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Data Driven Healthcare Transformation ... Are You Making the Grade?


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Data is the lifeblood of healthcare analytics and everyone has a role to play in the management and trustworthiness of data.

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Data Driven Healthcare Transformation ... Are You Making the Grade?

  1. 1. alue-based careV delivery Convergence Consumerism Preventive carePersonalized Medicine Key trends driving healthcare transformation
  2. 2. Data Applications Infrastructure Investment Value The data dividend
  3. 3. petabytes
  4. 4. 90%+ 33.3% $30 Billion
  5. 5. 82% of respondents of a CIO survey identified population health management (PHM) as a key focus of analytics in coming years. Nearly 80% felt that leveraging big data and predictive analytics was important to their organization's goals. 10% of hospitals implemented data analytics tools in 2011, 50%+ are predicted to do so by 2016.
  6. 6. Human Error: Manual entry introduces intentional and unintentional systematic errors. 1 Data Fragmentation: Even if we achieve perfect data accuracy; data fragmentation remains. 2
  7. 7. 21.7M patients have had records exposed in healthcare data breaches. 94% of hospitals exposed by a breach in the past 2 years. total records exposed in data breaches in Quarter 1 2013. 874,667 69% of medical devices are vulnerable to hackers because they are not secure. Data needs to be safe.