6th gcc nationalisation summit


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This summit will provide in depth knowledge on methodological solutions and a platform for you to benchmark, share ideas and learn from your peers. Hear from experts across all industry sectors about how to successfully attract fresh local talent and create a working environment which keeps your employees motivated and striving for development, opportunities and excellence.

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6th gcc nationalisation summit

  1. 1. 6 Successfully attracting, retaining and developing national talent across the Gulf International summit: 25 & 26 April 2011 Interactive workshops: 24 & 27 April 2011 Grand Millenium, Dubai, UAE Boo k an pay d 30 J befo an re and uary 201 sav 1 US $ e up to 750Speakers in the spotlight: Key benefits of attending:• Essa Al Mulla, Executive Director • Debating the core roots of nationalisation hurdles Emirates National Development Programme• Melanie Relton, Regional Manager, British Council • Identifying best strategies to attract nationals• Ahmad Saleh, Head of HR, Aujan Industries• Imran Ahmad, Head of Talent Management • Implementing best practice processes for developing nationals Al Jomaih Automotive Company• Zuhair Al Haj, Senior GM Group Administration & Emiratisation • Tailoring development programmes and analysing how to get Al Futtaim Group them right for future needs• Abdul Hakim AlBannay, General Manager Corporate Affairs ETA ASCON • Learning how to successfully retain national talent• Essa Ali Al Zaabi, Deputy General Manager, EIBFS• John Mowatt, Director Centre of Emiratisation, R&D • Tackling the challenges of cultural differences Emirates Academy• AbdulRahman Saqr, Head of Emiratisation, lloyds TSB • Develop useful skills which will enable you to retain your top national talent and transform them into future leaders• Dr. Naji AlMahdi, Executive Director, NIVE For more information or to register Tel: +971 4 364 2975 Fax: +971 4 363 1938 Email: enquiry@iqpc.ae www.gccnationalisation.com Endorsed by: Media partners: Researched and developed by:
  2. 2. Essential interactive workshops: Sunday 24 and Wednesday 27 April 2011IQPC’s workshops are unique opportunities to spend valuable time with industry experts. These interactive sessions are extendedto ensure that you will get to the heart of the summit’s most critical issues and uncover practical solutions you can apply in yourown company.Pre-summit half day workshop Post-summit half day workshopSunday 24 April 2011, 09:00 – 12:00 Wednesday 27 April 2011, 09:00 – 12:00Workshop A: ‘Ready for the world of work?’ - supporting Workshop C: Sustainable employee engagement andyoung people to be work ready empowering company cultureThis is an interactive workshop where facilitators and How do you know if your employees are actually satisfied, happy,participants will review, in-depth, the fundamental skills needed motivated or even engaged in their day-to-day roles? Do they talkfor employability in GCC countries and share knowledge about about your organisation outside of the office – what do they say?the latest initiatives to develop such skills. Participants will learn This workshop will show you how to create an engaging,about the worldwide and regional British Council’s skills for interactive environment that nationals will find hard to leave.employability programme and draw lessons of best practicesfrom the world in general and the GCC in particular. Benefits of attending: • Build a company culture that engages all employeesBenefits of attending:• Gain understanding about the current employment statistics • Look at programmes to empower your employees and to and position make them loyal advocates of the organisation• Explore the private – public shift in relation to education reforms • Understand where there may be current problems and - key challenges and an understanding as to what the skills gaps explore how you can eradicate them are and industry shortages• Receive an overview of employability – what does this mean for Workshop facilitator: the industry, educators and the future workforce? Paul Michael Gledhill, Director & Co-Founder, Xpert learning• Witness how educators are working towards a ‘work ready’ graduate• Learn how to bridge the gap using innovation and good Post-summit half day workshop practice models Wednesday 27 April 2011, 13:00 – 16:00Workshop facilitators:Melanie Relton, Regional Vocational Education Manger Workshop D: Work environment as an effective tool toBritish Council based in the UAE retain nationalsDr. Naji AlMahdi, Executive Director, National Institutefor Vocational Education Most organisations have a retention problem. To solve it, some have designed retention strategies based on compensations andPre-summit half day workshop benefits. Some of them have also considered learning and growthSunday 24 April 2010, 13:00 – 16:00 for retaining national talents. Only very few organisations have considered work environment as an important factor, not only to theWorkshop B: Reviewing your talent management process – national’s decision of staying in, or leaving the organisation, butDoes it have what you need to develop national talent? also to all employees’ productivity, satisfaction, and