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M6 cp martensdragalinm

  1. 1. The Evolution of the Overhead ProjectorThis paper will explore the following technology from thesupply cabinet, an overhead projector. This particular formof technology is not obsolete, but document cameras andEpsom projectors are replacing it.
  2. 2. Emerging TechnologyOverheadDocu Camera andEpson Camera
  3. 3. A Brief History
  4. 4. First OverheadProjector
  5. 5. Audio Visual Period: 1940-1982
  6. 6. CurrentTechnologyThis began with advent of thepersonal computer.
  7. 7. The technology will also provide teacherswith an efficient method to presentcurriculum, as well as, interact with thestudents in the classroom. Finally, theteacher will be able to diversify their lessonin order to appeal to the multi differentlearning styles of their students. Theoverhead projectors were replaced by thebelow items LCD projector and Epsoncameras
  8. 8. Tetrads, Interviews, andMulitimedia Presentation
  9. 9. Denver Public SchoolsDistrict
  10. 10. Tetrads, Interviews, andMultimedia PresentationThis section will review the tetrads of the overheadprojector interviews from the decision makers,technology users
  11. 11. The information is summarized from the interviews andpresented in paragraph form and narration. The intervieweesdid not want to be filmed, so I am providing a transcript of ourconversations. In addition, the link to visual presentation willbe posted on my blog: Michelle’s Notes
  12. 12. InterviewsDecision Makers • Robbie Makely(Integration TechnologySpecialist at our school) • Ligia Gibson (ourprincipal) • Sharyn Guhman (ChiefInformation Officer) • Tim Summers (web tech)Technology User • specialeducator • specialeducators • ECE teacher
  13. 13. Decision Makers
  14. 14. DPS Mission
  15. 15. 21st Century TeacherWhat do they need and where do they get the money?
  16. 16. AllocationsFederal Money Local Allocations
  17. 17. Technology Usersor not
  18. 18. • Mild ModerateSpecial EducatorCenter BasedSpecial EducatorECE TeacherThe teachers go from ateacher with all of thetechnology, to some, to “only ifit is necessary.”
  19. 19. TetradsOne Two
  20. 20. ConclusionPast Present
  21. 21. Future
  22. 22. Or Not! This project showed me that future oftechnology really depends on if they willlearn and use the technology!!!
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  26. 26. Appendix AInterview Consent FormAll of the individuals signed a form similar to thisform.I, the undersigned agree to answer questionsabout the technology, use of technologyandapplication and distribuion of technologythat is used in the classroom. I do not want mylikeness used as part of this project since it willappear on the internet blog.Signed.
  27. 27. Appendix BInterview QuestionsTeacher questions:1. What type of technology do you use in the classroom?2. Do you use the overhead projector in the classroom? If so, howdo you use it?3. Do you use an expson camera? Document camera?4. Which type of technology do you use most often and why?5. General feeling of technology?Decision Makers Questions1. How is technology used in the classrom?2. How are educational technology needs determined in theclassroom?3. How is thebudget determined for educational technology?These were the outlined questions I used to get my information, for themost part I used it as jumping off form with the questions.