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The Way of The City Biker


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Brief deck detailing a scalable project to promote safe bike-riding in the city of Boston through social media and viral videos.

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The Way of The City Biker

  1. 1. A simple, scalable, social project by Ben, Michelle, Aaron & Taylor (Team Bike Team)adfji
  2. 2. We saw a problem. a A big one.
  3. 3. •  Bike commuting is great for you, Boston, and the environment.•  Urban biking is cheap, fun, and totally accessible.adfji
  4. 4. •  City cycling is vilified as dangerous – and rightly so.•  But with better education, more potential bikers could be empowered to bike in the city for travel, exercise, and recreation.adfji
  5. 5. We saw an opportunity. d A big one!
  6. 6. •  We wanted to create a web series that informally educates current and potential urban bikers with a realistic biking manifesto.•  This series aims to empower people to feel safe and comfortable with city biking -- bikers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.adfji
  7. 7. •  The series promotes safe city biking behavior and encourages the community to share their own stories.•  Builds a community of passionate cyclists to drive the cause.•  Utilizes social media to connect and inspire bikers of all abilities.adfji
  8. 8. So we got to it. q Yes we did!
  9. 9. •  We filmed, produced, and edited six short videos, each detailing a integral facet of city biking. –  Know Thyself –  Know Thy Enemy –  Know Thy Streets –  Don’t be a Douche –  Prepare to Meet thy Godadfji
  10. 10. We started the conversation. j Oh, yes we did!
  11. 11. YouTube•  Know Thyself•  Know Thy Enemies•  Know Thy Streets•  Don’t be a Douche•  Prepare to Meet Thy Godadfji
  12. 12. Twitteradfji
  13. 13. Springpadadfji
  14. 14. Facebookadfji
  15. 15. Reaching out to influencers •  Boston Biker •  Mass Bike •  City of Boston •  Back Bay Bicycles •  Ferris Wheels Bike Shop •  Bikes Not Bombs •  Bike Safe Boston •  Hipster Bikes •  The City of Bostonadfji
  16. 16. pfadslkjkfja What now?lskd