Multitasking 101


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Twenty slides about how to get shit done.

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Multitasking 101

  1. 1. Multitasking 101: How to Get a Lot of Shit Done in Not a Lot of Time Michelle Montoya
  2. 2. A Little Bit About Me • English teacher and Writing Center Director • Editor for Reno Passport Magazine • Internet marketing consultant • College test prep teacher • Freelance writer • Creator and organizer of @TweetupRNO • Gym owner and fighter manager • Wife and mom
  3. 3. Find a System That Works for You • Being able to get a lot done requires extreme amounts of organization • Play around with different strategies to see exactly what works for you • You will never get anything done if you don’t get organized
  4. 4. Stay Organized - Simply • Make to-do lists – On your phone – In a notebook – On your hand
  5. 5. Stay Organized - Electronically • Use task management / CRM systems – The Hit List: Forget what you need to do with confidence – Basecamp: The Better Way To Get Projects Done – Creative Pro Office: Project Management, Time Tracking, Invoicing, Quotes
  6. 6. Do More Than One Thing at a Time • Take advantage of every minute of the day • Seriously multitask — Return emails while on teleconferences — Pay bills when on hold with doctor's office — Think of ideas for presentations while taking a shower
  7. 7. Be Proactive • Use foresight to think and act ahead • Take precautions and develop secondary plans • Solve problems instead of dwelling on them • Get ahead and stay ahead
  8. 8. Track Your Time • Keep track of your time to: – Measure your own productivity – Stay on track • Tools: – LiveTimer – fourteenDayz
  9. 9. Complete Actionable Items A.S.A.P. • Return emails as soon as you get them – Flag them for later date if necessary • Listen to voicemails and return calls right away – Save as unread if needed • Don’t wait until it’s too late • Don’t forget to follow up – Lose customers, clients, friends, etc.
  10. 10. Do Things When You Have Time • Don’t wait until they need to be done • Free up time for yourself when you need it most • You never know what could come up between now and the deadline – Save yourself from possible negative outcomes
  11. 11. Location, Location, Location • Work where you are most productive • Consider location depending on type of work – Individual: Work in office with door shut – Collaborative: Work in open space or a collective office <Insert plug for Reno Collective here>
  12. 12. Give Ample Warning • Tell people ahead of time any big projects you’ll need concentration for – Let them know you may not be answering calls or emails right away – Give them a heads up you might not be the nicest person when you’re hard at work
  13. 13. Utilize Your Networks • Ask friends on social networking sites for help – If you get stuck on working through your tasks, ask friends/followers for suggestions • Ask friends, family, coworkers for help – Consult with others who’ve completed similar projects or people with no idea for outside perspective – Ask them to help you stay on task
  14. 14. Stay Focused • Schedule out entire day, including drive time, meetings, lunch break, etc. — Stick to your schedule and post for others to see — Turn off anything that may distract you from concentrating
  15. 15. Take Breaks – Don’t Burn Out • Schedule time off for yourself during the day to do what you like to do – If all you do is work all day every day, you will burn yourself out • Take a walk, meditate, play a game, etc.
  16. 16. Don’t Forget to Eat • Eat smart to stay smart throughout the day – Fuel it up – Graze all day – Eat low glycemic foods – Eat good fats – Know yourself • Best foods: – Fruits, vegetables, grains
  17. 17. Plan Ahead • Always know what is on your calendar for the next day so you can be prepared • Start planning the night before for the following day – Make lunch and snacks – Pack bag with everything you’ll need (computer, papers, etc.)
  18. 18. Recharge Your Battery • Do what you need to do to feel your best every day – Get enough sleep to wake up energized – Repeat entire process the next day
  19. 19. Recap • How to Get a Lot of Shit Done: – Get organized and stay organized – Multitask – Track your time – Complete actionable items now – Do things when you have time – Work where you’re productive – Warn others and ask for help – Stay focused – Take breaks and eat well – Plan ahead and recharge your battery
  20. 20. Find Me and Friend Me • • •