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Michelle Attar Portfolio

  1. 1. SmartBike Success in Barcelona Since the launch of Clear Channel Outdoor’s public bike sharing program “Bicing” in Barcelona in March 2007, over 10% of the adult population of Barcelona have subscribed to the service. an innovative approach to public transport! The amount of users and the popularity of Smartbike have surpassed all expectations and have caused the city to expand the program from 100 stations with 1,500 bicycles to 400 stations with 6,000 bicycles. Clear Channel Outdoor’s SmartBike is a revolutionary and exciting new mode of public transportation. Our program uses Barcelona Bicing Program - Key Figures state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate fast and easy access for (as of September 2008) users and is structured to be a true public transport service. Over 160,000 subscribers Providing the public with the missing link between points of public transportation and desired destinations, SmartBikeSmartBike Experience Over 250,000 weekly bike rentals offers a new form of mobility, complementing existing transportation networks.SmartBike has been Over 12 million total bike rides madeoperational for over a Our public bike rental service is creating a major transforma-decade and can be found Average number of daily uses per bike: 8 tion in the way people travel around cities. It offers conven-in many different cities and ience, freedom of movement, and helps alleviate trafficenvironments throughout Average distance per bike ride: 2.5 miles congestion in inner-cities.Europe, and soon the U.S. Total distance covered since March 2007:Please visit us at over 30 million milesclearchannelsmartbike.com. This distance covered in a medium car would amount to over 9,600 ton CO2Clear Channel Outdoor110 East 42nd Street18th FloorNew York, NY 10017Phone: 212.972.0515www.clearchannelsmartbike.com
  2. 2. Why SmartBike? How SmartBike Works The Advantages Of SmartBikeThe popularity of public bike sharing is easily Moving around the city has never been so • Provides fast and flexible transportexplained as cities around the world are quick and easy. All you have to do is go tofighting traffic congestion, struggling to reduce a SmartBike station at one of the locations • Increases traffic awareness and safetypollution, and working hard to extend their throughout the city and identify yourselfnetworks of public transportation. by holding your user card in front of the • Provides non-polluting means of transport card reader. Follow the instructions on theFor the user, SmartBike offers a truly carefree screen, the station will assign a bike from • Encourages use of public transportationform of transport. In addition to being a fast one of the numbered slots. Now you canand flexible way to reach any destination in go ahead and take your bike for a trip • Improves public healththe city, users no longer need to worry about through the city. • Reduces traffic congestiontheft or maintenance of their own bikes.Smartbike is inexpensive and fully available After you have finished your ride, you can • Improves city identityand reduces the need for private bikes in a return the bike to an open slot of any of thecity, resulting in less cluttered public streets. SmartBike stations in the city. Just insert your • Provides individual transport – no waiting bike into one of the free slots and the station will register that you’ve returned it. • Creates tourist attraction • Reduces need for parking spacesSmartbike available Througout Your City! • Immediately available for all usersClear Channel Outdoor’s SmartBike servicecan be available 24 hours per day, 7 days a • Reduces amount of stray private bikesweek and isaccessible for all. • Develops mobility in the cityThe stations are strategically placed at regularintervals throughout the city, located close topublic transport hubs such as train, metro, Maintenance and Distributionlight rail, and bus stations, and at central It goes without saying that maintenance and distribution form an essential part of thelocations like office and shopping areas as SmartBike system. In order to guarantee a smooth operation, our service team offers 24-hourwell as tourist attractions. assistance, depending on opening hours. Maintenance and repairs are performed both SmartBike – Developed for Public Use locally at the stations as well as in our service shops. For more than 10 years, Clear Channel Redistribution vehicles ensure availability of bikes throughout the day. Our service team Outdoor has continuously improved its picks up bikes from fuller docking stations and replenish the stations that hold a low amount SmartBike system. We have gathered of bikes. valuable information from our experience in the different cities we operate in and use that information to create the best possible solution for all parties involved: local authorities, residents, transportation companies, local businesses and the user. All elements that form the SmartBike service have been carefully thought through and have been designed especially for their specific purpose.
  3. 3. Welcome toProgram Information Hours of OperationSmartBike DC is accessible via online at www.SmartBikeDC.com. SmartBikes are available seven days a week from 6:00 A.M. toTo sign-up go to the “Subscription” menu to complete the process. 10:00 P.M. The last rental can be made at 10:00 P.M., however,After completion of the online application, a personalized and one rental may not exceed three consecutive hours.annually renewable user card together with instructions will bemailed to you. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. After Contact Usyou receive your user card, you must come back to the websiteand complete the registration process from the "Activate Card" Your SmartBike DC team is committed to serving you.menu. Conveniently contact us by phone with any questions or e-mail us with any comments.To view our FAQ or User Agreement, please visit our website. By phone: 1-800-899-4449Fees For general comments: SmartBikeDC@clearchannel.comIndividual annual subscription: $40.00 ($37.83 plus 5.75% sales tax $2.17)The $40 fee includes rental of the Bike. No separate charges applyfor using the Bike. Bike Rental LocationsA replacement fee of $550 will be invoiced in case a bike is notreturned within 24 hours after rental. 1 Logan Circle 14th St & Rhode Island Ave, NW (southwest corner)A fee of $4.00 will be charged for the replacement of a user card. 2 Dupont Circle Massachusetts Ave & Dupont Circle, NW (west of Dupont Circle) 3 Reeves Center 14th St & U St, NW (northwest corner) 4 Shaw 7th St & T St, NW (northwest corner) 5 Foggy Bottom 23rd St & I St, NW (northwest corner) 6 Gallery Place 7th St & F St, NW (northwest corner) 7 Farragut Square 17th St & K St, NW (southeast) 8 Metro Center 12th St & G St, NW (northeast) 9 Judiciary Square 4th St & E St, NW (southeast) 10 McPherson Square 14th St & H St, NW (northwest)Fees and Terms & Conditions subject to change.