Cincinnati Game and Toy 2011 holiday gift guide


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this guide spotlights latest toys and games that can be found online and on local store shelves and were invented, designed, manufacturered by Cincinnati's vibrant community of game and toy makers. It also reveals the surprising Cincinnati roots of several well known perennial favorite Christmas toys.

Guide features over 30 items and includes something for everyone - boy

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  • Alright everybody grab your seats & get ready to hang on tight cuz we’re gonna take a whirlwind ride through 150 years of Cincinnati toys and toymakers! Are you Ready?! Here we GO!
  • These guys saved their dying soap biz in the 20’s by selling wallpaper cleaner – a household staple in the days of dirty coal heat. When demand fell off in the 50’s, a teacher in the family foundthat it made a great modeling clay for her students and the rest is TOY HISTORY!
  • With over 150 million sold, UNO is THE Bestselling Card Game. ... Of ALL TIME….WORLDWIDE…. PERIOD!!!It was invented by a neighborhoodbarbernamed Merle Robbins in Reading for his family.
  • Cincinnati Game and Toy 2011 holiday gift guide

    1. 1. Cincinnati Game & Toy Industry Professionals present Our 2011 Holiday Gift GuideImage courtesy of Brainedge by cc license via flickr
    2. 2. Happy Holidays!We hope you enjoy this holiday gift guide and that it helps you find thoughtful gift ideas from yourhometown Cincinnati toymakers.This guide was composed and is provided as a service to the community by Michelle Spelman onbehalf of and in coordination with the Cincinnati Game and Toy Industry Professionals Group.Prices and products are subject to change without notice. No guarantees of product availability aremade.Fair use reprinting/redistribution of this content is permitted with proper attribution.All information is believed to be accurate at time of publishing.The spirit of this publication is to shine light on the creative genius in Cincinnati behind some of today’s besttoys and games. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accurate and completeinformation, however, we realize that often a product is the result of collaborative efforts by multipleindividuals and entities. If you believe an entry reflects inaccurate or incomplete information, please notify usand we will attempt to verify and make necessary corrections and attribution. If they cannot be readilyverified, we must rely on the accuracy of our Members who have supplied us with information.
    3. 3. Themed Monopoly-style Games and 3-in-1 Puzzlesby Late for the Sky Productions The Tri-a-Puzzle Line, College Editions, offers sports fans and puzzlers 3 challenges in 1 puzzle. 1.) Assemble the giant size helmet only. 2.) Assemble the helmet in the full color background. 3.) Flip the pieces over and assemble the center of the schools football field. Each puzzle is 22"x18" and contains 350 pieces. Hours of fun for every sports fan! $15.95 | Ages 8+ | 2 – 6 players | 60 minutesGreat gift for students, alumni, and fansBoard spaces are specific to the university Msrp $24.95 Ages 8+ 2 – 6 players 60 minutes to play Find these and many more licensed and themed editions in local retailers all over town, on Amazon and at the company website:
    4. 4. Tri-Casa card gameby Grotto Dog Games LLC Tri-Casa is a property –buying card game with simple rules that can be played by even young players with a little help. Simple graphics and quick play make it approachable for the whole family. Bonus: game comes with instructions translated in both English and Spanish! $7.99 | Ages 8+ | 2 – 4 players | 20 minutes Find Tri-Casa online at the company website:
    5. 5. Baffle board gameby Flying Rabbit Enterprises Baffle was created by local teacher, Diane Hill. She used the game in her classroom and upon retirement, she and her husband, Kyle, brought it to market. Endless combinations make this a game with lots of play in it. Easy, medium and difficult puzzle cards make it approachable for a range of skills and ages. $29.99* | Ages 8+ | Solo or multiple players | 20 minutes *The game also comes in a digital CD-ROM version for $19.99 Find Baffle at Ted’s Toy Store, Joseph Beth, Contemporary Arts Center gift shop and online at the company website:
