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OETC slide show 2014


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Ohio Educational Technology Conference 2014. Hallway booth slide show - resources and games related to presenters in conference track about games in the classroom.

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OETC slide show 2014

  1. 1. Resource links:
  2. 2. OETC Game Play – Freedom to Learn freedom of effort (can alternate between intense and relaxed) freedom to fail (step towards mastery) Exercise Freedom Growing through failure and exploration. freedom to fashion identities freedom of interpretation freedom to experiment (defining the self/understanding their relationship to others and the world) Moving learning games forward: obstacles, opportunities, & openness. Eric Klopfer, Scot Osterweil, and Katie Salen, 2009. The Education Arcade
  3. 3. OETC Freedom to Learn
  4. 4. OETC Getting Kids Involved in Gaming
  5. 5. OETC Tech Game-Making w/ Zulama
  6. 6. OETC eTec Game-Making w/ Zulama
  7. 7. OETC eTch Students make games
  8. 8. OETC Students make digital art
  9. 9. OETC eTch Students make digital art
  10. 10. OETC Students Make Digital Stories
  11. 11. OETC eTch Students make games
  12. 12. Studio K is a game design curriculum, online community, and set of teachersupport tools intended to enable teachers to help learners how to make their own video games using Microsoft Kodu. Kodu is a powerful 3D game design and programming tool that enables users to focus on creating compelling games for their friends.
  13. 13. OETC Tech Game Making learning game design through game play
  14. 14. OETC Tech Students make games
  15. 15. OETC Students make games
  16. 16. OETC Students make games
  17. 17. OETC Students make games
  18. 18. OETC Students make games
  19. 19. OETC eech Students make games
  20. 20. OETC Support for student game making
  21. 21. OETC Use Existing Games
  22. 22. Immune Defense: Making Proteins as Familiar as Zombies. Subtitle is grey. Making Proteins as Familiar as Zombies.
  23. 23. OETC Use Existing Games
  24. 24. OETC Use Existing Games
  25. 25. Trails Forward is an ecological, multiplayer strategy game currently in development with funding from the UW-Madison Graduate School. Based on the research of the interdisciplinary UW-Madison Conservation Conversation Group, Trails Forward will enable testing the hypothesis that complex, agent-based simulation games can broaden public participation in science.
  26. 26. Control "Raven" virus particles trying to infect, replicate inside of, and escape from a host cell. Fight off host and cellular immune responses with armies of viral proteins while stealing precious energy and production facilities to make more of yourself. You have numbers and speed on your side, use them wisely and recklessly.
  27. 27. Citizen Science is an online flash-based computer adventure game in which the player is a young adult who becomes concerned about the health of a local lake threatened by eutrophication. Based at Lake Mendota in Madison, WI, the player's goal is to restore the lake. By focusing on the ecological needs of Lake Mendota as well as the surrounding community, the game is able to bring together real-world issues and scientific practices.
  28. 28. OETC Use Existing Games
  29. 29. Minecraft
  30. 30. Minecraft
  31. 31. OETC Schools
  32. 32. OETC After School
  33. 33. OETC After School
  34. 34. OETC Game-Based Learning
  35. 35. OETC Games to Train Social Impact Games Find Existing Games Health Games Research Persuasive Games
  36. 36. OETC Resources
  37. 37.
  38. 38. OETC Resources
  39. 39. Resources OETC
  40. 40.
  41. 41. OETC Conferences
  42. 42. OETC Conferences
  43. 43. OETC Conferences
  44. 44. Resources
  45. 45. OETC Resources
  46. 46. OETC Resources
  47. 47. OETC Resources