlemish Ministry Verté, DominiqueProvince of Limburg Smeets, Frank
  3. 3. Clusterbezoek Medicon ValleyOverzicht van de delegatieCompaniesABN The Air Management Group Nelissen, JoAcerta Sociaal Secretariaat Coninx, LiesbetAllanta vzw Debusschere, RoderikAristoco BVBA Houben, GeertCegeka Groep Schoonbaert, LukEssec Telecom Systems Decat, MarkFifthplay Vanvooren, PeterH.Essers Danmark Swennen, StevenHouben Bouw & Interieur Houben, EwaldLindbergh Consult Bosmans, HildeMSH Tienen Gielen, FrancisNV LSDC/LRM/bioville(life sciences incubator) Motmans, KrisOrthomed bvda Baeten, RafaelP&R Medical Peters, Jean-PierreSpronken Orthopaedics Spronken, LeonVZW Careassist Smolders, Peter
  4. 4. ABN focuses its business on the field of Life Sciencesto provide the fastest sterile air solutions for:− Pharmaceutical environments− Hospitals− Biotech− Laboratories
  5. 5. ABN focuses its business on the field of Life Sciences toprovide the fastest sterile air solutions for cleanroomenvironments for:− Hospitals− Biotech− Laboratories− Pharmaceutical environmentsProject solutions  Design ,build , validation of cleanroomsVIX concept (patent pending) : energy saving 45 %Product solutions  open innovation - Co-creation(plug & clean)
  8. 8. If you want to reach the top, bring out thebest in yourself
  9. 9. You can count on us 200%• Target groups:starters, self-employed workers, SMEs,businesses and corporations,public and non-profit organisations• Offer:enterprise counter, social and payrolladministration, and customised HR services• Specific expertise:non-profit, public sector, port sector and transport sector• Expert brands:• Kern Selection/Executive Research:recruitment and selection services• BCT/VOCA: training, coaching and development services• Corgo: executive services & board servicesEverything related to peoples work
  10. 10. Always at the top• More than one in five transactions on the enterprise counter(business portal) is made through Acerta (> 40,000)• Nearly 30% of all self-employed workers are affiliatedto Acerta for the social insurance fund (> 270,000)• More than one in five organisations within the private sector usesAcertas social secretariat (> 48,000)• Acerta is responsible for the payroll calculation of more than one infour workers within the public sector, both statutory and contractworkers (> 260,000)• Nearly 13% of people receiving family benefits do so viaAcerta (> 140,000)• More than 100 experts in HR services
  11. 11. Open trainingCompany-specific trainingConsultancyHead Office HasseltHendrik van Veldekesingel 150/58B‐3500 HasseltT +32 (0)11 870 944F +32 (0)11 870 801E info@allanta.euwww.allanta.euOffice GhentKortrijksesteenweg 62B‐9830 Sint‐Martens‐LatemT +32 (0)9 321 73 04F +32 (0)9 321 03 01E info@allanta.euwww.allanta.euOffice NetherlandsWeerterveld 75NL‐6231 NC MeerssenT +31 (0)43 364 36 45F +31 (0)43 36556 83E info@allanta.euwww.allanta.euImplementation of MDD and/or FDA regulationsQuality Management System ISO 13485Quality System Regulation FDA 21 CFR PART 820Risk analysis and evaluationTechnical File and CE markingProduct Safety – Process SafetyGood Manufacturing Practices GMPGood Distribution Practices GDPProduct, process and system auditsComplaint analysis and improvement / CAPAMedical Devices Vigilance SystemFDA compliance / US market accessService
  12. 12. Aristoco (Cubigo)Launched in 2011Social care & service platform for elderly“Provide end users with easy-to-use tools in order toincrease patient empowerement”Why? People want to stay longer in their ownenvironment! Give them tools to do that!On the market in Belgium,The Netherlands & Spain
  13. 13. A solid regional ICT partnerFounded in 19921750 staffFull service ICT Integrator & Solutions developerOffices in 7 countries : Benelux, France, Germany, Poland, Romania**Group Shared Service CenterCegeka in Health Caremore than 20 years of presence in the care/cure sector-30% market share of hospitals @Flanders with EHR- Major player in Care sector (NL)- European provider of Clinical Lab Systems (100+ clients)More than 70 healthcare IT professionals active in the marketCegeka is capable to deliver end-to-end solutions & servicesHead office (Hasselt)Data centres (Hasselt,Leuven, Veenendaal)