engagement.Talent management is a critical part of running a successful Benefits of attending:organisation. Managing your national talent depends on you • Understand your work environment and all factors withinimplementing a solid process to manage their entry to, and ongoing • Establish if those factors really influence retentiondevelopment within, the organisation. This session will look at the • Analyse different ways organisations can improve on thosekey aspects of effective talent management processes and enable factors and learn how to handle themyou to do a mini ‘audit’ of what you have in place during the session.Benefits of attending: Workshop facilitator:• Identify the ‘must have’ components of an effective talent Wael Albassam, Human Resources Manager, Zamil Industrial management process• Evaluate your current strategies – do they enable you to effectively support the development of your national talent?• Consider the integration of different aspects of such a processThis workshop will be highly interactive involving a variety oflearning techniques including mini lectures, group discussionsand individual work. This workshop is appropriate for anyonewanting to rethink their existing talent management strategies orconsider how they could build such a process.Workshop facilitators:Nanette Fairley, CEO, Innovative HR SolutionsFiona Kelly, Executive Director – Operations, Innovative HRSolutions IQPC provides business executives around the world with tailored practical conferences, large scale events, topical seminars and in-house training programmes, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and the regulatory landscape. IQPC’s large scale conferences are market leading “must attend” events for their respective industries.IQPC produces more than 1,700 events annually around the world, and continues to grow. Founded in 1973, IQPC now has offices in major citiesacross six continents including: Bengaluru, Berlin, Dubai, london, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, and Toronto. IQPCleverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of conferences. www.iqpc.ae For more information or to register Tel: +971 4 364 2975
  3. 3. Summit day one: Monday 25 April 201108:30 Registration and coffee 13:20 Career counseling (career guidance) in public schools Career guidance is missing from the UAE education INTERACTIVE PANEl DISCUSSION09:00 Chair’s welcome and opening speech system and if this is not resolved as soon as possible, UAE nationals (Emiratis) will face a major issue in the Analysing the core roots of nationalisation challenges future as they will not be equipped to plan a career path, thus hindering their growth.09:10 How far have we come? Panel led by: • The progress of nationalisation since 1998 across Essa Al Mulla, DirectorINTERACTIVE PANEl DISCUSSION the GCC Emirates National Development Programme • Overview of statistics and actual developments made Zuhair Al Haj, Senior General Manager Group in the Gulf region Administration and Emiratisation, Al Futtaim Group • Distinguishing what to expect from future strategies Abdul Hakim AlBannay, General Manager Corporate and quotas Affairs, ETA ASCON • Comparing initiatives and the progress made between GCC countries 14:00 Missing tools which affect a national’s efficiency Panelists include: • Analysing effective tools such as education and Imran Ahmad, Head of Talent Management counseling to improve a national’s work ethic Al Jomaih Automotive Company • Providing guidance and supervision to create career Abdulrahman Saqr, Head of Emiratisation clarity and inspire nationals to take ownership lloyds TSB • Determining the importance of positive and professional values and behaviours to achieve a stable career09:50 Identifying challenges from different perspectives: AbdulRahman Saqr, Head of Emiratisation & Senior Employers & employees, expats & nationals Adviser, lloyds TSB • Analysing the most common reasons which stop nationals from applying for jobs in the private sector Career guidance and attraction strategies • Exploring ongoing recruitment challenges facing private sector organisations 14:40 Networking break and refreshments • Determining the most effective nationalisation model Selim Sadek, VP Strategy, UAE Academy 15:10 Career theory in an emerging Arab gulf economy: The impact of expectations and self-efficacy10:30 Morning break, networking and refreshments • Exploring career attitudes of 2267 students in an emerging Arab gulf economy11:00 Choose one of three interactive roundtables to maximise • Gaining in-depth knowledge of labour nationalisation your time at the summit by focusing on your biggest policies as well as the adoption of proactive strategies challenge and having the opportunity to openly discuss • Understanding the strong implications on the privateROUNDTABlE SESSION it with your peers and industry experts. sector due to the social contract and the resulting INTERACTIVE Attraction, retention and development expectations towards state employment Attraction: Zuhair Al Haj, Senior General Manager Group Ingo Forestenlechner, Professor Administration and Emiratisation, Al Futtaim Group UAE University & Federal Demographic Council Retention: Wael Albassam, Human Resources Manager, Zamil