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Michelle Roque Portfolio

  1. 1. Early in my career, I was responsible forprojects which were normally reservedfor more senior designers. With theseopportunities, I’ve gained experiencebeyond my well-seasoned seven years.Recently, I have worked as both DesignDirector and Production Manager forLonny Magazine, managing a team offive. I am a self-starter that can succeedin both start-up and corporate environ-ments. I am highly conceptual, detail-oriented, hands-on, and can be relied onto handle any aspect of a project—fromvendor bids to pre-press. My passion liesin print, but I have a talent for user inter-face web development. With a willing-ness to learn, witty sense of humor, anda love for food, my imaginative style canbe a great addition to your team.
  2. 2. Lonny Magazine& websiteDigital interior design maga-zine. Responsible for creat-ing brand, executing designconcepts/layouts, maintain-ing visual appearance, us-ability and brand continuity.
  3. 3. ECO-STYLE ECO-STYLE GREEN TEE Mini & Maximus promotes unknown artists, environmental sustainability, and children’s creativity 4 M 1 egan Villa and Sophie St-Onge, the 6 4 Little Feathers Organic Cotton T-Shirt: $38, Mini & Maximus creators of Mini & Maximus, a chil- dren’s T-shirt and poster line, share 5 Maximus Organic Cotton T- Shirt: $38, Mini & Maximus a respect for active imaginations and environmental accountability. All their tees fea- 6 Feather Crown Poster: $40, Mini & Maximus ture unique graphics and are created from a range of 7 Fantasy Cartoon Poster: $45, Mini & Maximus green materials—including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and a bamboo/cotton mix. 8 Meow Poster: $40, Mini & Maximus Art and craftsmanship have always been important 9 One Big Heart Organic Cotton T-Shirt: $38, Mini & Maximus 5 aspects of their wearable merchandise. So the devel- opment of posters, printed on recycled paper with water-soluble ink, proved a logical extension of their line. “You never grow out of a poster,” says Villa, “and “CHILDREN ARE SO INSPIRING…. if you love the art, your wall can wear it forever!” 7 THEIR SPONTANEITY AND THE IMAGINARY Besides promoting environmental responsibil- WORLD THEY LIVE IN ARE SO FASCINATING,” ity, Villa and St-Onge hope their products will SAYS ST-ONGE. inspire creativity. “We’re very art-driven,” says Villa. Mini & Maximus encourages artists to 9 submit designs to its website, and each season, Villa and St-Onge collaborate with artists of all ages to create new products. “We want little creative minds to submit their scribbles,” says St-Onge. “We love the unexpected.” r 2 1 Don’t Grow Up Organic Cotton T-Shirt: $38, Mini & Maximus 8 2 Coming Spring 2011…86 Lonny october • november 3 Love Child Organic Cotton T-Shirt: $38, Mini & Maximus 2010 october • november Lonny 87
  4. 4. MARKET B ring warm, natural ele- ments to modern interiors with RabLabs, designer Anna Rabinowicz’s line of home ac- cessories. Offering “an antidote to contemporary technology,” the line—ranging from tabletop decor to stationery—is made of semiprecious gems such as agate and crystal and luxurious materi- als such as 24-karat gold and sterling silver. “Handcrafted by artisans, our products com- bine precious materials with cutting-edge design,” Kiva Platters: says Rabinowicz. “They’re jewels for the table.” L $290–$330; RabLabs EyE Candy W ith its sleek construc- tion, the Candy Light brings Baccarat’s venerable 250- cutting edge year history into the modern era. Designed by Jaime Hayon, it’s K eep your decor aesthetic unique and person- alized by considering furnishings designed with outside-the-box thinking, such as the innovative available in copper, platinum, and products from Moroso. Under the creative direction of white. Hayon seamlessly contex- Patrizia Moroso, daughter of the original founders, the tualizes Baccarat’s legacy for the Italian furniture company continues to stretch the limits 21st-century consumer with the of design. Recently, Moroso released the Soft Wood sofa, delicately embossed waffle collar a hardwood frame topped with polyurethane and cov- and cut-crystal shade, reinvigo- ered in a silky-smooth wood print textile to illustrate rating a traditional material. L the difference between the visual and tactile experience. Candy Lights: $2,400; Baccarat “The world is changing fast,” says Moroso. “People de- mand something extra special for their homes.” L Soft Wood by Front: $7,380; Moroso (800-705-6863)42 Lonny july • august 2011
