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Value Co-Creation:


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Consumers' experience with internet access and social media is changing their notions of how they relate to businesses: they expect to play a more active role in shaping the products and services they buy.

This shift in expectations raises many questions about whether today's operating practices will continue to succeed. We are seeing some of the leadership, structural and cultural implications, but we anticipate this will be unfolding for a while to come.

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Value Co-Creation:

  1. 1. ValueCo-CreationThe RapidlyEmerging Role ofthe Consumer inValue CreationMay 2012
  2. 2. It Feels Chaotic!
  3. 3. At a deep level, business leadersare feeling very unsettled.
  4. 4. Explosion of internet enabled devices and engagement with social media It’s not just a headache but an anxious headache as market activities are moving at a rapidly accelerating rate.
  5. 5. The challenge to successfullylead an organization to desired levels of growth has never, in our lifetime, been more difficult.
  6. 6. The historic internal approaches to enhancing value and driving organic growth are insufficient.
  7. 7. Finding better waysto explore marketopportunitiesis on the minds ofmost leaders…
  8. 8. ….and askingmore of yourpeople has its limits.
  9. 9. Innovation AND Collaboration the mantra.
  10. 10. We have entered into a new era of rapidly expanding complexity and opportunity that requires newleadership mindsets and execution capabilities to enable growth.
  11. 11. Looking BackThe Rear View Mirror
  12. 12. 70’s and 80’s…mass consumption“build it and they will come”
  13. 13. An era of relative
  14. 14. Complex Adaptive Systems Vast and GrowingVARIABLES TO CONSIDER Many Operations Level Innovation “TQM” Few Clear Low Moderate High and Epic DEGREE OF UNCERTAINTY
  15. 15. Mid to late 90’s and into the first decade of the 21st century, businesses became more complicated and leaders began to thinkmore holistically across the value chain, looking forgrowth and efficiency.
  16. 16. Complex Adaptive Systems Vast and GrowingVARIABLES TO CONSIDER Many Organization Innovation “Transformation” Operations Level Innovation “TQM” Few Clear Low Moderate High and Epic DEGREE OF UNCERTAINTY
  17. 17. Clear and Complicated characterized by
  18. 18. Looking ForwardThe Windshield View
  19. 19. Our society has changed….we are:Mobile Global Technically capable IndependentWilling to share information Highly interconnected
  20. 20. The tectonicforces haveshifted the groundunderneath our feet.Mass customization comes to the consumer experience.
  21. 21. A new era of rapid, market-led value creation…think nature, evolution, mutation
  22. 22. The intersection of digitally educatedpeople and advanced technology has created the opportunity for a unique experience with each consumer …access to products and serviceswhen, where and how they want it.
  23. 23. The Shifting Balance towards Value Co-Creation Vast and Market Enabled Growing InnovationVARIABLES TO CONSIDER “Value Co-Creation” Many Organization Innovation Balance “Transformation” of Power Operations Level Innovation “TQM” Few Clear Low Moderate High and Epic DEGREE OF UNCERTAINTY
  24. 24. Examples Medicine The Way It Should BeConsumer BuyingPower Common Interest Who Needs An New Product Insurance Development Agent?
  25. 25. …is a dramaticThe Consequence rethinking of organizations andof shift in these how they function tectonic forces to create value and get work done.
  26. 26. Rapidly forming networked “communities”
  27. 27. Business leaders must learn to share control– “the steering wheel” – with consumers.
  28. 28. Do you have “Gen-Net™” leadership who think this way and can guide yourorganization through this dramatic change? Where to Begin?
  29. 29. Some Guiding Principles• Don’t fight it: embrace complexity, the network and the rapidly developing consumer behaviors.• Think of your organization structure as inclusive of the messy external network of person-to-person consumers and communities.• Anticipate and reward a culture of exploration. You’ll be more effective at attracting and retaining Gen-Net leaders.• Begin to shift your mindset about leadership from “top down” to “bottom up” to support the innovation on the edge of your organization.• Quickly prepare for and start to take greater market risks than you are comfortable with because your business is likely at greater risk than you realize.
  30. 30. Ready, or Not?