  14. 14. • Founded 1977 as telecom supplier to healthcare market• System integrator of telecom and nursecall in Belgium• 91 employees• Hospitals, elderly homes and home care• Since 2005: development and manufacturing of first Full IP nursecall system• According to the German VDE standard• One system for hospitals, nursing homes and other• Product lines based on open standards• Sales Europe and Middle-East: IndigoCare Europe• USA office Houston, TX: IndigoCare USAEssec Healthcare Telecom
  15. 15. The most flexible nurse call in the world
  16. 16. Only one nurse call is the first full IP system...based on open standards…and a complete distributed architecture…which can re-use old wiring…and is the most flexible system in the worldIts name is iCall
  17. 17. The most flexible nursecall in the world• Essec Healthcare Telecom °1977• Manufacturer since 2007• 91 employees• IndigoCare Europe HQ Beringen Belgium• IndigoCare UAS HQ Houston, TX• Specific EU- and US- product range
  18. 18.  H.Essers Warehousing – Transport – Systems H.Essers is a premium logistics provider that offers customized and integrated transportation and logistics solutions across Europe. The company was founded in 1928 by Henri Essers and has since become one of the leading companies in Europe within major transport and logistics sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high‐quality products.1908/02/2012 Steven Swennen Business Development Manager & Manager Denmark Steven Swennen graduated as Master in Business Economics from Hasselt University in 2007. After a short period of working for H.Essers in Belgium he moved to Copenhagen to start up the Danish subsidiary H.Essers Danmark in 2008. The subsidiary was founded to support a large warehousing project for a key customer. Initially, Steven Swennen had the role of project manager but is currently managing the Danish company.
  19. 19.  H.Essers Warehousing – Transport – Systems H.Essers is a premium logistics provider that offers customized and integrated transportation and logistics solutions across Europe. The company was founded in 1928 by Henri Essers and has since become one of the leading companies in Europe within major transport and logistics sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high‐quality products.2008/02/2012 Gert Bervoets CEO Gert Bervoets graduated as Master in Business Economics from Brussels University. He started his career as Group Product Manager for Nestlé. In 2002 he started to work for H.Essers as plant manager for the sites in Antwerp, Courcelles, Vilvoorde and Romania.  After a few years he became General Manager Logistics. Since 01/04/2013 he is the CEO of H.Essers
  20. 20. www.airdeck.comAIRDECK BUILDING CONCEPTS NVSMART BUILDING STRUCTURES, OFFERING COMFORTABLE SPACES,ADAPTED TO THE SPECIFIC NEEDS OF OUR FUTURE HEALTHCARE.Airdeck Building Concepts produces smart building structures fortomorrow’s sustainable buildings, consisting of large-spanned precastconstructive floors. Airdeck® structures are lightweight and combinebidirectional load bearing capability with slim design (eg beams are notneeded). All techniques and utilities (e.g. concrete core activation to heatand cool the interior space) can easily be integrated into the buildingstructure. The use of Airdeck® generates substantial economic, materialand environmental savings for all parties involved in the building processwhilst offering greater architectural freedom and optimal buildingdesign. Even after completion, smart building structures offer a lower totalcost of ownership including low to zero energy bills.AIRDECK, THE BEST SOLUTION FOR SUSTAINABLE HOSPITALS.More info: www.airdeck.comResidential care center“De Wending”Turnhout (Belgium)Headquarter SydEnergi“Energihus”Esbjerg (Danmark)
