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  1. 1. WroclawPoland
  2. 2. Market Square (Rynek) “Big, beautiful, full of cafes, restaurantsand pubs - perfect place for tourists. Youmay spend there few minutes just passingby or few hours looking on those sweetcolorful buildings.”
  3. 3. Ostrow Tumski Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw, Poland “Ostrow Tumski, was a separate islanduntil 1824, then part of the river wascovered over. In 1504-1810 this area wasexclusive church territory and a sanctuaryfor those pursued by secular law.”
  4. 4. Old Town “This Stary Miasto of Wroclaw, surrounded by a sortof river/moat is trully a beautiful place. The townsquare definately one of Europes finest - sparedfrom the horrible modern buildings - is surroundedby well kept old architecture, beautifully paintedin bright colours!”
  5. 5. Panorama of Raclawice Battle(Panorama Raclawicka) ul Purkyniego 11, Wroclaw, Poland “Panorama Racławicka is a large painting showing theBattle of Racławice (Kościuszko Uprising). The painting islocated inside a characteristic rotund building. Thepainting is exceptional because of its historical valuebut also because of its enormous size. It is literarly apanorama - cycloramic painting that gives viewers(who stand inside the circle) an impression of beinginside the battle.”
  6. 6. Wroclaw Multimedia Fountainat Pergola Wystawowa 1, Wroclaw, Poland Wroclaws latest attraction and a must-see.Situated next to the Centennial Hall (HalaLudowa). Within a walking distance from theFountain there are: the Centennial Hall, JapaneseGardens, Szczytnicki Park and the Wroclaw Zoo.
  7. 7. Wroclaw Town Hall (Ratusz) “The most outstanding monument in the Market isthe City Hall. Construction was started in 1290 andcontinued rebuilding additiond and extensionsover the centuries. Present Gothic Renaissanceconstruction with its ornamental facade is quitebreathtaking.”
  8. 8. Centennial Hall (Hala Ludowa) Exhibition Grounds, Wroclaw, Poland http://www.halastulecia.pl “Worth a visit for a few hours, wondering thearound the area. The restaurant has very goodfood at reasonable prices. As it gets dark thewater fountain becomes lightened and presents alight show encompassed by classical music.”
  9. 9. City Stadium Aleja Slaska 1, Wroclaw 54-145, Poland http://www.stadionwroclaw.pl Euro 2012 stadium and home to SlaskWroclaw
  10. 10. Japanese Garden ul. Mickiewicza, Wroclaw, Poland “Japanese Garden looks excellent, especiallyduring spring when there are so many colors. I wasin Japan and I need to say that this garden looksvery similar to gardens in Japan around differenttemples. Worth seeing as this is quite unique inPoland and even Europe.”
  11. 11. Church of St. Elizabeth “It is well worth a trip up the 200+ steps tothe top of this Church. There are fantasticviews to be had at the top and is in mytop 3 things to do in Wrocław.”
  12. 12. Wroclaw Aquapark http://www.aquapark.wroc.pl ul. Borowska 99, Wroclaw 50-558 , Poland “This is a great place if your stuck for something to do,Otis a big complex with gym and swimming facilities butthe best bit is the aqua park, where there are slideswave pool, bar, lazy river, heated out door pools and asalt pool”
  13. 13. Plac Zielinskiego Market Plac Zielinskiego, Wroclaw, Poland “Original communist street market withgreat stuff of all kinds. A must see.”
  14. 14. Market Hall (Hala Targowa) “Nice market with typical Polish dried fruits anddried mushrooms, candy and flowers. Upstairs isless interesting (clothes). On the right from themain entrance there is a place where you caneat. A meal cost 5-7 zloty. If you want the Polishexperience, leave the Cola and Fanta and grab amug of lemonade.”
  15. 15. Opera Wroclaw 35 Swidnicka St, Wroclaw 50-066, Poland http://www.opera.wroclaw.pl/1/ “Stunning value. Day time performance ofthe magic flute and student tickets only25zl for 2.5hour show.”
  16. 16. Kuchnia Marche ul. Swidnicka 53, Wroclaw, Poland http://marche.com.pl Price Range- $1-$3 “I love eating at Marche every time - the food isamazing and you pay for what you get, literally, sincethe food is weighed and then you pay according to itsweight. Vast selection of different foods too!”
  17. 17. Juice Nation Wita Stwosza 57, Wroclaw, Poland Price range: $4 - $10 “Every day we come here for coffee or juice anda sandwich. All we can say is the foods fab, thecoffee superb, the environment mega relaxingand the staff are extremely friendly and helpful.And to top it all off its great value for money. Wellworth a visit.”
  18. 18. Restauracja Pastelowa Ruska 58/59, Wroclaw, Poland http://www.pastelowa.pl Price range: $5 - $13
  19. 19. Afryka Coffee Tea House ul. Kotlarska, Wroclaw, Poland “This shop is a quaint little coffee house in theheart of Wroclaw with a relaxing atmosphere andfriendly staff. I studied there during my summercourse and it was wonderful. I brought some of thetea home with me and I have not found anythinglike it in the states. Now the trouble is finding outhow to get more...:)”
  20. 20. Alladins Pub & Restaurant Odrzanska 23, Wroclaw 50-114, Poland http://alladins.pl Price range: $3 - $8 Good for: Dining on a budget