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  1. 1. KrakowPoland
  2. 2. Krakows Historic Centre• “The 13th century merchants town is home toEuropes largest market square and offersnumerous historical houses, palaces andchurches with magnificent interiors, 14thcentury fortifications, ancient synagogues,Jagiellonian University and the Gothiccathedral where the kings of Poland wereburied.”
  3. 3. Main Market Square(Rynek Glowny)• Center of Old Town, Krakow, Poland (Stare Miasto)• absolutely loved this square of an evening. from the restaurants, cafesand bars you have a wide variety of places to eat drink and chill out. Thesquare comes alive at night with locals and tourists alike meeting up andhaving a great time. finished here every night after seeing the sights ofKrakow. Throughout the day and evening you will see performances ofvarying degrees of quality of every kind. They regularly have someattraction occurring over the weekend with big shows etc! well worthstopping by.
  4. 4. Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)• Rynek Glowny 1 - 3, Krakow, Poland (Stare Miasto)• Considered the worlds oldest shopping mall, the presentRenaissance structure dates from 1555 and features in its interiormany food stalls and small shops, terrace cafes and flower standsthat surround the statue of Adam Mickiewicz.
  5. 5. Rynek Underground•• Rynek Glowny 1, 31-042, Krakow, Poland (Stare Miasto)• “It is almost impossible to describe this place; walking 5 metersbelow the level of the Main Market, you are able to discover thehistory of the place from even tenth century. Entering themuseum one have to cross "the curtain of time", and dive in thepast.”
  6. 6. Ulica Florianska• Important street off the Rynek Square leading toFlorianski Gate - must see, Planty, train station andshopping centre. Street is a commercial street with abit of everything from clothes, pubs, moneyexchanges and heritage. Would recommend theKarmella Chocolate shop for good coffees andchocolate.
  7. 7. St. Florians Gate (BramaFlorianska)• Ul. Pijarska, Krakow, Poland (Stare Miasto)• Encircling the Old Town district, this 14th-century gateand its four towers are the remnants of the citysfortifications, most of which were destroyed at thebeginning of the nineteenth century.
  8. 8. Jewish District(Kazimierz)• Szeroka 24, Krakow 30-527, Poland• “Parts of the film Schindlers List were shot in the streets here.”• “Restaurants have Jewish themed menus, and as you stroll through thetown you can hear klezmer music pouring out of some of the cafes. Youcan also tour some beautiful synagogues.”
  9. 9. Church of the VirginMary (Kosciol Mariacki)• Rynek Glowny, Krakow, Poland (Stare Miasto)• “Grand display of beautiful sculpture, art andarchitecture. Different from Italian or French churcheswith distinctive Polish style elements. Active, wellattended church so requires respect and quiet whenvisiting.”
  10. 10. Wawel Cathedral andCastle• Wawel Hill, Krakow 31-001, Poland• National shrine known for its superb religious artincluding the giant bell of Zygmunt of 1520, one of theworlds largest, and the burial place of many Polishkings and their families, national heroes and numerousbishops.
  11. 11. Oskar SchindlersFactory• ul. Lipowa 4, Krakow, Poland• There is an excellent tour in golf carts that takes you to thishistorical museum and tells you the horrific story of the plight ofthe Jews who lived in Krakow under the Nazis in WWII. Until yousee the desolate area where this factory is and was...You cannotfully understand the relocation of the Jews in Krakow across theriver, prior to their extermination in Aushwitz. It makes the heroiceffort of Schindler even more meaningful.
  12. 12. Gestapo Headquarters• ul. Pomorska 2, Krakow 30-039, Poland• “Despite its size this was easily one of the most interesting things wesaw in Krakow and one if the best museums Ive been to. The man wasso friendly and it was completely free. Very moving and packed full ofinformation, it is a must see”• “What I found most interesting were the individual profiles of thetorturers and victims, and in particular the segments on Krakow, andPoland in general, post-1945 in the the early years of Soviet occupation.”
