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Lane michelle smo keynote presentation

  1. 1. Marketing PlanBy: Michelle LaneWednesday, May 29, 13Hello everyone! My name is Michelle and I am here to discuss my new business venture,Cornerstone Media Design. CMD offers consulting, web design and graphic design for localPleasure Island businesses. These slides will lay out the details of the social media marketingplan for 2013.
  2. 2. About CMDCMD was started in April of 2013.CMD was created for the purpose of driving more revenue to localPleasure Island businesses.CMD offers Custom Websites, Graphics, and Marketing Consulting.Expert in solid design principals and Internet channels.Superb customer service and one on one attention.Wednesday, May 29, 13I made the decision to start up CMD in April of this year to help out the local businesses ofPleasure Island increase their revenue. My love for the island has stemmed my longing tocreate an avenue to increase visibility of local businesses. CMD offers custom websites (notemplates), graphic design and consulting on marketing needs of businesses. CMD is anexpert in solid design principals and Internet channels and offers superb customer serviceand one on one attention.
  3. 3. Faces of CMDMichelle Lane - OwnerCarolina Beach Local who loves her townVolunteers with the Chamber of Commerce and City CounselInvolved in beach cleanup and provides support for local businessesInvolved in Pleasure Island Turtle ProjectInvolved with Animal RescueHusband Runs A Restaurant on the IslandHas a Heart to Help Tourism Grow in the Area!Wednesday, May 29, 13Michelle Lane is the owner of Cornerstone Media Design. She has been very involved with Carolina Beach’sChamber of Commerce as well as City Counsel. Her hearts for Carolina Beach is evident in all she does forlocal businesses, beach cleanup, and other activities to better the island. Her passion is to help out of towntourists plan vacations to the island by making local businesses easier to find. She lives on the island with herhusband (who runs the Michaelangelo’s Pizza) and their 4 children. It’s clear they love their beach and wouldlove nothing more than to continue to see it grow and prosper.
  4. 4. Faces of CMDAnother “Face” or “Spokesperson” of CMD is GoliathVon BrutGoliath is a rescue Rottie the Lane family took in.Goliath will be features in social media posts as well as beingfeatured in promotional videos.Goliath will be used to promote CMD as well as the importance ofsupporting animal rescues.Goliath will also be sharing a tip of the week along with a newphoto!Wednesday, May 29, 13GoliathVon Brut is quickly becoming the “face” or “spokesperson” of CMD. Goliath is a rescue the Lanefamily took in and decided to make his face more famous. Not only is he featured in a promotional video, butalso the goal is to spread awareness of the need for help in animal rescues.Whether it is through fostering,donating towards vet bills, adopting rescue animals, or providing transport to get them where they need togo, there is a great need. Hopefully the more Goliath’s face is seen, the word will spread as well. Goliath willbe posting a tip of the week across all channels with a new picture.
  5. 5. Available Products & Services• 3 Tiers to choose from depending on business needs & budget• Custom Web Design• Multiple design concepts to choose from• Search Engine friendly site• Email and Web Hosting Included• One On One Customer Service• Forms & Ecommerce• Reputation Management• and much moreWednesday, May 29, 13CMD offers a wide range of products and services to help increase revenue for localbusinesses. There are 3 tiers clients can choose from. Details are on the next slide. There arealso add on services available as well. Depending on the clients needs and budget, CMD isable to meet any of the needs local businesses desire. The above are available as well asfeedback forms, logo designing, business card design, message boards, social media, CDpresentations, blogs and more. Costs begin at $599 and up.
  6. 6. Available Pricing CategoriesTier 1• $599 Set Up Fee $75 Per Month 5 Pages, 2 Hours of Updates per Month,Search Engine Optimization, 1 Hour of Business Consulting per Month,Custom Design & Blog.Tier 2• $899 Set Up Fee $85 Per Month Hosting and Update Fee 10 Pages, 5 Hours ofUpdates per Month, Search Engine Optimization, 3 Hours of BusinessConsulting per Month, Custom Design, Blog & Facebook Set Up.Tier 3• $1399 Set Up Fee $95 Per Month Unlimited Pages, 10 Hours of Updates perMonth, Search Engine Optimization, 5 Hours of Business Consulting perMonth, Custom Design & Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest SetUp.Wednesday, May 29, 13CMD offers 3 different tiers for the individual needs of the client.
