Healthy ageing PITCH: imagelab


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Healthy ageing PITCH: imagelab

  1. 1. Arterial Age and Cardiovascular Health Eric de Groot, MD PhD +31 6 2006 2662
  2. 2. Individual AssessmentPopulation Assessment
  3. 3. 60 – 70 years5 – 20 years
  4. 4. What does Imagelab offer?Understanding of causal relationships between clinical data andcardiovascular health enabling translation of ideas into projects forthe assessment of cardiovascular risk and evaluation of interventionIndividual and population data of Epidemiological studies andControlled Clinical Trials in Single and Multicentre settings. Over 15years of expertise in studies/trials and non-invasive imagingAccess to Subjects of Existing and Novel PopulationsProject specific hard- and software development/application andvalidationExpertise in Standardized and Validated Processes/Logistics inClinical Trial settings (GCP), Training/Certification, Project- Datamanagement, QC-QA and BiostatisticsDelivery of Quality Assured Human Clinical Data in Time
  5. 5. What would Imagelab like to share for innovation? Innovation. Automated image analysis for large quantities of imagesContact: Eric de Groot, MD PhD +31 6 2006 2662