Modiquest Research by Jos Raats


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LTL presents at BioVille: CRO solutions, Six contract research organisations present their services

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Modiquest Research by Jos Raats

  1. 1. Expert in immunotechnology, ModiQuestResearch is a Contract ResearchOrganisation. Since its establishment in2004, the company has been theprivileged partner of prestigious industrialand academic laboratories for theirresearch, development, diagnostics andtherapeutics projects.
  2. 2. ModiQuest Research at a glance • LifeScience Park Oss • Company headquarters • Highly Educated & Experienced people • Contract Research Organisation • Communication • Proprietary technologies • Focus on Antibody development
  3. 3. Antibody generation with a strong focus on low immunogenic and difficult antigens
  4. 4. Antigen selection • Peptide design & modeling • Peptide synthesis • Whole protein • cDNA immunisation
  5. 5. Antibody Generation • Polyclonal Antibodies • Hybridoma Technology, monoclonal antibodies • B-cell Selection, monoclonal antibodies • Phage Display, recombinant monoclonal antibodies
  6. 6. Monoclonal Antibodies via Hybridoma Technology Immunization • Various immunization protocols in multiple species Fusion • Proprietary electrofusion of spleen cells with myeloma cell line • Cells are seeded in semi-solid medium ClonePix-FL based cell sorting • Viability/ antibody production/ antigen binding • Individual clones are transferred to 96 well plate
  7. 7. Monoclonal Antibodies via B-cell selection• Proprietary antigen specific B-cell selection• Vaccinated, infectious disease, autoimmune• Rabbit, Lama, Mouse, Human
  8. 8. Monoclonal Antibodies via Phage Display• Human naïve scFv library• Human disease scFv libraries - e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, SLE, Malaria, Chagas• Chicken, Mouse, Rabbit scFv libraries - naïve and immune• Lama libraries - naïve and immune
  9. 9. Antibody Optimization• Fusion Protein• Protein Tagging• Chimerisation• Humanisation• Affinity Maturation• Sequencing
  10. 10. Antibody ProductionMammalian antibody-expressing cell lines and vectors MQR proprietary expression vectors Fully human and chimeric antibodies: • Human IgA1, IgM, IgG1, IgG3, and IgG4 (both Kappa & Lambda) • Mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, and IgG3 • Chicken IgY Transient production: CHO, HEK-293 Stable cell lines: CHO, HEK-293
  11. 11. Assay Development• Animal model: CAIA mouse model• ELISA• Flowcytometry• Bio-assay development DBA/1 mice treated with a mixture of 8 collagen- specific monoclonal antibodies (2.3 mg total). A control antibody was used at the same concentration. LPS was injected on day 7. Pictures are histological preparations of hind paws 25 days after anti-collagen injection. SO = Safranin O staining; Blue is bone, red is cartilage. HE = Haematoxylin staining; * = inflammatory infiltrate.
  12. 12. ModiQuest Research Workflow Antigen Antibody Antibody Antibody Antibody Assay Selection Generation Optimization Production Processing Development• Peptide Design & Modeling • Affinity maturation • Labeling• Peptide synthesis • # different proprietary vectors • Purification• # different immunization available for reformatting techniques and/or chimerization • Tagging or fusion • Humanization • Antibody sequencing via RACE • Proprietary fusion method • Many cell lines available • Functionality study • # different species & strains available • Transient production • Binding capacity study • # different techniques on different • Stable cell line • Bio-Assay species available • Gen amplification • Animal model • Polyclonal • Up to grams scale production • Hybridoma monoclonal • B-cell selection, monoclonal • Phage Display, recombinant monoclonal