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Flipped classroom


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Flipped classroom

  1. 1. Michellea Simmonds 2/12/2013
  2. 2.  Student watches lectures at home at their own pace, communicating with peers and teachers via online discussions Concept engagement takes place in the classroom with the help of the instructor
  3. 3. Classroom Provides flip opportunity uses forEducational LearningTechnology through activity influences influences The learning environment
  4. 4.  Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams  Discovered software record PowerPoint presentations  Posted their lectures online  Online lectures started spreading  Were asked to speak about their methods  Teachers began using videos and podcasts to teach students outside class which in turns allows them to use class time for collaborative work and concept mastery
  5. 5.  Poor Learning outcomes  The traditional one size fits all model of education often results in limited concept engagement and severe consequences  Only 69% of students that begin high school stay for the four years  An average of 7200 students drop out of high school each year totaling 1.3 million a year
  6. 6.  Theavailability of online video and increasing student access to technology has paved the way for flipped classroom models 2007 -15% of internet users 2010 – 30% internet users
  7. 7.  Teachers create three videos a week Students watch 5-7 mins video at home or in school (if they don’t have net at home) Class time is spent doing labs and interactive activities to illustrate concepts  Advantages  Students receive instant feedback  Students don’t get frustrated  Teachers revisit concepts students don’t understand  Teachers support students in class
  8. 8. Before Flipped Classroom50%freshman 44%failed freshman failedEnglish English After Flipped Classroom 19% freshman 13% failed freshman English failed math
  9. 9. Before the Flip 736 discipline cases in one semesterAfter the Flip 249 discipline cases in one semester
  10. 10.  classroom/
  11. 11.  FlippingClassroom is valuable because it helps students work at their own pace. Theteacher is able to deal with problem areas that the students have
  12. 12.  Theuses it has for me is when I become a teacher I would use flipping classroom models to help my students learn at their own pace.