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Top Ruby Gems to Start A Project


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Top Ruby Gems to Start A Ruby/Rails Project

Published in: Software
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Top Ruby Gems to Start A Project

  1. 1. Top Gems to Start A Project Michel Pigassou, Rails Freelancer, 2014-11-04
  2. 2. Authentication sorcery (simple and straightforward) devise omniauth (multi-provider authentication, eg. FB, Twitter)
  3. 3. Admin Interfaces rails_admin activeadmin
  4. 4. Forms simple_form formtastic
  5. 5. Tests timecop (freeze time) shoulda (context/should blocks with Minitest) / minitest-spec-context mocha factory_girl fakeweb rspec
  6. 6. APIs grape jbuilder
  7. 7. Charts chartkick googlecharts
  8. 8. Other better_errors lograge (log formatting) annotate (model annotations from DB types) momentjs (Javascript library)