Industrial 15:50 Attracting nationals to non-traditional careers in Development: Nader Al-Sayed, Talent Development the private sector Group HR, Qtel • Assessing what motivates national talent to work for the public sector compared to the private sector11:40 The four hurdles for workforce nationalisation • Identifying non-financial benefits which will attract • Evaluating the four nationalisation hurdles: perception, nationals to private sector roles rewards & conditions, legislation and competencies • Examining if expat salaries are really hindering the • Examining the perspectives of the different nationalisation process stakeholders in the nationalisation process • Comparing actual costs and salary structures between • Diagnosing the level of support which private hiring nationals vs. expats – taking into account visa organisations receive from the government costs, relocation costs etc • Utilising lessons of best practice to overcome the Atul Gokhale, Executive Director four nationalisation hurdles National Hospitality Tourism Institute Naji AlMahdi, Executive Director National Institute for Vocational Education 16:30 Chair’s final comments and end of summit day one12:20 Lunch break and networking opportunity Fax: +971 4 363 1938 Email: enquiry@iqpc.ae
  4. 4. Summit day two: Tuesday 26 April 201108:30 Registration and coffee 14:00 Talent management in the private sector and managing talent for retention09:00 Chair’s welcome and opening speech • Comprehending talent management perspectives which will drive business results and nationalisation Role of universities, authorities and local governments • Exploring the latest training methods to improve retention rates09:10 The importance of social responsibility • Highlighting successful strategies to provide in-depth • Evaluating why the private sector needs to be knowledge of what to expect from the future introduced to students during their education Imran Ahmad, Head of Organisational Development &PANEl DISCUSSION • Creating awareness between young nationals to increase Talent Management, Al Jomaih Automotive Company INTERACTIVE motivation, productivity and establish ownership • Developing a relationship between nationals and 14:40 Afternoon break, networking and refreshments expats to create a unified society Paul Michael Gledhill, Director & Co-Founder 15:10 Transforming next generation nationals into Xpert learning future leaders • Introducing creative opportunities to encourage pride,09:50 The progress of nationalisation in the finance sector responsibility & growth CASE STUDY • Identifying the trends of the different segments within • Identifying top performers and providing focused the finance industry management training • Examining the figures of different organisations to • Successfully engaging future leaders in order to understand the success rate and quotas retain them • Uncovering the male to female ratio within banks and Aisha M. Al Shareef, Director Resourcing & Talent insurance companies Management Group Human Capital, Dubai Holding Essa Ali Al Zaabi, Deputy General Manager, EIBFS 15:50 Nationals in the hospitality sector - Rotana’s story10:30 Morning break, networking and refreshments • Analysing difficulties for companies working with or around alcoholic beverages Career development and retention strategies • Learning why the hospitality industry is classed as a demeaning sector and creating attractive positions11:00 Successfully retaining national talent for nationals • Examining training programmes and continous • Gaining an insight into Rotana’s nationalisation development plans for all employees progress and understanding the effectiveness of • Highlighting key methods of motivating and rewarding their Duroob leadership programme trainers and managers Olga Kampaxi, Regional HR Director • Defining the effectiveness of performance Rotana Hotel Management management systems Ahmad Saleh, Head of HR, Aujan Industries 16:30 End of summit11:40 Training to develop employees to their potential and not just to company requirements • Understanding employee motivation and allowing room for creativity and growth during their training and development • Analysing best practices on how companies can handle their employees’ mistakes and use them as learning platforms • Creating job satisfaction – the key to a successful retention rate John Mowatt, Director Centre for Emiratisation Research & Development, Emirates Academy12:20 Lunch break and networking opportunity13:20 Highlighting the issues around cultural differences • Understanding the challenges of facilitating a balanced working environment • Diagnosing best practice models of introducing entry level nationals to western organisations • Overcoming cultural hurdles such as language barriers to integrate your employees and create a dynamic workforce Jalal Alkhaled, Chief HR Officer Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company www.gccnationalisation.com
