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  1. 1. BUDAPESTHungary
  2. 2. COSY, DOWNTOWN APARTMENT FORRENT Vörösmarty St, 1064 Budapest, Hungary $58 per night Fresh bed linen and towels 
- Wifi connection (unlimited use of high speed i-net). 
- Flat Cable TV (includes channels inEnglish/German/French/Spanish/Italian etc). 
- DVD Player 
- Fresh bedlinens provided. 
- Kitchen has everything(fridge/microwave/plates/cups/cutlery/pots/pans/water boiler/toaster/) weeven provide coffee/tea free of charge 
- Bathroom also has all equipment(hydromassage-shower cain, hair-dryer, heater with remote control, unlimitedwater usage (hot/cold). 
- Small private courtyard 
- Separated galery withking-bed
  3. 3. DOWNTOWN CLASSICAL LUXURYAPARTMENT-BUDAPEST Báthory str, 1054 Budapest, Hungary $64 Parisien Apartment is ideally located in the city center, and offers astylish and comfortable accommodation for up to 6 persons. Theapartment has recently been renovated and furnished in the style ofParis. 

The separate European style kitchen is fully equipped andhas a comfortable dining section. The bedroom is equipped withvariable beds that can be used either as two single beds or a king-size bed. The same type of beds are placed in the second room too.
  4. 4. NEXT TO OPERA FLAT W FREE WIFI! Dessewffy utca, 1066 Budapest, Hungary $57 We offer you the best possible Services and Conditions: 
- Location in the very heart ofBudapest: save time and money reaching your target, any program you choose 
- Localmobile phone for a cheaper local communication (if required) 
- Wifi for internet connection(free) 
- Flexible payment options (cash, PayPal, wire transfer, CreditCard) 
- Assistance inany unexpected situation, we can be in the flat in 20 minutes. 
- We can pick you up at theairport, please ask for it in writing 
- We can serve you your first breakfast if needed when youarrive late. Please ask for it in writing. 
-And of course we provide clean towels and sheets. 
Ifyou need parking, please notify me before you book it. The parking is not at the same place, itis at my home at Buda side. 
Hope to see you soon. 
Marcell and Nora
  5. 5. DANUBE Boat Station Pier 7 , 5th district, Vigado ter., Budapest, Hungary(Belváros-Lipótváros) Danube River Cruise “Took a 1 hr cruise on the Danube which was really terrific. You had a headsetand just turned to your preferred language. It was very interesting with lots ofhistorical facts delivered in such a way that you wanted to learn more!”
  6. 6. SHOES ON THE DANUBE PROMENADE Jew shoes “The shoes commemorate the Jews who were shot and forcedinto the Danube after the German invasion of 1944 - knowing alittle of the history of the Jewish community in Hungary makes thisa poignant reminder of what can happen when the worth of everyhuman being is disregarded. With its memorial lights, the site israther untidy, but this does not detract from its poignancy. Worththe short walk upstream from the Chain Bridge - a pity it isinaccessible from the Parliament side of the road or from thenearby tram stop.”
  7. 7. BUDA CASTLE - ROYAL PALACE(KIRALYI PALOTA) Destroyed by fire in World War II, this imposing 13th-centurypalace was rebuilt with modern interiors while incorporatinghidden walls and medieval structures that remained hidden overthe centuries. “Especially in the evening, the lit up bridges across the Danubeand the skyline of Pest is breathtaking. The whole Buda Castecomplex is vast and sprawling - allow for at least a half day totake in the sights alone.” “What a spectacular view. Lots of tourists. Best to bring your ownlunch as the only place s to eat are very touristy & pricey places”
  8. 8. CHAIN BRIDGE (SZECHENYI LANCHID) Over the Danube | Between Clark Adam ter and Roosevelt ter,Budapest 1013, Hungary (Várkerület) “This beautiful bridge connects Buda with Pest and crosses theDanube River. No, the river isnt blue but rather "river" color: kindof green looking. I wanted to take a river boat trip along the riverto see the bridge from another angle. The bridge is especiallybeautiful at night when the lights strung across the span areilluminated.”