  21. 21. Mr Ewald Houben Ewald Houben took over the family construction business founded byhis father, thereby concentrating the shareholding. Instigating thedesign and patenting of the Airdeck® concept in 2005, he also initiatedthe design of an innovative low energy office for rental use, technicallymany years ahead of its time. Mrs Veronique Houben Veronique Houben joined the family business in 2001 and has a degreein marketing and business finance and has focused on developing anetwork within the Benelux construction community (architects,builders, structural engineers, government institutions) and particularlyfocusing on Greentech with the demonstrator building “HollandschHuys” now part of the EraSME-project known as GEOTABS.AIRDECK BUILDING CONCEPTS NV
  22. 22. Consultancy partner for the care sector – Focus on pension solutions and affordable senior housing– A true niche player providing tailor‐made services – Expertise in senior and disability housing – Team of 25 highly qualified peopleConsultancy Operational supportFinancial advice Merger & AcquisitionsHigh number of references:‒ Service and health care providers, operators of services, public health insurances, … ‒ Construction companies, builders, developers, architects, …‒ Financial, investment and real estate companies, …www.lindberghconsult.beCARE EXPERTISE 
  23. 23. • Customer focus: European key-countries• Hospitals, Health Care Providers, Rest- and Nursing-Homes• Pharmacies, Medical Shops and related Wholesalers• Pharma industry, Laboratories, Kit-Packers and Manufacturers• Business units• Own sales organization in Belgium & France / Trade Partners in Europe• 50 employees – 21 m€ sales in 2012 – ISO 9001 and ISO 13485• Tienen (Belgium, Head Office, showroom, logistic center) – La Ciotat (France, Sales office) - www.msh.beHospidex: importer-distributor of medical devicesHealthcare DevicesComfort & Well-beingPressure ReliefSafety SolutionsPatient HandlingInfection Control
  24. 24.  Flexible infrastructure and services 1.800 sqm incubation space with flexible lab and office modules and shared facilities  1.800 sqm accelerator space with 135 sqm lab/office modules (under construction) GMP zone with flexible, multipurpose production modules and supporting facilities Funding through the LRM Sciences Fund Focus on drug discovery and development, medtech, care and functional foods Investment size of up to EUR 10 mio per company over different rounds Community Close interactions with LifeTechLimburg, Hasselt University and regional hospitalsBioVille : a full service life sciences incubator 
  25. 25. Business highlightsKey activities• Mobility– Active/sport wheelchairs– Medium active/passive wheelchairs– Handbikes• Ostomy & Continence Care– Urostomy/colostomy pouches– Catheters• Orthopaedics– Orthoses– Protheses• Home care– Home care beds– Floor liftsKey clients• Private customers• Hospitals• Residential care & nursinghomes• Doctors• Founded in 1998• Currently 15 employees• Head office + service centerBaeten Rafaël
  26. 26. The standard in contrast media administrationBased on multi‐use of syringesWithout compromising patient safety!Worldwide patented and trademarked! @prmed_transflux@prmed_transfluxwww.prmedical.bewww.prmedical.beTransfluxa P&R Medical productAvoids cross‐contaminationStudy on the Microbial Safety of an Infusion Set for Contrast‐Enhanced Imaging, published in Investigative Radiology of April 2012 ‐ Volume 47 Avoids extravasations & subcutaneous injectionsSaves tonnes of waste & hours of timeProvides permanent access to the veinIt is a safe, stand‐alone applicationTMMajor references: Leuven University Hospitals, Univ Hospitals Brussel,  King’s College Hospital London , Addenbrooke’s University Hospital and St.Bartholomew’s London , Ascott Clinics New Zealand,  University Hospital on Paseo de Pontones Madrid, Univ Hospitals Val d’Hebron Barcelona..  and many others local in Europe.Company founded in 19984 direct employees and3 on consultancy basisDeveloping sterile products for daily use with ‘added’ value…Production?Production is subcontracted in GermanyPreparing new production line in own province
  27. 27. Spronken Orthopaedics is active in healthcare as a certified supplier of medical aidsOrthotics  Prosthetics  Rehabilitation  HomeCareSpronken Orthopaedics developed into one of the largest companies in the field of orthotics, prosthetics, wheelchairs, rehabilitation aids and homecare products. At present Spronken Orthopaedics employs over 120 people.
