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Explore United Kingdom Know Your World ppt

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Explore United Kingdom Know Your World ppt

  2. 2. United Kingdom Facts and Figures Full Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Population: 67,530,172 (2019) Capital: London, England Largest city: London, England Major language: English Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: Male: 78.26 years, Female: 82.69 years Monetary unit: pound sterling GPD per capita: £27207.42 ($41,787.47)
  3. 3. Significant Events The history of the UK is a long and exciting one filled with wars, kings, legends, and a hearty national spirit; here are a few significant events: • Clans of Celts inhabited what would become the UK in prehistoric times • A.D. 43: Emperor Claudius invades Britain • 1215: Signing of the Magna Carta • 1337: Britain enters the Hundred Years War fighting France • 1588: Queen Elizabeth I’s fleet defeats the Spanish Armada • 1642-1649: Civil War erupts between supporters of the monarchy and supporters of the parliament • 1801: Ireland is made part of the UK • 1837: Queen Victoria ascends to the throne • 1939: The British Empire declares war on Germany (WWII) • 1953: Elizabeth II is crowned queen
  4. 4. British Landmarks Snowdonia Edinburgh Castle Stonehenge The Tower of London
  5. 5. Language Here is an assortment of British slang terms or words that differ in American and British English • Mate: “pal” or “dude” • Gobsmacked: to be shocked or surprised • Fortnight: a term for two weeks (fourteen nights) • Rubbish: literal garbage or used to express disbelief (i.e. “That’s rubbish!”) • Lift: elevator • Boot: Americans would call this the trunk of a car • Biscuit: Americans would call this a cookie • Chips: Americans would call these French fries • Crisps: Americans would call these potato chips • Telly: television • Mobile phone: cell phone • Cheerio!: Goodbye!
  6. 6. Government and Structure • The United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy and Commonwealth Realm • The Queen reigns, but most of the governmental power lies with Parliament and the Prime Minister. • The Parliament is composed of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. • Each nation within the United Kingdom has its own parliament, so there are Welsh, Northern Irish, and Scottish parliaments as well • In 2014, Scotland voted on a referendum that could have given them independence from the UK, but they decided not to leave the union.
  7. 7. England Capital: London Famous sites: Oxford University Cambridge University Buckingham Palace Greenwich Royal Observatory White Cliffs of Dover Stonehenge
  8. 8. Wales Capital: Cardiff Language: Welsh (Cymraeg) Famous sites: Mount Snowdon Caernarfon Castle Wales Millennium Centre Conwy Castle
  9. 9. Northern Ireland Capital: Belfast Famous sites: Grand Opera House Belfast Botanical Gardens Ulster Museum Carrickfergus Castle
  10. 10. Scotland Capital: Edinburgh Famous sites: Edinburgh Castle Loch Ness St Andrews Golf Course University of St Andrews Arthur’s Seat Eilean Donan
  11. 11. Currents Issues and Events • Scottish Independence • Immigration • Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60th anniversary on the throne in 2012 • Questions of European Union membership
  12. 12. British Economy Main Exports: • Precious gems and metals • Machinery • Oil and fuels • Vehicles • Pharmaceuticals • Electronics • Medical equipment • Air and space craft • Chemicals • Plastics
  13. 13. Daily Life For a student: For and adult:
  14. 14. Traditional Scottish Clothing Traditional Welsh Clothing
  15. 15. Holidays and Festivals • St. David’s Day: March 1 Wales’ national holiday • St. George’s Day: April 23 England’s national holiday • May Day: May 1 celebration of coming summer with dancing and music • Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night): on November 5 Britons burn effigies or models of Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the British parliament in 1605 • St. Andrews’ Day: November 30 Scotland’s national holiday • Boxing Day: December 26 continuation of the celebration of Christmas
  16. 16. Sports Most popular sport: Football (soccer) Traditional sports: Tennis Golf Rugby Cricket Polo
  17. 17. Food • Yorkshire pudding • Fish and Chips • English Breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, mushrooms, baked beans, and tomato) • Baked Beans on Toast • Shepherd’s Pie • Chicken Tikka Masala • Scones • Chelsea Bun • Plum Pudding • Eton Mess • Tea (Of course)
  18. 18. Sources and Links • • • •