    6. 6. Sharper Image - Snow Boogie Phantom Xhigh performance racing sledDesigned by Ron Boyle Reign as king (or queen) of the hill with this fast-as-lightning sled. The High Performance Racing Sleds secret is its metal-alloy frame and nylon mesh seat. They make this sled lighter than most, while the dual-pivoting, extra-wide skis and handlebar grip make it the ultimate in maneuverability. $99.99 Find it at Sharper Image Performance-Racing-Sled/200401?question=sled
    7. 7. One2Ten card game and Triviathon board game designed by Jeezle Pete’s, manufactured by US Playing Card Co.Joe and Dave Herbert of Southeast Indiana gained notoriety whenthey won the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad contest in 2009.Now, they’ve shifted their creative genius toward the gameindustry. Their newest game, “One2Ten” requires players to guesshow their opponents might rate certain things on a scale of one toten. can be found at Walmart stores across the country. Award-winning Triviathon is fast-paced trivia for smart and stupid people!It can be found in specialty toy stores and online.$29.99 | Ages 12+ | 2 - 12 players | 20 minutes $4.99 | Ages 8+ | 2 – 6 players | 20 minutes Find One2Ten at a Walmart store near you. Find Triviathon in specialty toy stores and find both games online: |
    8. 8. Revolution board game and Tiger Stripes board game designed by duBarry GamesPhilip duBarry is an accomplished game designer with his popular“Revolution” published by Steve Jackson games, and the follow upexpansion “The Palace” and his newest much anticipated release“Kingdom of Solomon” arriving on store shelves in 2012.Welcome to Revolution! Secretly bid against your opponents togain the support of the people, win territory . . . and collect moreGold, Blackmail, and Force for the next round of bidding! $39.99 | Ages 12+ | 3 - 4 players | 60 minutes $14.99 | Ages 5+ | 2 - 4 players | 10 minutes Your tiger has no stripes! Earn them by hunting for food or searching for valuable jewels. When a tiger gains all ten of his stripes, the game is over. Tiger Stripes enhances basic math skills in a fun and engaging way. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the duBarry family. Daughter, Isabel, influenced by her dad’s creativity, designed her own game, “Tiger Stripes” which debuted in August. Perfect for kids, this game is not only fun, it represents the potential of our children when they are empowered to pursue their dreams. Find Revolution at Yottaquest , Gateway Games, Sci-Fi city and online. Find Tiger Stripes online at:
    9. 9. LOYO! card game designed by Dwight Porter, Pfun GamesCreated by Mason resident, Dwight Porter, LoYo! Is a funapproachable card game that ‘s easy to learn. Great for familygame night or teacher gift for indoor recess. $9.99 | Ages 7+ | 2 – 6 players | 20 minutes The game where everyone shouts LoYo! Try to get the LoYo! cards, but avoid the dreaded OH NO! cards Roll the dice and get a bonus deduction or add to your opponent. Find LoYo! at Ted’s Toy Store in Madeira and online.
    10. 10. Jukem Football card gamedesigned by Jeff Spelman, Flying Pig Games LLC Created by local dad, Jeff Spelman, to connect with his son via their shared passion while practicing math skills. Jukem Football is broadly appealing and approachable for novice and expert fans alike. Perfect for family game night, tailgates, bowl parties and as a gift. MADE IN USA. Contact the company for information on customizable youth team editions that can be used for fundraising and sponsorships. $14.99 | Ages 8+ | 2 - 4 players | 20 minutes Find Jukem Football at Ted’s Toys, King Arthurs Court, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Gift Shop, Blue Marble Books, Cincinnati Museum Center Gift Shop and hundreds more stores across the country and online.
    11. 11. Moroccan Geodes and Fossilized Dinosaur Poop Excavation Kitby GeoCentral Breaking open geodes is fun and educational Label explains geological formation of geodes and gives safety instructions for breaking A great stocking stuffer gift for any rock enthusiast $2.50| Ages 5+ Discover the Wonders of Our World Excavate (dig out) two pieces of genuine coprolite also known as fossilized, dinosaur poop Contains: Gypsum block, digging tool, brush, magnifier and drawstring pouch Excavating fossils can be both fun and educational A great gift for any fossil or dinosaur enthusiast $12.99| Ages 5 - 8 Find GeoCentral products at Ted’s Toy Store, in specialty toy and museum stores across the country and at amazon.
