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7 Outstanding Reasons to Hire Michelle Chance-Sangthong. My Visual Resume.

Traditional resumes are boring, and just a page or two to tell my story isn't really enough. Now don't worry, if you're the traditional resume type, I do have one of those, but you'll have to click through the fun stuff first to get to the link. Meantime, enjoy.

Thank you for taking a look at my visual resume and have an outstanding day!

7 Outstanding Reasons to Hire Michelle Chance-Sangthong. My Visual Resume.

  1. 1. Michelle Chance-Sangthong Outstanding Reasons to hire me Reason Why You Shouldn’t 7 1 ~plus~
  2. 2. But first, my resume, in so many words. Created with Wordle
  3. 3. years of hands-on online marketing EXPERIENCE.18 Ihave 1 ©
  4. 4. My brain is Half Marketing & Half Geek The internet is where I thrive! 2 ©
  5. 5. I measure success with PROFITS not RANKINGS. 3 ©
  6. 6. I generated $5,000,000 in revenue for my own online retail business. 4 ©
  7. 7. I know that social media is a collection of marketing channels, not something I “DO.” 5 ©
  8. 8. I can visualize and create strategies from a 10,000 foot view ... and still maintain perspective on the important details. 6 ©
  9. 9. Photo Credit - David McCormick Jacksonville Chapter American Marketing Association I am more than a WEB GEEK; I am an author, professional speaker, and trainer. 7
  10. 10. Of course, all this time, you’ve been wondering ... What is the ONE reason you SHOULD NOT hire me? ©
  11. 11. I am a lepidopterist.
  12. 12. Which means that I enjoy studying butterflies and moths. ©
  13. 13. Sometimes I even have the privilege to watch their metamorphosis outside my own backdoor. © Michelle Chance-Sangthong
  14. 14. And, in my own small way make a difference in our great big world. © Michelle Chance-Sangthong
  15. 15. And I want to work with a company that wants to make a difference, too. I like MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
  16. 16.   If your company doesn’t thrive on making a difference for your clients, we may not be a good fit. ©
  17. 17. I can clearly see myself in a position that combines my (strategic thinking + marketing skills) and creates amazing results.
  18. 18. While I can’t UNICYCLE off a CLIFF, I do have other kick-ass skills. ©
  19. 19. Creating Digital Marketing Strategies Ability to Identify & Reach New Markets Search Engine Optimization Paid Search Advertising PsychographicTargeting Public Speaking &Training Photo Credit:
  20. 20. Notable Accom plishm ents ©
  21. 21. Created and managed the Social Media Campaign for local pizza franchise launch resulting in a record-setting Grand Opening. © LLTMC, Inc.
  22. 22. Created a successful Amazon product launch and increased product sales by 250% over current marketing methods. Brought a new author to market; book launched as a best seller in Kindle Top 100 Free, and #2 in category . Amazon, Kindle, the Amazon Smile logo, and the Amazon Kindle logo are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
  23. 23. Achieved top rankings year after year that generate 80% of new business for Jacksonville pet sitting company. ©
  24. 24. Consulted and Advised on qualitative web usability studies for a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company. ©
  25. 25. Generated $2MILLON in leads with Pay-Per-Click Advertising in a single year for The Suddath Companies.
  26. 26. © I have produced trainings & presented for: • The JAX Chamber • The Jacksonville Women’s Business Center • UNF Small Business Development Center • Florida Public Relations Association • Jacksonville American Marketing Association • New Orleans American Marketing Association • Society of Marketing Professional Services • Jacksonville SEO Meetup (now JOMM) • StomperNet LasVegas • SEO PRO Atlanta • Other local organizations & corporations
  27. 27. I live in Jacksonville, FL © © © © I am open to working from home; or at the office; or on an airplane, from time to time.
  28. 28. Want to know more? You can tune in to my channels:
  29. 29. michellechancesangthong [at] contact me by email: or give me a call: 904-654-2012 Michelle Chance-Sangthong now view my traditional resume