  5. 5. c t fe er tP 4 en 1 s reP 2 3 20 CLICK HERE 5 FOR CREDITS 19 6 17 9 18 7 8 15 11 No 9 The poppy palette, Art Deco hardware, and William Morris–inspired print inside this limited- 16 edition diary by Jona- 12 than Saunders make it an 10 extra-special gift. –K.C. 13 14 32 Lonny NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2011 2011 NOVEMBER • DECEMBER Lonny 33
  6. 6. c t fe er 13 tP 12 en 15 s reP 14 2 11 1 9 10 CLICK HERE FOR CREDITS 3 8 7 4 5 No 6 A modern-day version of vanitas artwork, this gold skull candle is the perfect gift for your edgy friend. The scent is amazing, and it also makes a stunning box for jewelry. –V.C. 34 Lonny NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2011 2011 NOVEMBER • DECEMBER Lonny 35
  7. 7. ARTS & CLUTURE ARTS & CULTURE David Hoey Senior Director of Store Presentation David Hoey shares the secret behind Bergdorf Goodman’s spectacular holiday window displays nce upon a time, Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window displays were celebrated for their simplicity. But when window designers Linda Fargo, senior vice president of fashion office and store presentation, and David Hoey, senior director of store presentation, were first hired in 1996, they felt it was time to shake things up. “We were new to the store,” says Hoey. “We were excited to be at the corner of 58th and Fifth, right in the center of town. And…we were not mini- malists when it came to holiday.” Full of wit, fantasy, and impeccable detail, Bergdorf ’s windows have since showcased everything from two tons of quartz crystals to miniature monkeys dressed as Louis IV. “It’s all about the surprise,” says Hoey. “We don’t simply get away with what we can get away Written by Shawn Gauthier Photography by David Land Art Direction by Michelle Adams with; we take it to the nth degree.” From creating a concept to un-48 Lonny december 2010 2010 december Lonny 49
  8. 8. ARTS & CULTURE Photo by Ricky Zehavi and John Cordes Photo by Ricky Zehavi and John Cordes Secondary windows facing 58th Street required such precision in their development that a freelance architect created scaled paper replicas to ensure accuracy. “These windows were made of very Since Bergdorf’s designers work to cre- elaborate scenery that required a photo lab to enlarge,” says Hoey. “They needed to fit perfectly.” ate the store’s holiday window displays throughout the year, the back room is a constant site of inspiration and change. Watch how the windows are made! veiling the final product, the entire process takes a full year. “Our team…is the best imaginable,” says Hoey. “They’re the secret behind our displays.” Though the department store has 35 windows, the real show takes place in the five ground-floor windows facing Fifth Avenue at 58th Street. This year’s “Wish You Were Here” theme takes creative license with the idea of holiday travel. Mannequins dressed to the nines in Bergdorf ’s best can be seen voyaging the globe and beyond. “We want to astonish people, to startle them, to make them feel like they just went on a real trip,” says Hoey. “Like they just wandered onto Fifth Avenue…and ended up on the moon.” r50 Lonny december 2010 2010 december Lonny 51
  9. 9. Inspired by Le Voyage dans la Lune, a 1902 silent French film, “Day Tripping” features a “The Scenic Route” mannequin primordial lunarscape with animals encrusted in crystal and quartz. “We figured if we’re is clad in Oscar de le Renta. going to use travel as a theme, we’d better throw in a real surprise,” says Hoey.52 Lonny december 2010 2010 december Lonny 53
  10. 10. ARTS & CULTURE The nautically themed “Full Speed Ahead” includes a custom-made sailor ensemble by designer Naeem Khan. “Our windows are about fantasy, surprise, high e ulin so f As s yo urte co o ot camp, wit, and a little bit Ph Assouline’s limited-edition Win- dows at Bergdorf Goodman high- lights a decade of the department of show business.” store’s renowned window displays. It took a full year to collect the materials needed to build the “flying con- traption” for the “Ready for Takeoff” window. For inspiration, Bergdorf’s design team consulted sources dating back to the 17th century. —DAVID HOEY54 Lonny december 2010 2010 december Lonny 55
