Thinkfinity scavenger hunt


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Discover the many great tools and resources available at Thinkfinity. This presentation was created by Lynette Kam and Faith Ishihara. H.A.S.L. President Diane Mokuau shared it at the HASL Spring 2012 Conference.

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Thinkfinity scavenger hunt

  1. 1. Welcome to Thinkfinity H.A.S.L. Spring Conference March 24, 2012 Faith Ishihara Lynette Kam
  2. 2. Welcome to your Thinkfinity Scavenger Hunt• Read and follow the directions to complete the hunt.• Record your findings on this SMART Notebook.• Dont forget to save your findings.• If you finish early, please explore the sites for more gems.
  3. 3. Xpeditions is home to the U.S. National Geography Standards and to thousands of ideas, tools, and interactive adventures that bring them to life.Follow these directions...•Click on National Geographic Kids button•Look for National Geographic Kids on left column•Explore the resources in this site and record what the acronym GAVAN could stand for.G__________________A__________________V___________________A__________________ one could you use with your students?
  4. 4. Providing a wealth of resources for K-12 science educators. A guide tostandards-based internet experiences for students.•Click on the word SEARCH• Make the following selections in the column on the right: Interactives Grades 6-8 Science• Click SEARCH > go to page 4> find Power-Up• Play the gameWhat is the game about? _______________________ Click on link >
  5. 5. EconEdLink is the leading source of online economic & personal finance lessonsand resources. • When you get to the site, click on Educator box • Type Compound Interest Calculator in search box • Open program and press PLAY Compare an adult’s saving versus a student’s - look at the starting age figure in the box, click on calculate, see the results - change the number in the starting age box to signify a change of maturity, click on calculate. - See and compare the results. Who would this device be helpful to? - Click on the econedlink >
  6. 6. Offers classroom resources- lessons, interactive/calendar activities and more. Professional development toenergize and inform teachers with publications, training,and networking.When you get to the site:• Find the blue green search column on left.• Click on Student Interactives.• Select Book Cover Creator.• Use the tools and features to create something.How could this help students to show their comprehension?Click on the readwritethink link >
  7. 7. Thinkfinity Literacy Network delivers online educational resources for literacyinstruction and lifelong learning for adults and family literacy programs. • When you get to the site, click on LEARN • Enter Keywords: Writing Poetry • Click: Go • Name three types of poetry available. ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ • Give at least one tool a try. Click on the Literacy Network link >
  8. 8. Time to share your gems...
  9. 9. Thinkfinity Scavenger Hunt Part 2 • Read and follow the directions to complete the hunt. • Record your findings on this SMART Notebook. • Dont forget to save your findings. • If you finish early, please explore the sites for more gems.
  10. 10. ArtsEdge supports the creative use of technology to enhance the educational experience forK-12 teachers, parents and students. When you get to the site, • Click on Multimedia tab >Click on Beethoven Rocks! • Click on Audio Series Beethoven > Select a few of his symphonies. Which symphony did Beethoven write for people to help them find joy? __________________________________________ Click on the ArtsEdge link >
  11. 11. A gateway to innovative, standards-based online resources for teaching andlearning of American History.• When you get to the site, select Interactives/Media Tab• Select: "All the Presidents Children"• Click on Flash• Click on: "All the Presidents Children"• Read the description and click /drag your guess to the window.What happens if you are correct? What happens if you have 100%?• Click on the Smithsonian link >
  12. 12. The Illuminations library contains over 100 online activities to help make mathcome alive! • When you get the site, click on pink Lessons Tab • In Advanced Options column, type Super Bowl in search box • Select one activity you could use with your class. Whats the Title: Click on the Illuminations link >
  13. 13. EDSITEment offers educational resources on Art & Culture, Foreign Language,History & Social Studies, Literature and Language Arts. When you are at the site: •Type: Art Launchpad in search box > Go •Click on The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere •Open: Interactive Image of Grant Wood Painting •Follow the prompts What happens when you are finished with the activity? Click on this link to visit
  14. 14. Wonderopolis is a place where curious questions seek the power of discovery,creativity, learning and imagination.When you visit the site:• Type Chinese Zodiac in the search box.• What year is 2011, according to the zodiac?• According to this source, name two qualities of people born in the year of the rabbit.Here is the Wonderopolis link >
  15. 15. Thank you for joining us!