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Xpand Your Network, Xpand Your Mind - IPTV


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Xpand Your Network, Xpand Your Mind - IPTV was a small gathering of reputable professionals, in a relaxed environment, with fantastic presentations from key industry figures, followed by a few well deserved beverages!!

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Xpand Your Network, Xpand Your Mind - IPTV

  1. 1. After weeks of frantic planning, several hours of furniture rearranging andmany sleepless nights, the day of Xpand Your Mind, Xpand Your Network –IPTV landed!What was Xpand Your Network, Xpand Your Mind – IPTV?A small gathering of reputable professionals, in a relaxed environment, withfantastic presentations from key industry figures, followed by a few welldeserved Sauvignon Blanc’s!
  2. 2. The first of five fabulous presentations kicked off with the brilliant MarqueOwen, Director of Video Content at TedxSydney.Marque is a former media and IP lawyer, before moving into film, televisionproduction and management. He has since had an incredible career havingcreated Aurora, The Community Channel on all Australian STV platforms, he thenmanaged content and IPTV channels for Telstra and later took the role ofExecutive Producer, Innovation and Creativity.Marque had the audience’s full attention as he passionately spoke about theimportance of ‘Story’. “There is nothing you can’t understand, when you knowits story. There is nothing that you can’t like, when you understand their story”Story is a fundamental part of life. Good storytelling via great delivery systems, isgood marketing. The stories we tell, and the way that we tell them, are crucial tolife and business. IPTV is a great delivery systems, to get your story out there!Some see Social Media as the enemy…this is not the case. Social Media is IPTV’spartner. You are able to listen to the stories about your brand and your audience– allowing you to provide them with a story they want to hear!And when you provide them with a good story, these people will spread yourstory for you. Because they’re now fans. Brand fans. And now they own the story.Story is the only way to intrigue, engage and captivate your audience.Marque OwenDirector of Video ContentTedxSydney.
  3. 3. Second in line – the remarkable Craig Blair , CEO of Zeebox Australia.Craig is a serial entrepreneur and investor has spent the past 14 years buildingand investing in some of the leading digital media and technology businesses inAustralia. Most recently as Executive Director of netus, a News Ltd-backedtechnology investment company where he led the launch of Allure Media,WayFair, The Video Company and Tantalus Media. Now holding the reins forZeebox Australia.Craig spoke enthusiastically about Zeebox, its ever changing features andcreating a truly integrated approach to second screen TV experiences. Zeeboxhave created and continue to develop their universal application, which ‘spiders’the TV world, targets interest groups and acts as a conversational tool.Here are just a few amazing features to Zeebox:Do you ever lose your TV remote? Fear not… Zeebox also acts as your TV remote.(potential relationship killer?!)Think of yourself sat at home watching a TV ad of a gorgeous new Audi, Zeeboxwill then serve you a real time ad experience – leading you through to your localdealer to book a test drive!Just heard a song you have instantly fallen in love with, couldn’t unlock yourphone quick enough to Shazam it…fear not – you can simply download it straightfrom Zeebox.Craig BlairCEOZeebox Australia
  4. 4. Up comes the inspirational Stephen Hunt, Managing Director of TubeMogul.A proven new media professional with experience in commercialising andstrategising a variety of high-profile transactional websites and content drivenmedia platforms. With a passion for effective management, online entertainmentand the changing dynamics of new media he currently heads up TubeMogul.For those of you that don’t know who TubeMogul, they are the only videomarketing company built for branding. By integrating real-time media buying, adserving, targeting, optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTimeplatform, TubeMogul simplifies the delivery of video ads and maximizes theimpact of every dollar spent by brand marketers.Stephen spoke in detail - persuading a target audience, at scale, with brand ads,is becoming more difficult. TV still works, but consumers are migrating todigital/mobile/social. TV builds reach with a surplus of volume, whereas onlinecan hold frequency, reducing wastage.In seeking to keep up with the changes in reaching a more fragmented audience,the process for planning, buying and reporting is messy. The flow of informationis chaotic at best – 1000’s of emails, calls, faxes, etc. to start campaign; evenmore for optimization, analysis and billing…TubeMogul make it simple!Stephen HuntManaging DirectorTube Mogul
  5. 5. Glasses refilled, audience all ears… welcome Adam Good, Director of Contentand Digital Media at Telstra.Adam Good has had an incredible 25 years international industry experiencespecialising in digital media, interactive content development, advertising,publishing, film, television and technology.The bold message Adam had is simple. the way we interact today is beingrevolutionised! Although things that make us human will never change - theways that we connect will…We engage everywhere. Innovation and immersive technologies are making lifeeasier – making you feel like your at home, when your at work; work when yourat home. Shopping will become more social, more interactive, more engaging.Interactive entertainment will take on new dimensions creating more interactiveexperiences to take us to the heart of the action!Listening to customers, using data and predictive analysis like never before inorder to personalise your message by time, location and context – personalisingeach experience!Adam is leading the way of change for Telstra Media…new products , newservices for the revolutionised tomorrow.Adam GoodDirector of Content andDigital MediaTelstra
  6. 6. Last but by no means least – Wilson Applegarth, previous CommercialDirector of Movie Networks, now freelance consultant.Wilson is a strategic and corporate development specialist - MBA qualified -with 13 years’ experience in strategy, commercial and business developmentroles in the media industry, both in Australia and the UK, with particularexperience in the Television (including Pay, Free to Air TV and Public Service)and Digital Media sectors.Wilson had one poignant question - When will IPTV become mainstream inAustralia?By mainstream Wilson means when everyone in his soccer team knows what itis and similarly when your non media industry circle of friends have anunderstanding of what your talking about when mentioning IPTV!….the evidence suggests it will get there soon, 2015? 2016? 2017? Orlonger? Its anyone’s guess!So who’s in the running? You’d think that Fetch and Quickflix will continue tobuild their subscriber bases, Foxtel will launch their standalone SVOD service –Foxtel Play , Telstra will finalise their SVOD content offerings building on itsrecently announced push to acquire content shortly after it has first beenscreened overseas (e.g. House of Cards) Optus have been exploring optionsbut will they do much beyond meTV in the immediate future?’s safe to sayits going to be an interesting 12 months!Wilson ApplegarthConsultantMovie Network Channels
  7. 7. Xpand Your Network,Xpand Your Mind - IPTV
  8. 8. I can’t thank Marque, Craig, Steve, Adam & Wilson enough for playing a huge role inmaking the day a complete success!I would also like to thank each of you that came along from Yahoo!7, Aceedo, Irdeto,IceTV, Switch Media, ABC, News, Google & UTSSee you all for Xpand Your Network, Xpand Your Mind - IPTV Part 2!!E: M: 0432 870 801 T: @XpandMichelle L: