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LIBE 465 Assignment 3


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LIBE 465 Assignment 3

  1. 1. In the BeginningI have one page on my iPad. All of the folders you see here were on the device when I received it from the District.
  2. 2. A Pile of BooksThe following images are what mynew iPad pages look like aftermany hours of searching anddownloading book apps. Thereare three new pages filled withdigital books. As you can see, thenext step is organization.I want to organize these digitalresources into categorized foldersso the children can find booksmore easily. I will categorize themby the following themes:Alphabet Books, Counting Books,Fairy Tales, Farms, Animals, andFall. I would like to bring all of thedigital book folders onto onepage. There will be a few left overapps that I downloaded that arenot books or do not fit in theabove themes . Once I organizethe books, I will place the extraapps on a separate page.
  3. 3. The Digital Library PageHere’s how my iPad looks after Iorganized the ebooks intocategorized folders. Once Iorganized these folders I reviewedmy book selections and ended upweeding a few out due to pop upadvertisements. Also, some turnedout to be more like games thanbooks, so I deleted those. Finally Idiscovered how to add Tumble BookiPad books onto my desktop, andthen organized those Tumble Booksin the appropriate folders. Isimplified the names of the foldersso they were more identifiable foryoung children. I organized the filesalphabetically to model ABC orderfor the Kindergartens.
  4. 4. Content of the FoldersABC Animals
  5. 5. Contents of the Folders123 Fairy Tales
  6. 6. Contents of the FoldersFall Farms
  7. 7. Gradual IntroductionWeeks 1 & 2For the first couple of weeks,Kindergartens will explorebooks within two folders, ABCand Animals. By introducingthe books gradually, studentswill spend more time in eachindividual folder and will getto know the collection. Asstudents become acquaintedwith the collection it becomeseasier for them to navigatethrough the book folders inthe future.
  8. 8. Week 3In week three, I will addthe 123 folder to the classdigital book page.
  9. 9. Week 4• In week four, I will add the Fairy Tales folder.
  10. 10. The Final Product:Week 5 Term One Kindergarten LibraryIn week five, I will add thelast two folders, Fall andFarms. Now all of the firstterm folders are on theiPad for children to leisureread.Over time, I will edit andupdate the digitalclassroom library to keep itinteresting and currentwith classroom learningthemes.