  13. 13. Bobs Taxi•• Polish 007 taxi tour driver• If you are looking for an amazing driver and guide then look nofurther than Krakows very own 007, from picking us up at theairport late at night to taking us out for an amazing day he couldnot have done more. He kept us amused, provided lots of localhistory and facts, spotlessly clean vehicle (Elvis was even with us),he proved that he is always up for the mission.
  14. 14. Cracow HandmadeChocolate•• Szewska 7, Krakow, Poland
  15. 15. Chmiel Beer Pub• Stradomska 15, Krakow 31-068, Poland•• “Great place to go if you are getting sick ofstandard Polish beer. Look for sign on street,go into back and down the stairs.”
  16. 16. Alchemia• 5 Estery St, Krakow 31-056, Poland (Kazimierz)•• “A bit like traveling to Narnia through a closet ;)drinking your thick chocolate on a bed or admiring oneof the periodical displays. And in the night.. thebasement reveals sounds and vibrations. 
Ive beenthere quite a few times. Dont miss it out!”
  17. 17. Absynt Cafe & Drink Bar• ul. Miodowa 28 | Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland•• “This bar is in the Kazimierz district of Krakow. All the bars of thearea have some kind of theme, well worth a visit. I like to samplea couple of Absinthes so no surprise that this was one of myfavorites... The bar is set out to look like a traditional 1920sAbsinthe bar and it looks fantastic..”
  18. 18. Trzy Kroki w Szalenstwo• ul. Lubicz 28, Krakow 31-512, Poland•• Price range: $7 - $26• “This place ranks with the very best. Steaks you can eat raw if youwant to. Staff great, food even better. What a gourmet delight.Just bloody go there and make your own mind up.”
  19. 19. Trezo Restauracja• ul. Miodowa 33, Krakow, Poland•• Price range: $2 - $15• “The meals were great and on par with fine dining restaurants inWestern Europe. What was amazing was the low price, greatvalue. We would have expected to pay double!”
  20. 20. Pod BaranemRestauracja• ul. Sw. Gertrudy 21, Krakow 31-049, Poland•• Price range: $5 - $25• “The food here was really superb - a varied selection of authenticPolish food. Good selection of wines too. We managed to get atable without a reservation but I would advise booking if youreally wanted to eat here.”
  21. 21. Cupcake Corner• Ul Bracka 4 | Grodzka 60, Krakow 31-000,Poland•
  22. 22. Moaburger• ul. Mikolajska 3, Krakow 31-027, Poland•• Price range: $4 - $7
  23. 23. E. Wedel• Main Market Square 46, Krakow, Poland (Stare Miasto)• “Is this the cheapest hot chocolate in town? Probably not. But it isworth every single zloty. Choose from dark, milk or whitechocolate, and from a menu of countless additions, includingberries, toffee, different alcohols and ice cream. If youre feelinghungry, get a chocolate souffle with fresh raspberries and richvanilla ice cream, then bask in a perfect chocolatey glow for therest of the day. Sit outside for a great view of the square andsome people watching.”
  24. 24. Chata• Krowoderska 21, Krakow 31-141, Poland•• Price range: $2 - $7
  25. 25. Coco Club• Szpitalna 38• Coco is a big music club with big popularity. Fridays are SexyFriday which is all about pop music, and Saturdays are SaxySaturday, while Wednesday is Brilliant Chocolate (which featuresall kinds of Hip-Hop and RNB.• Thursday is called Thursday Banger because the music just makesyou want to dance (or bang, as it were).
  26. 26. Baccarat Music Club• ul. Stolarska 13 31-043 Kraków••
  27. 27. Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka•• “Magnificent chambers chiselled out in rock salt. Amazing undergroundsaline lakes, majestic timber constructions and unique statues sculpted insalt. Almost 3 kilometres of meandering corridors, 800 steps to climb ofwhich 350 have to be descended to reach the depth of 135 metersunderground. Thus it is no surprise that till now, the Tourist Route, themain visiting route of the mine has been visited by 36,000,000 touristsfrom around the whole world in search of adventures.”
  28. 28. Bochnia Salt Mine• ul. Solna 2, 32-700 Bochnia•