  9. 9. CASTLE HILL (VARHEGY) Szent Gyorgy Ter, Budapest 1014, Hungary (Várkerület) Lovingly restored after being reduced to rubble during World WarII, this picturesque area is located in the heart of medievalBudapest, which is characterized by cobblestone streets, narrowalleys and lovely squares surrounded by baroque and classicalbuildings
  10. 10. BUDVARI SIKLO (BUDA HILLFUNICULAR) Szent Gyorgy ter, Budapest, Hungary (Várkerület) UP CASTLE HILL This is a fab way to get up the hill and its very cheap plus you getcan some fab photos. The Funicular ticket booth/entrance islocated literally just opposite the Szechenyi bridge on the Budaside - you cant miss it.
  11. 11. HUNGARIAN STATE OPERA HOUSE(MAGYAR ALLAMI OPERAHAZ) Andrassy ut 22, Budapest VI, Hungary This magnificent new-Renaissance style structure, completed in1884 and modeled after the Vienna Opera House, is home to boththe State Opera and the State Ballet.
  12. 12. HEROES SQUARE Budapest 1062, Hungary A large square constructed in 1896 for the millennium of theMagyar Conquest of Hungary. The squares Millennial Monumentis flanked by the Fine Arts Museum and the Mucsarnok ArtGallery.
  13. 13. GELLERT HILL AND STATUE (GELLERTHEGY) Buda, District 1 | next to Citadella, Budapest, Hungary(Várkerület) The best views of Budapest and the Danube River are from thishill, which also features the imposing fortress, the Citadella, at itssummit. “The best panoramic view all over Budapest! you feel like you areon a higher mountain top due to the high view exposure andclarity. We really enjoyed the world war tank display also and thequiteness in that Citadelle and the Statue of Liberty is really cooland its like it is guarding the city... It is a must see when visitingBudapest.”
  14. 14. MARGARET ISLAND (MARGITSZIGET) Margitsziget, Budapest 1138, Hungary (Várkerület) Quiet walkways, flower gardens, romantic ruins and century-oldtrees make up this popular recreation spot located in the heart ofBudapest.
  15. 15. PALATINUS STRAND Margaret Island, Budapest, Hungary (Óbuda-Békásmegyer) “We spent a full day here. Several pools, all differenttemperatures but none too hot/cold. Wave pool is great fun andthe slides are worth a go too. Decent food available”
  16. 16. SZECHENYI BATHS AND POOL Allatkerti korut 11, Budapest 1146, Hungary (Városliget) Szechenyi Spa Baths in Budapest is one of the best and largestspa baths in Europe with its 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoorpools. Szechenyi Baths (built in 1913) is the most visited andmuch praised attraction in Budapest: relaxing, fun, affordable and,at night, romantic. In addition to the marvelous medicinal naturalhot spring waters in the 18 pools, there are 10 saunas / steamcabins, several massage therapies, facial treatments, and more.
  17. 17. COSTS Full Day access to All bath facilities and Private changing cabin:18.46 Euro 16.15- Aroma Relax Massage There are both male and female massage therapists inSzechenyi Bath. When placing your booking, please let us know ifyou prefer a female or a male massage therapist. Deluxe Massage Package- 60.76 per person or 113.9 for twopeople One hour massage Fast track bath ticket (skip lines) Private changing cabin to get dressed and store belongings
  18. 18. CELEBRITAS SHOOTING CLUBBUDAPEST Grassalkovich ut 294., Budapest 1239, Hungary “It was a great group, we had a lot of fun, and we got to witness otherguns being fired, which was thrilling. The instructors are brilliant.They ensure your safety every second of the way, and guide youcompletely. It was exhilarating and scary at the same time. Firingmany rounds can make you very tired, and the smoke gets downyour throat a little, so take water with you. There are lockersprovided, and you can also buy mugs and t-shirts as souvenirs. Youcan take photos and video to your content, and pose with all of theguns at the end. It brings out the kid in you, but also makes youappreciate the seriousness of guns and gives you a higher level ofrespect. I highly recommend this experience, and I would do itagain!”
