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Mastering the Moodle 2 Workshop Module


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Mastering the Moodle 2 Workshop Module

  1. 1. MASTERING THEMOODLE 2 WORKSHOPMichelle MooreChief Evangelist
  2. 2. W HY THE W ORKSHOP ROCKS!• Social constructionism at its finest!• Facilitated peer review• Directed, objective assessment• Grade for submission AND grade for review• Automation• Rubrics
  3. 3. W ORKSHOP IN REAL LIFE Project review and feedback Glossary submission evaluation Peer review of essays/written work Reflection on teammate contributions Presentation critiques
  4. 4. LET’S SEE IT IN ACTION Log in Enroll in Mastering the Moodle 2 Workshop Module
  5. 5. MOODLE 2 W ORKSHOP W INS Grades report to gradebook! Grading evaluation phase Manual AND random allocation Phase transparency for students Compatibility with groups
  6. 6. W ORKSHOP GOTCHAS Only one phase at a time  Tracker issue: MDL-27238  Not slated to be fixed Phases don’t switch automatically  Tracker issue: MDL-26099  Will be fixed in Moodle 2.3 Introduction and rubric not visible to students  Tracker issue: MDL-27239
  7. 7. CONTACT INFORMATIONo Michelle Moore o o Twitter: @michelledmoore o Remote-Learner o