  11. 11. Decorating the apartment was a collabora- tive effort between Mellett and his client, who“The apartment chose the furnishings for the guest room. Theis located in the bean bag is from Maison e Vacances, andheart of SoHo,” the vintage leather butterfly chair is from Mel-says Mellett. “It’s lett’s shop in Amagansett, New York.classic New York.” FASHION I Jarlath Mellett brings his fashion know-how to interior design n the mid ’90s, Jarlath Mellett, then the director of design at Brooks Brothers, put the storied American brand back on the map by making the colors bolder and the FORWARD tailoring sleeker. But after two decades in fashion design, Mellett was ready for a change. “It was time for something new,” he says. With that, Mellett entered the world of interi- ors. Although he’s now dressing homes instead of people, his design approach holds steady. “I see interiors from a fashion-design standpoint,” he says. “My aesthetic has a vintage twist in Written by Shawn Gauthier Photography by Patrick Cline regard to the resources we use, but a fashion Art Direction by Michelle Adams twist in how we put the house together. Even174 Lonny january • february 2011 2011 january • february Lonny 175
  12. 12. LONESTAR rising Robert Leleux, Lonny’s features editor, re-creates his Texas home in a Manhattan apartment filled with family heirlooms Written by Robert Leleux • Photography by Patrick ClineArt Direction by Michelle Adams • Interior Design by Robert and Michael Leleux 2011 NOVEMBER • DECEMBER Lonny 177
  13. 13. This Graham & Brown wallpaper, Courtney and Scott Vincentpatterned with empty frames, has relax in their living room.been personalized with playfultouches by the Vincent family.“This home is happy, fun, whimsi-cal, and creative,” says decoratorLisa Sherry, “just like this family.” Decorator Lisa Sherry creates a whimsical home for a playful family Written by Shawn Gauthier Photography by Patrick Cline Art Direction by Michelle Adams 132 Lonny may • june 2011
  14. 14. Sherry juxtaposed a 1950s patio chair with a decorated cow skull. “To- gether, they create a simple, organic story,” she says. isa Sherry, a photo stylist turned decorator, approaches interiors as she would a photo shoot. “I see a room as a series of vignettes playing off each other,” she says. “I pride myself on accessorizing, as well as graphically composing, every space.” Her style, which she calls “casual luxe,” is composed of four ingredients: organic beauty, quiet energy, unexpected touches, and unique juxtapositions. Whether through jewelry draped over a framed painting or vintage Ameri- can flags repurposed as upholstery fabric, Sherry likes to bend the rules, if not break them. “Great design is about unfolding on Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. hand-nailed, intricate molding layers that inspire thought and The house boasted stunning mill- began to take on new life against delight,” she says. “Always, the goal work but a tricky floor plan. fresh paint and wallpaper. The is to reach the soul of a room.” “It was choppy and claustrophobic,” kitchen received a long-overdue says Sherry. “The entire first floor update, complete with a colorful According to client Courtney Vin- cried out to be edited. We knew we ceiling medallion above the island. cent, Sherry is “a bevy of ideas.” “She had to open up the space to let the Almost a year after the process has tremendous design instinct and amazing existing features realize began, Vincent, her husband, and confidence,” she says. “It boggles their full potential.” their three children saw the fin- me.” Vincent speaks from experi- ished product. She describes their ence: Sherry designed not only As walls were knocked down, the reaction as “pure giddiness.” “I liter- her Moroccan-inspired wedding house’s mahogany staircase be- ally skip around the joint not quiteThe home’s original layout was con- to husband Scott, but the couple’s came a dramatic focal point. An- believing that we get to live herefused and closed off, resulting in a first apartment and, most recently, tique wood floors were discovered every single day,” says Vincent. “It’smaze of doorways. “We opened theplan and exposed the staircase so that their 1920s French country home beneath outdated carpeting, and a new reality.” rit became the focal point from whichthe house could radiate,” says Sherry. 2011 may • june Lonny 135
  15. 15. creating an open, airy space Lisa’s Suggestions one If you have a small space, think about removing walls or widening an entrance. two Paint your walls in light colors.  three Use a single unifying color throughout a space. four Edit your rooms, and know when to take things away. five Hang window treatments higher and wider than the actual window.In the home office, Sherry framedwallpaper so it appears like a piece ofart. “We knew the kids would have funhanging things on it,” she says. A boldlystriped fabric gives the traditional wing-back chair a modern touch. 2011 may • june Lonny 145
