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Open Contacts Wireframes R01


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Open Contacts Wireframes R01

  1. 1. Scenario: initial registration on social website
  2. 2. Welcome to Sign up with OpenID / OpenContacts URL: Next »
  3. 3. is requesting: To read your personal information To read your contacts’ identifications Limit access to following groups: Allow »
  4. 4. • Full vCard with personal information • Partial vCards with contacts’ information (containing only email addresses)
  5. 5. Welcome Michell, Please confirm that your personal information is correct: Name Michell Zappa Year of birth 1982 Location São Paulo, Brazil Email Avatar Next »
  6. 6. Thank you, Michell. We noticed that these contacts of yours are already registered on Would you like to add them as contacts? Tijs Teulings Chris Obdam Marc Worrell Ralph Meijer Mark Wubben Next »
  7. 7. In order to make the most of your OpenContacts address book, is able to send changes to your friends’ information to your address book. Would you like that? Yes, please » No »
  8. 8. is requesting: To write changes to your personal information To write new contact information to your address book Allow »
  9. 9. • Authenticationtoken for permanent write access to contact information
  10. 10. Welcome, Michell Here are the recent changes in your contacts’ information: Tijs Teulings changed his phone number on Hyves Previous: New: +31 6 1111 2222 +31 6 4444 3333 Store changes »