  28. 28. PETER SMOLDERScare entrepeneurMooreaProjects• Developmentof health- andbuildingsiteswith a maininterest incareCareAssist• Governmentof healthsitesandcoördinationof care-servicesVPS• Nursing
  29. 29. Clusterbezoek Medicon ValleyOverzicht van de delegatieCare providersHospital Maas en Kempen vzw Valgaeren, JanJessa Hospital Breysem, YvesJessa Hospital Deschamps, WillemJessa Hospital/Hasselt University Dendale, PaulKoninklijk Limburgs Apothekers Verbond Vos, DirkPractimed cvba Medisch Centrum Beke, PaulPractimed cvba Medisch Centrum Raemdonck, FrederikPrometheus vzw Vandeweerd, DirkSinf Jozef Claes, JosTandheelkundig Centrum Esthedentalplus Schreurs, RonnyWhite-Yellow cross, Limburg Bijnens, LucZiekenhuis Oost-Limburg Bormans, Erwin
  30. 30. "Ziekenhuis Maas en Kempen" is a regional hospital in the North East of Limburg. We offer alarge range of "second line" medical services for the local region of about 85.000 people. OurHospital provides quality medical and paramedical services to ambulant and hospitalizedpatients, at campus Bree and Maaseik. In our organisation we are working with about 85doctors and 550 employees. In the near future the realisation of a new state of the art hospitalin Maaseik will start. From mid 2016 all our activities will be concentrated on one new campusat Maaseik.
  31. 31. Strong togetherfor our patienttopclinical hospital988beds3062 employees343doctors211 day care beds1276 patients each daycontinuous improvementpatient @JessaZiekenhuisinternational quality accreditationby NIAZLocation Virga Jesse ‐ HasseltRehabilitation campus – Herk‐de‐StadLocation Salvator –Hasselt
  32. 32.  Dirk Vos Community pharmacist (> 25 years) Chairman of the board at KLAV, Local PharmaceuticalAssociation (> 8 years) Member of the board at APB, Belgian PharmaceuticalAssociation Member of the board at VAN, Flemisch PharmaceuticalAssociationKLAV
  33. 33.  Dynamic professional association at local level with over a 1100 members KLAV encompasses the interests of her members and supports themconcerning all aspects of their professional life Goals: convince the government, other caregivers and the general public of theadded value of the pharmacist as a crucial partner within health care support pharmacists to exert their essential role in pharmaceutical follow-upand coaching of patients and disease management with the interest of the patient in mind, and within a multidisciplinaryframework, we aim for arguable results for the pharmacist to achieve intherapy loyalty, engagement in care pathways, prevention and sensibilisation,patient care, ambulant as well as in different types of residential care crucial connection between caregivers and the different governments We want to vouch for the highest quality by continuing to aim for efficiency,growth and diversificationKLAV (KONINKLIJK LIMBURGSAPOTHEKERS VERBOND)
  34. 34. PRACTIMED CVBA• More then 260.000samples of humannature on a yearlybasis• ISO -15089:2007compliant• 60 employees• Reference partner for bothUniversities andPharmaceutical Sector• Phase III & IV studies• Observational studies• 5 employees• Structural cooperation between first and secondline healthcare actors• 2 campuses: Tessenderlo & Bree• > 100 physians /> 65.000 patient contacts eachyear• 35 employees
  35. 35. Association that combines the 90 generalpractitioners of the area GAOZ (Genk- As– Opglabbeek - ZutendaalDr. Vandeweerd Dirk
  36. 36. PROJECTSTHE CREATION OF INTERCONNECTIONS Target: Creating a well organised healthcare areawith clear points of contact per disciplineFINAL GOAL: H1L GAOZ Platform where first line care providers can meet &can be supported  substantial given increase inchronic care! A better collaboration Recognizability for first line health care members and the entirepopulation Better support for healthcare and wellbeing for all care and social workersDr. Vandeweerd Dirk 37