  16. 16. Sherry repurposed a vintage laundry cart as a portable bar. “I wanted something with a basket decorating at the bottom to hold liquor, and to be able to clip photos and art with humor on it,” says Sherry. A trail of vin- tage and modern plates creates an eclectic wall grouping. Lisa’s Ideas one Place a Shriners hat on a classic bust. two Hide a toy car inside a terrarium. three Hang decorative plates on the wall in a trailing pattern instead of in tidy rows. four Upholster a headboard with a flag. five Add a dash of silver paint to an upholstered chair. Decorator Lisa Sherry A duck perches on a floral stand from Dransfield & Ross.156 Lonny may • june 2011 2011 may • june Lonny 157
  17. 17. oastline casual Designer Jarlath Mellett transforms an Amagansett home into a relaxed retreat Written by Shawn Gauthier Photography by Patrick Cline Art Direction by Michelle Adams162 Lonny july • august 2011
  18. 18. Mellett painted the walls with ver-tical stripes to accentuate the en-tryway’s high ceilings. The chair,which is crafted of antlers, is fromMellett’s Amagansett shop. Jarlath Mellett, a fashion industry Focusing on an airy, seaside vibe, Mel- veteran, employs a couture metaphor lett bleached and whitewashed the to explain why details are vital to his floors and decorated the rooms with interior designs: “Think of shopping antique French furnishings stripped to for a simple shift dress,” he says. “There their natural state. The neutral palette could be hundreds of them, but the one is peppered with turquoises and greens that has that attention to detail is the pulled directly from the home’s stunning one that stands out above the rest. It’s views. To provide contemporary touch- the one you’ll remember.” Likewise, the es, large-scale graphic wallpapers and Amagansett home Mellett recently com- bold artwork punctuate the space. pleted for a client revels in carefully cu- rated detail. By focusing on the home’s There’s a casual coherence to the home’s picturesque location and the client’s decor. Instead, each room flows calmly laid-back personality, the designer cre- into the next; a root coffee table in the ated “a little beach wonderland” com- living room complements the dining plete with a poolside cabana. “When room’s rustic table; the white master people come to the Hamptons, they’re bedroom offers serene contrast to the looking for an experience,” says Mellett. sitting room’s rose wallpaper. “The home “So we utilized every inch of this home is filled with unexpected and interesting to create the perfect getaway.” accents,” says Mellett. L 2011 july • august Lonny 165
  19. 19. Jarlath’s Tips the In another guest bedroom, Mellett created a “mid-century moment” beside the bedbeachfor Bringing with a tulip table and a vintage light. Opposite: Instead of focusing on one accent wall as in other spaces, Mellett chose to cover all four walls of this guest room in beach grass wallpaper. “It provides a sense of walking over the dunes to the ocean,” says Mellett. A Hans Wagner chair and a rustic side table enhance the room’s theme. indoors Fill large glass vases with seashells. Include the colors of the ocean in your decorative palette. Seek out unconventional beach-themed accessories, such as a lifeguard stand. Bleach your furniture to appear weathered by years of exposure to sea and salt air. Use beachwear fabrics—breezy linens, sheer cottons, and faded khakis—for duvets, slipcovers, and drapes. 2011 july • august Lonny 173
  20. 20. Nina Freudenberger, interior designer and owner of Haus Interior, offers chic, affordable décor
  21. 21. Make sure your home reflects your own style and comfort level; your space should not be designed only to be ‘photo ready.’ The chair you sit in to drink your morning coffee and read the paper should be just as comfortable as it is attractive. MAKE NO COMPROMISES “Moments of inventiveness and history can instantly make your space feel like a home, whether it be the stripes on the wall you labored over to paint or special family photos,” says interior designer Nina Freudenberger. “A true home should al- ways reflect your personal style without compromises, budget included.” A desire to help others accomplish great style affordably in- spired Freudenberger to open Haus Interior in 2007. The full- service firm offers interior design and decorating services for private residences, showcases, model residences and com- mercial space. With the emergence of design blogs, magazines and mainstream stores, she noticed interior design was fast becoming a less “exclusive” service for the wealthy, and more of a self-educating process that allowed people to cultivate their139 Lonny issue two issue two Lonny 140
  22. 22. *Experiment with paint and wallpaper – these items are typically not huge investments but usually make the largest difference to any home.
