Using Delicious To Decrease Emails


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Does your team send emails that simply include a useful link...use Delicious to eliminate those emails and collaborate better

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Using Delicious To Decrease Emails

  1. 1. Using Delicious to Decrease Emails
  2. 2. When you’re on a team
  3. 3. You often share resources with your team
  4. 4. And that can be very helpful
  5. 5. But…what happens when 30% of your emails are links to great resources?
  6. 6. Email clutter
  7. 7. Maybe it’s you, who’s doing the sharing
  8. 8. Hoping the people on the other end are excited to see your great resource
  9. 9. Or maybe…
  10. 10. You’re the recipient who is just a little frustrated…
  11. 11. to see one more email with just a link
  12. 12. Email has become the only tool people use
  13. 13. My dad always says…
  14. 14. If all you have is a hammer
  15. 15. Everything else is a nail
  16. 16. Unfortunately, email doesn’t always get that nail into the wood
  17. 17. No matter how hard you swing
  18. 18. Think about it…
  19. 19. With email…
  20. 20. Great resources quickly get lost in the clutter
  21. 21. Searching for and retrieving information is often painful and stressful
  22. 22. The only option for archiving and organizing these types of emails…
  23. 23. … is with folders…which can quickly get out of hand
  24. 24. Here’s where Delicious comes to save the day
  25. 25. Using Delicious, you can create a library of resource links that…
  26. 26. Can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection… 1
  27. 27. … by anyone in the world
  28. 28. Can be quickly searched to find <ul><li>exactly what you need… </li></ul>2
  29. 29. …using a search box
  30. 30. … or the handy dandy tags
  31. 31. Can include extra notes to provide even more useful information 3
  32. 32. Can eliminate the need to email links 4
  33. 33. So, how can you make this work for your team…
  34. 34. Sign up for an account … 1
  35. 35. … using an email address, user name & password that you will share with your team
  36. 36. Encourage your team to add browser buttons to quickly and easily save links to the delicious account 2
  37. 37. And to take the tour <ul><li>http:// </li></ul>3
  38. 38. You may want to come up with a standard set of tags to use for your team 4
  39. 39. What are tags?
  40. 40. Delicious says… <ul><li>Tags are one-word descriptors that you assign to your bookmarks to help you organize and remember them </li></ul>http://
  41. 41. Tags are a little bit like keywords, but you choose them yourself and they do not form a hierarchy.
  42. 42. Assign as many tags to a bookmark as you like - you can always rename or delete the tags later
  43. 43. Tagging is a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your information into preconceived categories or folders
  44. 44. <ul><li> </li></ul>
  45. 45. Need more information on this whole social bookmarking phenomena? <ul><li>Check out this video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English </li></ul>
  46. 46. Encourage your team to jump on the Delicious bandwagon and decrease emails
  47. 47. Michelle E. Johnson Door 41 Solutions