    12. 12. Bluetooth R/C Blue Sky Heli and Enzo Ferrari vehicles by Silverlit Toys This three-channel helicopter has full gesture controls that easily connect with and follow the movements from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Realistic sound effects and force feedback vibrations simulate a real flying experience, while Gyro Stabilization makes for easy flying. Required App is free to download in App Store. $79.99 | Ages 10+ $79.99 | Ages 10+This top-speed hobby grade vehicle has full gesture controlsthat easily connect with and follow the movements fromyour iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Stunning 1:16 scaleFerrari has digital controls, variable speeds, multi-racingsteering and functional lights.Required App is free to download in App Store. Find Silverlit Toys at Best Buy Stores,,,,
    13. 13. Fisher Price Rainforest Twist & Spin suction toydesigned by Halter Design Baby can bat and spin rainforest friends around! A cute monkey, jingly toucan and rattling butterfly spin on this fun little tree, entertaining baby while stimulating developing skills. Suction cup makes it ideal for highchair, stroller tray, and other flat surfaces. $17.99 | Ages 3 months+ Find it on Amazon
    14. 14. Orbeez Jewelry Maker and Soothing Spaby BangZoom Design Orbeez magically flow down the cascading waterfall to fill the moisturizing hand bowls and foot spa 3,500 Orbeez in 6 colors Orbeez grow to more than 100 times their volume. Grow scented Orbeez in this relaxing spa, and immerse your hands and feet in the soothing softness of Orbeez. Soothing Spa $34.99 | Ages 5+ Orbeez are wet and wacky, soft and squishy, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful. They start off hard and tiny. Add water and watch them grow to more than 100 times their volume. Grow 3 colors of Orbeez at once in your Jewelry Maker. Fill your pendants with different combinations of color. Comes with 3 pendants (2 of them light up) and a peace sign insert. Jewelry Maker $19.99 | Ages 5+ Find it at ToysRUs and on Amazon
    15. 15. ProTunes I Am T-Pain Micby BangZoom Design Sing to your favorite tracks, freestyle over exclusive beats, and upload beats from your computer to the mic Record, save and share online with friends This product does not utilize the Auto-Tune technology owned by Antares Audio Technologies Patent pending $39.99 | Ages 7 - 11 Find it at ToysRUs and on Amazon
    16. 16. Barbie Puppy Swim Schoolby BangZoom Design Help Barbie and her dog Taffy teach the puppies how to swim. Wind up Taffys tail to make her really swim in the pool. Push a lever on Barbies back to dry the puppies with a towel or toss a puppy in the water. A magnetic connection allows Taffy to push her puppies in the water or inner tube Includes Barbie doll, Taffy swimming dog, 2 puppies, pool, inner tube, basketball, and hoop. $19.99 | Ages 7 - 11 Find it at ToysRUs and on Amazon
    17. 17. Nerf Buzzsaw Blasterby BangZoom DesignRapid-fire ball blaster has rev-it-up Buzzwheelaction for rapid, ballistic blasting!Blaster comes with 4 Ballistic ballsRev up its unique Buzzwheel for rapid-fire blastsPlay your game NERF-style!When youre looking for rapid-fire ballblasting, look no further than the ballisticBUZZSAW blaster! $19.99 | Ages 6 - 12 Find it at Target, Kroger, Walmart, ToysRUs and on Amazon
    18. 18. ProWood Fingerboards by Jim Vickers Prowood Fingerboards is a family business. Most are avid fingerboarders and skateboarders. You can often times find us at the Louisville Extreme Park on all but the coldest and snowiest days. Other times, you will find us at various parks in the Greater Cincinnati area. Complete fingerboards $32.95 and up Decks only $12.95 and up Accessories $3.95 and up Ages 12+Prowood Fingerboards are made of 5 plys of .020" wood veneer. Thefirst, third, and fifth plys are AAA grade Canadian Maple. The second and the fourthplys are White Birch. We have found this combination of wood gives the Prowood a Find at Pit Row Hobby Shopunique feel and great pop. To finish, every Prowood Fingerboard is sprayed with 8- in Kenwood and online:10 coats of clear acrylic lacquer to give it a durable and attractive finish.