  23. 23. style on their own. Up to date, her clients are largely sophisticated with their design choices and savvy about working within their budget, and Freuden- berger gladly helps create décor that mixes both high- and low-end pieces. “I started this company believing that great design and satisfying projects do not have to break the bank,” she says. Freudenberger is clearly aware of great design; her shop is fresh and subdued, washed in neutral, or- ganic tones energized and accented by geometric patterns and shapes. Along with offering interior design services specifically, Freudenberger also re- tails décor pieces, all of which she sources mainly from small, independent artists and designers. Specifically, she seeks “curious” objects; the slight- ly unusual mixed with the functional, and natu- ral materials that retain their intrinsic properties while moving beyond their original purposes. Truly believing that well-designed pieces are not contin- gent with a hefty price tag, Freudenberger keeps all prices below $300; the majority are under $50. Interestingly, these pieces have done more than of- fer her customers stylish accessories within budget; they actually inspired the initial design direction of the store. Compelled by the beautifully uncom- plicated pieces upon their collection, she realized their potential could be enhanced if featured in an environment that opposed their basic nature. Mixed with a fabric sample of Kelly Wearstler’s/ *Layer the old, new, unusual Groundworks flame stitch that she’d been admir- and quirky – it will ing for some time, the engaging and complement- ing geometric direction took flight, and she worked create a personal history the concept directly into her flooring and walls. that will make your home “[The flame stitch] was such an incredible pattern undoubtedly unique. because of its ability to fit in almost anywhere, whether it be traditional or modern style,” she says. “Conceptually, it was exactly what I wanted to con- vey in my store.”143 Lonny issue two issue two Lonny 144
  24. 24. FIVE TIPS FOR ACHIEVING THE LOOK OF HAUS INTERIOR one two three four five Don’t be Don’t be timid Warm up a space Appreciate the Edison bulbs afraid to get of highlighting by using natural beauty of hand- are an a little wild those often for- materials. In the made linens. Use extremely by layer- gotten spaces. store, I chose wal- them everywhere: simple and ing patterns. Have ugly floors? nut for the built-ins on your bed, in inexpensive It’s easier to Paint an amazing and use rope to the bathroom or way to update keep colors pattern on them. hang the throws even as place- your vintage neutral and Need some- on for display. It’s mats for your chandelier or simple, but thing fun for an important to pair next dinner party. bathroom bold graphics entrance way? the natural ele- Handmade items vanity light. both catch the Don’t just paint ments with a cold bring in those im- eye and bring the walls, but material such as portant moments I started this company believing that movement to a cover the ceiling glass in order to of old-world great design and satisfying projects space. as well. Think outside the box! keep the visual balance. elegance. do not have to break the bank145 Lonny issue two issue two Lonny 146
  25. 25. A Tale of Two Cities Escape to the comfort of J.K. Place’s two exclusive hotels, as F lorence… famous for their luxurious service as for their exquisite decor The timeless sophistication of Written by Shawn Gauthier Photography by Patrick Cline Art Direction by Michelle Adams140 Lonny october • november 2010
  26. 26. here’s no “check-in” at a J.K. Place hotel. There’s no extra charge for breakfast, or each room’s organic fruit basket. Coffee and cappuc- cino are complimentary, and after the first cup is served, the next will arrive exactly as the guest prefers. “At J.K. Place, we know all our guests by name,” says Claudio Meli, general manager of J.K. Place, Florence. “This is a very different hotel. This is like home.” Located in the Piazza Santa Maria Novella, J.K. Place, Florence is the brainchild of Ori Kafri. In 2003, when Kafri first decided to create a four-star hotel, he imagined the ambience that now infuses J.K. Place—where visitors feel like they are staying in a friend’s beautiful home, and guests are never asked to sign a bar tab. “Of course a guest’s bottle of Champagne will show up on their bill, but why ask for a signature?” says Meli. “I trust them. It is perfectly understood in our philosophy.” There’s no question that the exceptional service offered at J.K. Place, Florence—and its sister ho- tel, J.K. Place, Capri—keeps guests coming back,142 Lonny october • november 2010 2010 october • november Lonny 143