  37. 37. Living – and Care centre“Sint-Jozef”info@sintjozefneerpelt.beDirector: Jos Claes• We offer:– Housing, quality care and service to care-dependent olderpeople• 98 residential units  (about 143 by 2015)• 64 assisted living residences– With special attention to people with dementia– Short stay + day care• Focus: providing quality time
  38. 38. • Opglabbeek– General dentistry– Esthetic dentistry– Bleachings– Pedodontology– Prosthodontics– Periodontology– Implantology– Orthodontics– Endodontology– Narcodontology• 17 dentists and dental specialists, 10 dental assistants, office managerSecond clinic opening soon (Maasmechelen 2014)Start of a chain?“DENTAL CLINIC”Ronny Schreurs & Martine Van Hemelen: ownerswww.esthedentalplus.beMail:
  39. 39. The White‐Yellow Cross Association of Limburg 24/7Nursing services• Diabetes ‐ Wound Care ‐ Palliativecare ‐ Incontinence care ‐ Stoma care ‐ Mobility – Psychiatriy ‐PsychogeriatricsAdditionalservices• Dietic service ‐ Medical foot care - Family care services ‐Lendingtools & materials ‐ Personalalarm ‐ Permanence service ‐Maternity service by midwives ‐innovation• 1.600 employees• 1.300 nurses• 29 divisions• 32.800 patients (2012)
  40. 40. Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) is a supraregional non-university hospital in Belgium with811 hospitalization- and 230 daycare beds. We are active on 3 campuses: Andre Dumont(Genk), Sint-Jan (Genk) and Sint-Barbara (Lanaken). These campuses make up the ZiekenhuisOost-Limburg, providing work for 3000 employees, 250 physicians, 75 physicians in trainingand numerous volunteers, interns and students.We offer basic and topclinical care, in good collaboration with our partners. We mainly focuson improving the quality of care, patient safety and comfort.Besides regional clinical activities, the different departments such as neonatology,cardiology, cardiac surgery, multidisciplinary pain center, neurosurgery, fertility center,hyperbaric oxygen center,… play also an importing role in supraregional en Euregionalinitiatives. Recently a close collaboration with Hasselt University was started in theframework of the Limburg Clinical Research Program to promote and support clinicalresearch activities in Limburg. Currently 10 (non-) medical students are active within variousdisciplines.Besides all the activities of ZOL, the patient centered approach remains the largest asseteven in a structural and organizational growing hospital with increasing complexity. Our mottois to invest in supporting and educating hospital personnel to further improve thequality of care.Erwin Bormans, CEO since September 2010
  41. 41. Clusterbezoek Medicon ValleyOverzicht van de delegatieIntermediatesGimv nv Diels, BartHospilim Stevens, BennyInnovatiecentrum Limburg vzw Gaethofs, BarbaraLimburk Sterk Merk Coenen, Jean-PaulLRMMicrosoft Innovation Center Flanders VZW Dedrij, PeterPOM-ERSV Limburg Van Ackere, Regine
  42. 42. Gimv Health & CareLeading the path towards a healthier H&C sectorBart Diels, Managing Partner Health & Care PlatformMember of the ExcoApril 2013
  43. 43. Gimv, a pioneer in continental Europe since 1980Health & Care p. 44• Funding from strong balance sheet,complemented with specialized co-investment funds• Active support to portfolio companies• International reach with a local touch,strong brand & network• Focus on value creation via4 platforms• Flexibility in investment instruments andexit timing, given evergreen fundstructure• Funding from strong balance sheet,complemented with specialized co-investment funds• Active support to portfolio companies• International reach with a local touch,strong brand & network• Focus on value creation via4 platforms• Flexibility in investment instruments andexit timing, given evergreen fundstructureUnique strengths &differentiation• Listed: on NYSE-Euronext Brussels• EUR 1.8 billion AUM• Market cap: EUR 960 million (14/03/2013)• 32 years of expertise in PE & VC• 90 employees in 4 offices• Listed: on NYSE-Euronext Brussels• EUR 1.8 billion AUM• Market cap: EUR 960 million (14/03/2013)• 32 years of expertise in PE & VC• 90 employees in 4 officesFacts & figuresA diversified portfolio• Covering Biotech, Medtech and H&CServices• Raising a dedicated H&C Fund of 200 mio€• Covering Biotech, Medtech and H&CServices• Raising a dedicated H&C Fund of 200 mio€A diversified H&C platform