    19. 19. Custom Made Doll Clothes for 18" Dollsdesigned by Stephanie Sommer, Simply Sommer Designs Fun, Fresh, Modern Clothing made to fit American Girl Dolls (or other similar 18" dolls). All outfits are handmade to order. I work mostly with cotton and knit materials. All items have been prewashed and have Velcro closure or elastic waist to make it easy for your little one to change outfits. All seams are professionally finished. From $10.00 - $15.00 Please allow 10 business days to have clothes made and ready. Find it at
    20. 20. Bicycle, Bee, Hoyle, KEM, Aviator playing cardsby US Playing Card Co. For over 100 years, The United States Playing Card Company has been making playing cards in Cincinnati. They lead in production and distribution of premier playing cards that include well-known brands such as BEE, BICYCLE, KEM, AVIATOR AND HOYLE decks. $3.99 and up Find them at all major national retail outlets and at
    21. 21. Bidittle board gameby Patricia Smaracko, Alantis Company $19.99 | 2 – 4 players | Ages 7+ | BIDittls is a bidding and trick-taking card / board game to help Bridge players teach family and friends the game of Bridge. The game simplifies the Bridge learning curve by breaking the process into three different levels of play. Find it online at
    22. 22. Royal Woods burled wood sculptural puzzle boxesby Jeff and Lynn Vollmer Jeff and Lynn Vollmer have been creating unique and puzzling boxes for over 10 years. Currently, the "Priceless Hills" of Cincinnatis west side provide the setting for their church-turned-studio. The Spring Safe$159.99 - $359.99 Each box or puzzle is one of a kind, and will last for generations to come. $49.99 - $799.99 The Royal Jig $99.99 and up Find them at
    23. 23. Scrumbrawl board gameby Tim Bugher ScrumBrawl is a board game where players control fantastic creatures vying for supremacy within the Arena, scoring goals by maneuvering various types of enchanted orbs into portals set within the Arena or fighting other creatures to the death to prevent them from reaching the portals. Fast-paced game high energy game 2, 3 or 4 players with option of playing 2 teams of 2 players each 30-60 minutes to play a full game 50 different creatures, each with unique physical characteristics and magical abilities Great fun for ages 13+ $39.95 | Ages 13+ | 2 - 4 players | 30-60 mins Find them at Yottaquest, at the website and on amazon
    24. 24. Ironclaw! Squaring the Circle role playing gameby Jason Holmgren, Sanguine Productions Cincinnatis Jason Holmgren, of Sanguine Productions LTD, brings you the award winning, critically-acclaimed game role playing game Ironclaw! "Squaring the Circle" is an exciting new edition of the classic role-playing game of anthropomorphic fantasy. Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle is a complete game in one volume, featuring dozens of full-color illustrations from professional artists such as Chris Goodwin (Black Iron), Andrew Kaiko (Kappa Mikey, Speed Racer), and Stephen Silver (Clerks, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom). If youve never played a role-playing game before, you can make a few simple choices and play in minutes. Veteran gamers can delve deep into strange and powerful combinations, customizing every detail. You and your fellow players will create a party of adventurers, each with unique strengths to cover your friends weaknesses, as you sally forth into a glorious new world of bold adventure. $59.95 | Ages 12+ | 2 or more players | 2 – 4 hours Find them at Yottaquest, at the website and on amazon
    25. 25. Classic toys with Cincinnati roots Sit ‘n Spin 1974 Roland J. Bollman for Kenner CC Image courtesy of Troy Wandzel on Flickr
    26. 26. Hasbro Easy Bake OvenInvented for Kenner Toys in 1963 by Ronald Howes,who was born & raised in Over The Rhine Find it everywhere, at ToysRUs and on amazon
    27. 27. Noah and Joseph McVickerRainbow Crafts 1956 Over 2 BILLION CANS SOLD! CC Image courtesy of KTVee on Flickr
    28. 28. Mattel Magic 8 BallInvented by Albert Carter, introduced in 1950 $9.99 | Ages 6+ | 1 or more players | Find it everywhere, at ToysRUs and on amazon
    29. 29. UNO card gameInvented by Merle Robbins, a barber in Reading Ohio 1971 CC Image courtesy of Natasha C Dunn on Flickr
    30. 30. About Cincinnati Game and ToyIndustry ProfessionalsWith over 200 members spanning the industry who work with global brands andlocal startups, this group connects people in the Greater Cincinnati area who work inthe game and toy industry to share news, ideas and includes periodic meetups tobuild relationships and promote Cincinnatis long heritage as a game and toyinnovation hotbed.Focus is limited to family-oriented and childrens products.Founded in June 2010by Michelle Spelman Game & Toy on LinkedinFind us on twitter!