  27. 27. The difference between J.K. Place, Florence and J.K. Place, Capri lies in colors and materi- als; each hotel distinctly repre- sents the city in which it resides. “In Capri, the colors possess the flavor of the Mediterranean and of the island,” says Kafri. “Sometimes you go to a hotel, look around, and have no clue From the cobblestone what city you’re visiting.” streets of Florence...166 Lonny ...to the island retreat of october • november 2010 Capri. 2010 october • november Lonny 167
  28. 28. C “J.K. Place, apri is very cozy,” says Porreca. “It’s meant to look like an English traveler’s home filled with pieces he’s collected from all over the world.”176 Lonny october • november 2010 2010 october • november Lonny 177
  29. 29. Samuel and Claudio Explain How to Bring the J.K. Place Look Home with You Lights and Candles It’s extremely important to have“It’s Capri, so we the right illumination, bothwanted to emphasize smooth and chic.that connection withthe sea,” says Kafri of MusicBonan’s starfish-ac- The key ingredient in creatingcented lampshades. a J.K.-styled atmosphere is the right background music. It should change throughout the day: soft in the morning, lively and happy during the day, and mellow from 6 PM onward. Library Create your own library with signature books. TASCHEN and Assouline editions are preferred. Flowers Bouquets of live flowers give your home that “fresh” feeling. Something Unique Find a collector’s piece that may seem a bit “extreme” in relation to the rest of your decor. It gives that “extravagant and hip” look that hits the eye! Potpourri Use a charming potpourri, such as the Antica Farmacia Santa Ma- ria Novella used in J.K. Florence. Fireplaces Find a way to include a fireplace. At J.K. Place, Florence, the fireplace room has become a J.K. icon.180 Lonny october • november 2010 2010 october • november Lonny 181
  30. 30. Premier DesignersMagazineDigital luxury interior design mag-azine. Responsible for creatinginital brand and design concepts.
  31. 31. Phyto Luxury French hair care brand, Packaging, branding, marketing perfect ingredients, perfect hair Anthony Molet Vice President Alès Group USA, Inc. 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019 P: 212.707.6250 F: 212.707.6233 amolet@alesgroup.com www.phyto-usa.comperfect ingredients, perfect hair Alès Group USA, Inc. 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019 1 800 55 PHYTO
  32. 32. CaudelieCaudelie is a luxury French skin care brand. Travel Packaging for Sephora
  33. 33. Blossom FragranceConcept PackagingBlossom is a concept fragrancethat inspires youth, fun, surprise,and femininity. Saturated colorsof magenta and lime greencontrast to create a clean, fresh,and modern package. Whenthe lid is removed the package“blossoms” revealing thebulbous bottle.
  34. 34. Mokara Concept PackagingObjective: Design a retail and amenity sizedbeauty product based on existing brandingfrom a casino/hotel spa. In the retail sized prod-uct (which will be merchandised in the spa) Iused the floral pattern to wrap the bottle. I usedthe color inverse pattern for the amenity sizedproduct which will be placed in the hotel room.
  35. 35. Bitch Concept PackagingWith the revival of board games, especially for the“Gossip Girl” audience who used to play Candy Land,BITCH allows the middle management corporateassistants to really let her claws out. Jewel-tones,Swarovski crystals, velvet, snakeskin, icons of envy,and scandalous thoughts from a woman’s diary lendto the over-the-top decadent feel of the game.
  36. 36. Vanderbilt Brand& StationaryUsing a classic serif typefaceand its dingbats, Hofler Texthelp create a refined iden-tity for an upscale, Midwestsupermarket. The royal bluepackaging with black and redstrokes lend a sophisticationto the brand with its vibrantprimary color combination.
  37. 37. Barnums Animal Crackers Concept PackagingObjective: Re-design an iconic American package for an hip, urban audience.Using reversed chip board accented with a red twine handle helps to appealto a socially conscious audience. The shilouettes of the animals and the pin-stripes are inspired by the original Barnum’s packaging.