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Antarctica powerpoint-


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Antarctica powerpoint-

  1. 1. ntar ctica? g A o en terin ec lose t o com the first t s Wh o wa Who was the firs t explorer to step f a ? t arctic lore A n rs t o exp e ex plore e of th ar e somWho Who were the first people to believe
  2. 2. Captain James Cook was the first to enter theAntarctica circle, he was 160 km away fromAntarctica. This happened on his secondmajor voyage and it took him 3 years.
  3. 3. In 1840 Frenchman Jules-Sébastien-CésarDumont dUrville became the first person toset foot on Antarctica. (Some historiansbelieve that John Davis, an American sealer,may have set foot on the Antarctic Peninsulain 1821, but even he was unsure if he landedon the continent or just a nearby island.)
  4. 4. The four most important Antarctic explorerswere probably Roald Amundsen, Sir ErnestShackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, and RichardE. Byrd. other explores include Sir James Clark Ross,Nobu Shirase.
  5. 5. The Greeks. Back then people thought theworld was flat but the Greeks proved it isround, so the Greeks believed the wasanother land on the other side of the world.
  6. 6. There are no land animals that actually live inAntarctica! But there a many animals in thesurrounding water. There are seals, Penguins(Emperors and Adelies), fish, sharks, arcticterns and there are also Orcas which are Killerwhales but live in Antarctica.
  7. 7. Some, like the whales, seals and birds, have alayer of fat to protect them from the cold.Penguins and seals have a compact bodyshape and thick skin to help keep in their bodyheat. Birds have both waterproof feathers anddowny feathers to keep them warm. Many ofthe fish have special chemicals in their bloodthat keep them from freezing.
  8. 8. 1. some people went to Antarctica to go seal hunting.2. There are about 7 types of penguins.3. If seal doesnt have much food they feed on the fat they store in there body.4. A polar bear is a type of bear.
  9. 9. People travel to Antarctica for all sorts of reasons, like...• Scientist go there to discover things.• Explorers go to Antarctica to explore• Tourest go to have a look• Reporters go there to find first hand information.And the list goes on
  10. 10. It takes about About 5 to 9 days days to reach Antarctica from Australia.
  11. 11. People get to Antarctica by big and strong ships. If people go by ship they leave for Antarctica during November to January the next year, while it’s warm in Antarctica.
  12. 12. The fastest root to Antarctica is byreaching Antarctica from SouthAmerica Argentina.
  13. 13. Written and made by Georgette andWendy got help from The internet Book: discovering Antarctica Book: Antarctica Supporting friendsAnd lastly thank you teaches for a good grade (please, please)