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Monday 4 sander bille maribo medico

  1. 1. Wearable Technology &Mobile HealthMaribo Medico Sports & Health Science
  2. 2. Mobile HealthUsers/ClientsWearable TechnologyDigital toolsGamification
  3. 3. Challenges of tomorrow
  4. 4. PossibilitiesPatient Empowerment
  5. 5. Patient Empowerment 1.0In the Patient Empowerment literature you are interested in making thepatient able to use their own resources with the goal that the patient cantake care of themselves.Empowerment: An Idea Whose Time Has Come in Diabetes Education, Funnell, Martha M, et al, TheDiabetes Educator, 1991, vol. 17, no. 1:Patient Self-management of Chronic Disease in Primary Care, Bodenheimer, Thomas, et al., AmericanMedical association, 2002, vol. 288, no. 19:Patient Empowerment: Myths and misconceptions, Andersen, Robert M. & Funnell, Martha M., PatientEudcation and Counseling, 2010:Strategi for IT-understøttelse af Patient Empowerment, Danske Regioner & RSI, marts 2011.Patientempowerment – et nyt buzzword?, Mogensen, Torben, Tidsskrift for Dansk Sundhedsvæsen, 2012, 88.årgang, nr. 8.
  6. 6. PossibilitiesPatient Empowerment 2.0 = Mobile Health
  7. 7. Wearable Technology
  8. 8. ECGIphone ECG
  9. 9. BlodsugarIphone blodsugar
  10. 10. BlodpressureIphone blodpressure
  11. 11. BabyscaleIphone babyscale
  12. 12. Sleep & Physical ActivityActigraph monitoring solutionsThe wireless wGT3X+monitor, in conjunction withthe ActiLife analysis software,delivers objective 24 hourphysical activity andsleep/wake measurementsincluding raw acceleration,activity counts, energyexpenditure, physicalactivity intensity, bodyposition, and amount ofsleep
  13. 13. Smart Phones29th of June 2007
  14. 14. Smart Phones
  15. 15. Our Solution
  16. 16. Smart PhonesWearable Technology + Smart Phones =Constant informations
  17. 17. Mobile HealthWill increased information flow increasehealth?How can the data be used to get people to be:- Focused?- Engaged?- Motivated?- Healthier?
  18. 18. PossibilitiesPatient Empowerment 2.0 = Mobile HealthUsers/ClientsWearable TechnologyDigital toolsGamification
  19. 19. GamificationGamificationPhenomenon in which game elements are added to things that are not games
  20. 20. Gamification• 100 millioner in Europe plays computer games• 97% of youngsters under 18 plays computer games• 40% of all”Gamers” over 18 is women• ¼ of all”Gamers” is over 50 years”Reality is Broken - 2011””One day we will all be gamers”– Rob Fahey (The Times 7. of july 2008)
  21. 21. Gamification4 Pillars• Clear goal– A goal that gives a sense of purpose to achieve• Rules – Rules that encourages strategic thinking• Feedback system – Immediate feedback on the process• Voluntary participation - ensuring a safe experience with the optionto withdraw
  22. 22. Gamification”During this kind of highly structured, self-motivated hard work, weregularly achieve the greatest form of happiness available to humanbeings: intense, optimistic engagement with the world around us. We feelfully alive, full of potential and purpose – in other words, we arecompletely activated as human beings.”Mihály Csikszentmihályi – Scientist in Positive Psychology and author tothe book ”Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”
  23. 23. Maribo Medico"Maribo Medico aims to share knowledge and develop solutions that giveindividuals the opportunity to choose a healthy and good life"
  24. 24. Maribo MedicoSchool Projects
  25. 25. Maribo MedicoHealthy aging
  26. 26. Mobile Health
  27. 27. Thank you!Jesper Carlsonjc@maribomedico.dkTlf. +45 22511748