  19. 19. TRAP TEAM RACE AGAINST PUZZLES!__english-home 1085 Maria u. 19., Budapest 1085, Hungary Trap is an enigmatic basement where you can test your skills inan unusual setting as a team.You are going to be locked up andhave 60 minutes to escape from our tricky rooms...In order to findyour way out you need to solve various puzzles,using creativityand common sense.We guarantee one hour of pure fun,nothingelse,not even you coming out in one piece-that is your job:)
  20. 20. HOSPITAL IN THE ROCK(SZIKLAKORHAZ) Lovas ut 4/c, Budapest 1012, Hungary Entrance Fee for 1.5 hour tour- $15 ($7 if they accept our UICstudent IDs for student discount) “The hospital in the rock is well worth a visit if you like wartimehistory.A very interesting hour and half tour given by an excellent tourguide the only down side is that we got into a large group so goinground some of the rooms you miss what the guide is saying as someof the rooms are small and the tour guide also tells the history of thehospital in Hungarian so you are waiting for her to finish before youcan move on which sometimes makes it a little bit boring but a veryinteresting tour overall.There is a gift shop where you can purchasemany wartime items my friend bought the authentic gas mask atgreat price of just £3.”
  21. 21. GIFT SHOP AND BUNKER BAR, COFFEE, SOFTDRINKS AND SANDWICHES ARE AVAILABLE TOOUR CUSTOMERS IN THE BUNKER BAR. Combat Helmet- $10, Hungarian 1967 M Gas Mask Set- $7,Original Metal Syringes- $3, Hungarian cutlery set- $8, ArmyTrench coat/Poncho- $8, Metal-framed PVC stretcher- $4, “TheLast Breath of Communism”- $6, Plush Viruses- $13, OriginalRed Cross Armband- $4and so much more
  22. 22. HOUSE OF TERROR VI. Andrassy ut 60, Budapest, Hungary Entrance Cost: about $7 A museum devoted to various historical terror regimes andpractices. Located on the site of the former Gestapo and Communist secretpolice headquarters, it provided a dramatic review of the impact ofGerman and Soviet occupations and the workings of the secretpolice. “i was also moved emotionally and to be honest was veryfrightened because they manage to maintain the atmosphere andaesthetic of the old building. It was definately an experience i willremember and still gives me chills.”
  23. 23. EXBOX ACTION PARK Hunyadi J. ut 4., Budapest 1117, Hungary Cost: $7 for 2 hour zipline course, $5 for climbing wall, etc
  24. 24. GELARTO ROSA Szent Istvan ter 3, Budapest 1051, Hungary “The pretty ice cream girls at Nikis shop "create" each and everyportion or cone as a unique artwork using ice cream as artmaterial. Its simply amazing! Dontt miss Peti (the barista) greatItalian style coffee, and have real French macaroon from JulietteMcAron.” About $1-2
  25. 25. HUNGARIKUM BISZTRO Steindl Imre utca 13, Budapest 1051, Hungary Price range: $5 - $15 “book the day before” “As soon as youre installed at your table, youre treated like aspecial guest : complementary apetizer to get you started, a great3 course menu and a very good wine. Complementary glass ofpalinka on the house for the grand finale !”
  26. 26. CAFFE GIANMARIO Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 35, Budapest 1065, Hungary Price range: $4 - $14
  27. 27. BARBAR CAFE & CHOCOLATE &LEMONADE BAR Papnovelde street 3. | 3, Budapest 1053, Hungary Price range: $2 - $7 “Lovely place, with real chocolate! Here the hot chocolates haveall the ingredient needed, they are dense and delicious. 