  44. 44.  A  hospital network in Limburg (Belgium) In cooperation with local government It’s mission: central purchasing body consultative platform  knowledge centre:‐ public procurement‐ supply chain management and othernon‐core processes www.hospilim.beHospiLim  (npa)Stevens Benny 
  45. 45. Innovation centre LimburgBarbara GaethofsMission To increase the innovation capacity of the enterprises in Limburg• How?• Information• Networking• Advice and coaching• What?• Confidential and free services, focus on small and medium sizeenterprises• Team• 5 advisors with relevant corporate experience• Structure• Non profit organisation• Financed by IWT, the government agency for Innovation byScience and Technology
  46. 46. LSM stands for Limburg Sterk Merk (“Limburg Strong Brand”) and contributes to thebalanced development of the province via financing of initiatives that contribute to thedevelopment of Limburg (employment, mobility, innovation, housing, and health care, scientificresearch, education, environment, tourism and cultural affairs).Province Development - financing – innovation – health care
  47. 47. Life Sciences in Limburg (BE), Q1(2012)LRM – MORE THAN CAPITAL•Government backed investment funds•Unique combination of venture capital and real estate solutions•Geographical focus: link with province of Limburg•Current portfolio: more than 90 companies, indirect employment of 9.390 FTE’s•Sector specialisation: Life sciences , ICT&Media, CleanTech & Energy, Largecompanies and SME
  48. 48. Life Sciences in Limburg (BE), Q1(2012)LRM – LIFE SCIENCES•Drug discovery and development, medical technology – soon to be expanded withcare and functional foods•Platforms and assets•Diversified portfolio in terms of risk: seed rounds, series A, subsequent rounds•Investment size: € 500k - € 5 million/round, up to € 10 million/company•Investment horizon: 3-7 years•Balanced management team combining scientific, business development,financial, legal and managerial expertise to create shareholder value•Active Board member•Access to network of national and international industry experts and syndicatepartners
  49. 49. Life Sciences in Limburg (BE), Q1(2012)LRM – LIFE SCIENCES AT A GLANCE
  50. 50. Microsoft Innovation Center Vlaanderen VZW heeft als doelinnovatie en ondernemerschap op basis van informatietechnologie te stimuleren in de regio Vlaanderen.
  51. 51. 300DoelstellingPartners
  52. 52. POM Limburg is the development agencyof the province Limburg (B) Partner to develop, support and carry out the socio-economicpolicy for the Provincial Authority of Limburg In 3 ways:- platform for policymakers (provincial and local) and social partners- develop, manage and support local, Flemish, national and Euregionalprojects- support the development of Limburg growth sectors Since 2010: department Care Economy with 6 project(managers)Head of department: Regine Van Ackere Focus on facts and figures, labor market for cure and care,networking, partnerships for project development, innovation inprocess- and labor organisation,…
  53. 53. Our regionDemographyYear Total > 60 y % > 80 Y %2012 849.404 198.941 23% 37.373 4,40%2020 878.516 237.600 27% 48.985 5,60%2030 891.063 278.466 31% 60.940 6,80%Employment in the care economy and healthcare organisationsEmployees # organisations< 19  1.36520 ‐ 49  221> 50  224total employees 49.576%  total employment 18,20%
  54. 54. Clusterbezoek Medicon ValleyOverzicht van de delegatieEducation and researchHasselt University De Schepper, LucHasselt University Op T Eijnde, BertiMinds Morlion, BirgitiMinds Goderis, DannyKatholieke Hogeschool Limburg/ White-yellow cross Van Gorp, Luc
