Testing the waters


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Testing the waters

  1. 1. Testing The Waters Social Media Concierge Nov. 28th-Dec 4thMichelle Pizzinato
  2. 2. Target MarketMales and Females aged 18-25Living in KingstonEnrolled in 3rd year of Advertising Integrated Managementprogram at St. Lawrence CollegeInterests include: social media, marketing , creativity,technology, entertainment, mobile technology
  3. 3. Best ChannelsFacebook - Michelle I chose this channel because it is the channel I utilize most out of the following channels. I spend majority of my time online on Facebook and felt this would be the channel I could best that I could capture an audience’s attention on. To capture our target markets attention posts could be directly posted to the third year marketing page.Twitter This channel is a good channel to use, It is good to give quick updates and as well the #imslc hash tag could be used to their advantage to hit the target market.Pinterest This channel would be able to capture the audience’s interest in another way. Pin boards for each course makes it easy for audience to look up assignments and see course related content in an organized manner.Youtube This channel would be a good channel to use as you could post videos which could be integrated with other channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This would also capture the audience in a different form of engagement, video.
  4. 4. ObjectivesInform target of lectures, homework andassignments to be completedConstant content to keep audience engagedUse channels together to create engagementthrough all social channels
  5. 5. Facebook Screen ShotsThis was an introductory post
  6. 6. Facebook Screen Shots This post was giving recognition to certain individuals Update on assignment due date Reminder for flashmob and linked to outside source (slide share) if they needed more information
  7. 7. Facebook Screen Shots •Update for an assignment due date with picture of assignment details attached •Reminder to post focus group notes
  8. 8. Facebook Screen Shots Another Post giving recognition to classmates Getting personal by wishing classmates a great weekend Listing all the homework for the weekend This post received most attention - 7 likes
  9. 9. Facebook Screen shots Personal introduction to begin post Listing all the fast approaching due dates for the week Asking for comments if I missed anything
  10. 10. Self EvaluationI was in charge of Facebook I found it was a great tool to push out information to an audience. Can dothis in the form of text, links, videos, documents and picturesI created a daily plan of what was going on each day to ensure I did notmiss important information. This worked well to my advantageI posted regularly but not too much which kept the audience engaged without being annoyingMade sure my posts were content heavy so they did not get missedDid not link it to any other channels because lack of team matesI should of prompted for more discussion and gave topics of discussion
  11. 11. Other Channel EvaluationI should of took on the role of another channel asI lost all my teammatesMy teammate who was assigned to Twitter didnot communicate with me through out the weekso there was no connectivity with other channels