  7. 7. Social Media Push• Social media sites will be utilized to reach potential clientsand establish relationships.• Social media sites will include: Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, and FourSquare.• CMD will have the ability to reach clients by delivering links,promotions, and other communications or informationthrough social media sites.• Objective = establish clientele and increase revenue to theCarolina Beach area through local businesses. More clientsfor CMD also means more profit for the business as well.CMD will also be of service to the tourism industry as well.Wednesday, May 29, 13Social media sites will be a pivotal tool in the marketing of not only CMD, but also the localbusinesses on Pleasure Island. The social media sites that will be implemented first will beFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and FourSquare. CMD will be able to use theseavenues to deliver links, promotions, information and other communications to clients. Theresult will be increased revenue to Pleasure Island and Carolina Beach area businesses as wellas helping tourists find available options in the area.
  8. 8. Strengths•Professional Web Design•High Quality Goods & Services•Several Customizable Tiers to ChooseFrom•Custom Work•Reputation Management•Top Quality Customer Service•Family AtmosphereWeaknesses•Relatively Unknown/New Business•Light On Content•No Website•Not Linked To Strong Sites•Lacking Professional ExperienceOpportunities•Develop Market On Pleasure Island•Social Networking•Website Up & Running•Increase Areas Of Content•Expansion Into Other Local AreasThreats•Competitors•Relationship Building•Technology Changes•Legal & Political Changes•Price WarsWednesday, May 29, 13Even though CMD is a new business, they have several strengths. Professional web design,high quality goods and services, customizable tiers to choose from, custom work, reputationmanagement, top quality customer service, and family atmosphere. CMD does have someweaknesses to be aware of: Relatively unknown since it is a new business, light on content,no website up and running yet, no links to strong sites, and lacking a professional portfolioand experience. The opportunities CMD has is to develop the market on pleasure island,social networking, getting the website up and running, increase areas of content, expansioninto other local areas. The threats would be the nearby competitors, relationship building,technology changes, legal & political changes, and price wars.
  9. 9. Social Media Flow Chart!Wednesday, May 29, 13Since CMD is beginning to be established, a flow chart has been created to help visualize thedirection and timeline of the social media marketing plan. Within 4 months, the social mediasites will be fully functional. Once content is created, it will be updated on a weekly basis.
  10. 10. Target Markets• Local Business Owners• General Managers of Local Businesses• Male and/or Female• Tourists/Travelers/FamiliesWednesday, May 29, 13The target markets can be broken up into 2 basic groups: Professional and Personal.CMDcaters to local businesses but also serves visitors as they search for activities based on theirneeds and wants.
  11. 11. Analytics, Measurement andTesting• Google Analytics• Adobe Social• Twitalyzer for Twitter• Wolfram Alpha for Facebook• YouTube Analytics forYouTube• SumAll for FourSquareWednesday, May 29, 13Google Analytics will be primarily used to measure and monitor content and traffic. CMD will also tryAdobe Social to manage social media sites. CMD will primarily use Twitalyzer for Twitter,Wolfram Alpha forFacebook,YouTube Analytics forYouTube, and SumAll for FourSquare.
  12. 12. ConclusionCMD will:• Utilize social network sites• Will be a known and trusted resource on theisland• Provide a tool & information for tourists• Increase traffic and revenue to local businesses• Will branch out to other coastal carolina areas• Utilize SEO and analyticsWednesday, May 29, 13CMD will utilize social network sites along with blogging on their website to interact with consumers/clients. CMD will be known and trusted as a resource on Pleasure Island to bring in more tourists and getlocal businesses more visibility on the web. After focusing on Pleasure Island, CMD will then branch out toother coastal Carolina areas. Utilizing SEO and analytics, will help pin point weak areas and help CMDstrengthen the campaign.
  13. 13. Attributes/References•••••••••••••••, May 29, 13