  55. 55. • Sciences• Medicine and Life Sciences• Business Economics• 50 patents• 12 spin-offs• incubation fund - UHasselt Venture Management• 2 science parks• > €14,5 M research contracts/year• > 600 research contracts /year• 7 research institutes• > 700 researchers• > 460 publications every year• > 400 PhD students• Law• Engineering technology• Architecture and Arts5400 studentsin6 faculties
  56. 56. REVAL Rehabilitation Research CenterEducational programs (~750 students) and research in:• Neurological rehabilitation (MS, stroke, …)• Cardio respiratory rehabilition (chronic heart failure, diabetes, cabg)• Musculoskeletal rehabilitation (shoulder, rehabilitation technology)• Pediatric rehabilitation (autism)• Mental health (pain treatment)Bert Op ‘t Eijnde rehabilitation sciences & exercise physiologyAdlon, exercise performance labOptimizing athletic performance & healththrough medical examination (cardiac output,blood analysis, …), exercise capacity, musclestrength & body composition testing
  57. 57. 58iMinds: Flanders’ digital labsdemand-driven interdisciplinaryresearch in ICT800+ researchers, 55 nationalities1000 partners, 30% international380 projects, 40% EuropeanIncubator 37 seeds & 14 spin-offsinternational scope5 universities5 research departmentsMediaHealthEnergySmart CitiesManufacturing5 vertical marketsInternet technologiesSecurity technologiesMultimedia technologiesMedical technologiesDigital Societycollaborative research (ICON), user living labs, incubation & entrepreneurshipservices for 1000 partners40% Industrial SME’s, 35% large corporations, 25% (semi) public institutionsDanny GoderisCOO
  58. 58. WhatHome & mobile care, elderly careLife-style, prevention & coachingUser-driven co-creationmethodologyProgramsFlanders’ Living lab Care10+ ICON research projectsEU AAL & EIT ICT KIC & EIPAHAPartnersCare organizations & insurersFlanders’ Care, eHealth platform20+ IT companies Philips,Televic, …59iMinds health programCare & WellbeingWhat(Bio)Medical Imaging &ProcessingDecision support & automationPrograms80+ researchers in hospitals15+ ICON research projectsFirst spin-off companiesPartnersUniversity hospitals30+ IT companies Barco, Philips,Agfa, Skyscan…WhatBio-informatics, OmicsBig data (mining), privacy &securityProgramsRare desease detection programStrategic research collaborationPartnersPharma sectorIT-sector: Bull, NvidiaResearch centers: IMEC, VIBMedical technologies Life sciencesBirgit MorlionHealth Innovation
  59. 59. University College KHLim• Member of Association KU Leuven• 6500 Students & 720 Staff• Professional bachelor & master programmes• Quadri (quality driven)• 4 campuses in Hasselt, Genk, DiepenbeekTasks• Education• Committed Research & Community ServiceQuadri (quality driven)Service to societycommunity development and engagement
  60. 60. Health care DepartmentNursing pediatrics in health care reference person ethics applied researchMidwifery social health care diabetic educator Permanent educationlactation expert Education on demandPalliative careElderly carePediatrics & neonatologyProfessionalbachelorprogrammesResearch & community service(quadri): ethics; elderly care,technology & care,…KHLim University CollegeBachelor afterbachelorPost graduatesHealth Care Department
  61. 61. 05/05/2013 Cluster Visit Medicon Valley 05-08 of Mai 2013Federation of Wite-Yellow-Cross of Flanders Tasks & Mission Home care Nursing care at home 153.114 patients in 5 provinces inFlanders Representation of W-Y-C towards governmental authoritiesand other organizations Negotiations Preparation of policy for W-Y-C (e.g. strategic plan) Supporting services / coördination for the provinces Research/study – informatics – HR – finances - Quality 6151 (4871 nurses) Employees RIZIV income – 242.361.027 euro
  62. 62. Clusterbezoek Medicon ValleyOverzicht van de delegatiePressConcentra Claes, DominiqueTV Limburg Gijsen, Miranda