  5. 5. 6 Endorsed by: The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunitiesSince nationalisation was introduced in the Gulf region, the and cultural relations. We work in over 100 countriesprivate sector has faced many challenges implementing the worldwide to build engagement and trust for the UKcorrect strategies. Attracting nationals to non-traditional careers through the exchange of knowledge and ideas betweenhas been difficult due to cultural anomalies and lack of guided people. We achieve this purpose through our work ineducation. Now governments, private sector organisations anduniversities are coming together to help the next generation of three programme areas, and specified outputs in thosenationals with hands-on training and support to adapt to a new areas: Intercultural dialogue, Creative and knowledgemindset which will allow them to progress in their roles and build economy and Climate change by drawing on ourstable careers. expertise in five sectors : Arts, Education, Science, Governance, and English and last year we engaged faceIQPC’s 6th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit will once to face with 13.2 million people and reached 221 million.again provide an essential interactive platform to discuss the We are a non-political organisation which operates atGulf region’s major nationalisation challenges and analyse fresh arm’s length from government. www.britishcouncil.orgsolutions. You will have the opportunity to debate, benchmarkand learn from your peers and industry experts. Emirates Nationals Development ProgrammeWhat past IQPC event attendees said: (ENDP) was established as per the directives of HH“I gained a lot of great ideas” Sheikh Mohammed BinTeam Leader Contracts Manpower Kuwaitisation Rashid Al Maktoum, ViceKuwait Oil Company, Kuwait President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, with the objective of“Focused on new ideas for attracting nationals” increasing the presence of UAE Nationals in all theEmiratisation Manager, Roads & Transports Authority (RTA), UAE sectors of the economy - especially the private sector.“Be prepared for a pleasant and informative surprise”General Secretariat, Executive Council, UAE Media partners:Who will you network with at the 6th Annual GCCNationalisation Summit?By attending this summit you will have the opportunity to meet Key benefits of attending the 6th Annual GCCexecutives from across vertical industries with titles including: Nationalisation Summit:Chiefs, VPs, Heads, GMs, Managers of: • Get the opportunity to interactively discuss the realHuman Resources nationalisation challengesNationalisation, Emiratisation • Learn how to manage the next generation of nationalsQatarisation, Omanisation • Hear from HR & nationalisation experts and have theSaudisation, Bahrainisation opportunity to network and benchmark with themTalent ManagementTraining and Development • Understand the real reasons behind “job hopping”Human Capital • Comprehend how collaborating with local universities willTalent Acquisition improve attraction capabilitiesRecruitment • Develop useful skills which will enable you to retain your top national talent and transform them into future leadersDelegate profile of the past GCC Nationalisation Summit: For more information on upcoming events contact enquiry@iqpc.ae Sponsorship & exhibition opportunities Only at the 6th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit will the highest-level decision makers attend in one place at one time. They will evaluate products and services and will look to short-list potential suppliers. • Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity? • Do you have a product or service that our senior decision-makers and influencers need? We have a range of business development / marketing and sales solutions that will be tailored to specifically deliver on your business objectives. For more details email sponsorship@iqpc.ae or call +971 4 364 2975
  6. 6. International summit 5 WAYS TO REGISTER 6 25 & 26 April 2011 Online: www.gccnationalisation.com Interactive workshops Phone: +971 4 364 2975 24 & 27 April 2011 Fax: +971 4 363 1938 Grand Millenium, Dubai, UAE Email: enquiry@iqpc.ae Post: IQPC Dubai FZ LLC REGISTRATION PO Box 502397 Dubai, UAEEvent Code: 11764.006Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS as information Please do not remove this label even if it is not addressed TEAM DISCOUNTSis used to produce delegate badges. to you.Your Priority Registration Code is printed on thePlease photocopy for multiple bookings. Team discounts available on request. Call +971 4 364 2975 top of the label below. Please quote it when registering: for more information. VENUE & ACCOMMODATION Grand Millennium Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road Al Barsha, P.O. Box 212422 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4429 9999 Fax: +971 4 422 5643 Email: sales@grandmill-dubai.com Online: www.grandmill-dubai.com VENUE & ACCOMMODATION: PRIORITY BOOKING FORM Hotel and travel costs are not included in the registration fee.• Discounts cannot be combined. • Payment prior to summit is mandatory for attendance. For assistance in your travel and accommodation requirements,• Discounts are not valid if payment is received after please refer to details below: closing date. Room Reservation Special / corporate rate for room accommodation is available in Book and pay before 30 January 2011 and save up to US $750 the hotel. You may contact the hotel directly as per the details SUMMIT PRICES above quoting IQPC Middle East or the name of the conference. Flight reservation:Summit package Before Before Before Standard 30 January 2011 27 February 2011 27 March 2011 price Contact Anuj Sachev or Charo Marie at SNTTA Travel & Tours LLC Dubai. Gold package US $4,265 US $4,515 US $4,765 US $5,015 Email: iqpc@snttadubai.com (Summit + 2 workshop days) (Save US $750) (Save US $500) (Save US $250) Tel: +971 4 282 9000 Fax: +971 4 282 9988 Silver package US $3,312 US $3,510 US $3,702 US $3,897 www.sntta.com (Summit + 1 workshop day) (Save US $585) (Save US $387) (Save US $195) Please book at the earliest for your convenience Summit only US $2,124 US $2,250 US $2,375 US $2,499 CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION (Save US $375) (Save US $249) (Save US $124) If you cannot make the dates you can still access all of the presentations delivered throughout the conference days for just US $450, post event. Contact us on +971 4 364 2975 for further details. DELEGATE DETAILS PAYMENT:DELEGATE 1 Mr Mrs Ms Dr Other • Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches, refreshments and detailed conference materials.First Name: Surname: • Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation.Email: Telephone: • If a booking is received 10 working days before the conference a credit card number will be required to confirm your place, likewise if fullJob Title: Department: payment has not been received before the conference date.Organisation: Nature of business: DISCOUNTS: • All Early Bird Discounts require payment at time of registration andAddress: before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. • Any other discounts offered by IQPC (including team discounts) mustPostcode: Country: also require payment at the time of registration. • All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer.Telephone: Fax: CANCEllATION, POSTPONEMENT AND SUBSTITUTION POlICY:Dept. Head: Training Manager: • You may substitute delegates at any time by providing reasonable advance notice to IQPC.Name of person completing form if different from delegate: • For any cancellations received in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used atSignature: Date: another IQPC conference which must occur within one year from the date of issuance of such credit. An administration fee of 10% of theI agree to IQPC’s payment terms contract fee will be retained by IQPC for all permitted cancellations.If you have not received an acknowledgement before the conference, please call us to confirm your booking. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occurring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. PAYMENT METHOD • In the event that IQPC cancels an event for any reason, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use thisWe also accept payment by the following methods: credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which By Credit Card must occur within one year from the date of cancellation. • In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and thePlease debit my credit card: Visa Mastercard American Express delegate is unable or unwilling to attend on the rescheduled date, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use thisCard No: credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of postponement.Valid From: Expiry Date: Issue Number: • Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given under any circumstances.Card Holder’s name: Signature: • IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. IQPCCard billing address: (if different from Co.address) shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, ActCountry: Postcode: of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. Cheque / Bank Draft: Made payable to IQPC FZ LLC For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labor strike, extreme weather or other emergency. By Direct Transfer: Please quote AE 11764.006 with remittance advice PROGRAM CHANGES :IQPC Bank Details: Account name: INTL QUALITY & PROD CEN FZ LLC • Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time ofAccount No.: 020 – 879714 - 100 Swift Code: BBME AEAD publishing; however, circumstances beyond the control of theHSBC Bank Middle East Limited, Bur Dubai Branch, P.O. Box: 66, Dubai, UAE. organisers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, IQPC reserves the right toAll Bank charges to be borne by the payer. Please ensure that IQPC receives the full invoiced amount. alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary.Please tick the appropriate box if you would like to pay by one of these methods and our customer services team Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web pagewill contact you directly to finalise the payment. as soon as possible. YOUR DETAIlS: PAYMENT TERMS Please email our database managerPayment is due upon receipt of invoice. Bookings received within 10 working days of the conference require a credit card number at enquiry@iqpc.ae and inform him/herto confirm your place. Payment prior to the event is mandatory for attendance. All bookings gaining the early bird discount must be of any incorrect details which will bepaid before the early bird date, otherwise the full rate will be applied and charged. In these instances, payment of the full amount amended accordingly.will be required before entry to the event.