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Rekindling Curiosity


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ConnectEd Canada session 3
Michelle Baldwin

Published in: Education
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Rekindling Curiosity

  1. 1. Curiosity Michelle Baldwin Anastasis Academy Denver, Colorado @michellek107
  2. 2. “Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.” ~Arnold EdinboroughWhy Curiosity?CC photo by Stefan Tell, 3 July 2006,
  3. 3. What?• We are all born curious.• How have we extinguished innate curiosity in children? • home • play time • school
  4. 4. Playtime• Organized/Competitive Sports, Dance• Adult Intervention• Evolution of Children’s Toys
  5. 5. Kids and BoxesCC photo by Ianus Keller, 13 November 2005,
  6. 6. • LEGO Toy Bricks- introduced 1958• LEGO Sets- introduced 1964 “included all the parts and instructions to build a particular model.”• LEGO Themed Lines- town (1978), castle (1978), space (1979), pirates (1989), Western (1996), Star Wars (1999), and Harry Potter (2001).
  7. 7. Curiosity and Industrial Age Education• Standardized Curriculum• Teacher Education• Anticipatory Set and Lesson Objectives
  8. 8. So What?• Why is it important for us to help our students remain curious?
  9. 9. Curiosity & Creativity• How are they related?
  10. 10. Curiosity & Mistakes• Freedom• Responsible Risk-Taking
  11. 11. Now What?• How can we ignite or rekindle curiosity? • Inquiry • Problem-Based/Project-Based Learning • What else?
  12. 12. “I think, at a childs birth,if a mother could ask afairy godmother to endowit with the most usefulgift, that gift would becuriosity.”~Eleanor Roosevelt