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Monday 3 susanne schjolin elderly home sonderhaven


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Monday 3 susanne schjolin elderly home sonderhaven

  1. 1. www.ballerup.dkSønderhavenAn Innovation Center
  2. 2. Sønderhaven2
  3. 3. Sønderhaven – the area3
  4. 4. Sønderhaven – build in 2012Architecturally, the homeliness and space to meet, is thesupporting ideas for the settlement. The aim is to create asecure framework of the residents daily life, and maximumfunctionality for both residents and staff.Once the Søndergård area has been fully developed, it willaccommodate single-family homes, and apartment buildings- A total of about 750 homes.In Måløv city, 5-700 meters from the center, there are twosupermarkets, local post office, pharmacy and several smallshops.4
  5. 5. Sønderhaven – The buildingsSustainable ConstructionThe buildings are listed as low-energy housing in the energyclass 0.Energy supply is based on a geothermal plant, and solar cellswith the backing of natural gas if the plant does not produceheat enough.The buildings– Sønderhaven are distributed in four buildings. Building 1houses the nursing home, with 48 assisted living facilities -appartments, 8 homes for short term as well as service areas.– Building 2 and 3 are equipped with homes for elderly - 8 ineach building. Building number 2 for couples.– Building 4 contains a commune with 12 homes for the mentalydisabled.5
  6. 6. Sønderhaven – Nursing home, ground floor6
  7. 7. Sønderhaven – First floor7
  8. 8. Sønderhaven – and dimentiaThe building is decorated with dementia friendliness andhomeliness in mind.There are pointers, in terms of colors and shapes, and clearlymarked doors and wall’s, and there are cozy corners andforeclosed areas.In the choice of furniture and materials are recognition, fun andhomeliness in focus.8
  9. 9. Sønderhaven – an apartement9
  10. 10. Sønderhaven – The inner garden10
  11. 11. Sønderhaven - VisionOur visionSønderhaven shall be established and developed with theresidents life and wellbeeing in mind (residents as the’centre’).We will create a Center where residents needs are matchedand considered, in the welfare technology solutions.A house that is full of life and activity on residents premises,together with staff, volunteers and relatives.At the same time, we want to create a unique workplace,focusing on employees own responsibility for job satisfactionand job content.11
  12. 12. Innovation CenterSønderhaven an innovation centerSønderhaven is intended as an "Innovation Centre", a placewhere 1,000 ideas can flourish, and where there is room toinnovate.Sønderhaven focuses on three "tracks" in the process ofinnovation:1. Welfare technology2. Volunteerism and active citizenship3. Different kinds of employment and professional groups12
  13. 13. Sønderhaven – Welfare technology1: Welfare TechnologyTo establish a living laboratory that invites businesses andeducational institutions to develop and test new welfaretechnology solutions.To test and implement the best welfare technology solutions.To ensure experience and knowledge is created and shared inconjunction with other relevant and interested users andemployees in and outside Ballerup13
  14. 14. Sønderhaven – Active citizenship2. Volunteerism and active citizenshipHaving a large group of active volunteers affiliated with theCenter.Volunteer effort comes from the local area, from relatives, frominstitutions of all ages.The center appears as a watchful, attentive living place inMåløv. With activities of all types, not only for residents butalso for locals.That the active groups involved in developing ideas for the siteand take responsibility for their own and future activities.14
  15. 15. Sønderhaven - employment3. Different kinds of employment and professionalgroupsTo challenge the traditional thinking in the social - health,education and social work trained professionals - by alsoemploying a number of other professional groups, ex.craftsmen, artists, academics, journalists, etc.Working across the professional boarders, elderly and peoplewith disabilitiesWorking with alternative work schedules, - longer shifts,shorter shifts, on call etc.Challenging new forms of management/leadershipTo enhance employee participation, involvement andresponsibility for their own job15
  16. 16. Sønderhaven – The Luffe Project16
  17. 17. Sønderhaven – The Luffe project17
  18. 18. Søndderhaven – Electronic beds18
  19. 19. Sønderhaven – Bathing chair19
  20. 20. Sønderhaven – Japanese toilet20
  21. 21. Sønderhaven - Life21
  22. 22. 22