Theplace is in the heart of Budapest, with a nice atmosphere, a goodplace to get some warm drink in a winter day or refresh in asummer day. In summer they have special lemonades, that areserved in big bottles, and are full of fruits! I am looking forwardthis summer to go and try the new ice chocolates!”
  28. 28. SZIMPLA KERT Kazinczy utca 14, Budapest 1075, Hungary (Erzsébetváros) The oldest ruin pub in Budapest. “Great bar and great smoking area. Quite unique an funky. Built inthe remnants of an old Jewish apartment block. Its quiteintimidating to find your way around at the start but its fun to try.House wine and beer are cheap and very cheap. The staff arequite helpful. Its down some side streets that arent as inviting inthe early ours of the morning, but like everywhere just be wiseand safe.”
  29. 29. INSTANT VI., Nagymezo u. 38, Budapest 1065, Hungary “We visited on a week night, when it was relatively quiet & a greatexperience. There are a crazy amount of rooms on 3 floors toexplore & each quirkily decorated. Really different, worth going tosee even if its just for one drink.”
  30. 30. OTKERT DISCO Zrinyi utca 4, Budapest, Hungary “great music, lots of space and crowd was awesome. went therethree nights in a row. get there early - lines get long after 11.”
  31. 31. A38 A38 Ship | Petofi Bridge Buda Side, Budapest, Hungary “the music was loud, the drinks were good value and loved thelocation. worth making the effort for any gigs” “It basicly is a disco on a boat, it was pretty epic! It is based on ahouseboat in the Donau which separates Buda and Pest. We hadto walk quite a while but its worth it!”
  32. 32. ICEBAR BUDAPEST Vaci utca 82, Budapest, Hungary Limited amount of people allowed inside at a time to prevent icebar from melting; need ticket Prices :10 €) includes: entrance fee + 1 alcoholic cocktail served in ice glass 12 €) includes: entrance fee + 2 alcoholic cocktails served in ice glass 14 €) includes: entrance fee + 3 alcoholic cocktails served in ice glass 16 €) includes: entrance fee + 4 alcoholic cocktails served in ice glass 18 €) includes: entrance fee + 5 alcoholic cocktails served in ice glass 20 €) includes: entrance fee + 6 alcoholic cocktails served in ice glass 12 €) includes: entrance fee + 2 non-alcoholic cocktails + 1 hot cream soup
  33. 33.  “A new experience and was different! We paid 3990Ft (around£12 -£13) entrance for two adults, which included 2 vodka-basedcocktails, and 2 non-alcoholic cocktails. There were only twoother people in there, and maybe that was just as well, becausethere are only about 6 seating places - should you want to sitdown! I was impressed with the ice sculptures, but there again, Ihavent physically seen any before. Entertaining for about ½ hour,but then you begin to feel the 
-20°C temperature! Oneadvantage on leaving, was going outside for a warm, into aFebruary night which was only -4°C!!!”
  34. 34. BUDAPEST ALIVE FREE PUB CRAWL 1 Harsfa Utca, Budapest 1072, Hungary “The Budapest Alive Free Pub Crawl in the 7th district is always,just as our name implies - Free. We meet at at 8pm to get started.We meet at Amigo Bar at 1 Harsfa Utca, to gather together andget a chance to meet everyone we then leave from Amigo to headto the next pub.The Budapest Alive Free Pub Crawl will take youto between 6 and 8 pubs of many styles and types. We will go tounderground pubs, ruin pubs, outdoor pubs or kerts and we willhead to some places to dance to finish the night. We meet atAmigo to gather together and get a chance to meet everyone wethen leave from Amigo to head to the next pub”
  35. 35. DÜRER KERT Dürer Kert has been one of the most popular party venues duringthe last couple of years. Due to its youthful, friendly atmosphere, itattracts people between the ages of 18 and 25. Dürer housesconcerts of various genres and DJ-performances, and also has agravelly garden with tables suited for world-changing chats over afew beers. The garden stage also houses concerts, so you canbasically dance wherever you want to. The only disadvantage wecan mention regarding Dürer Kert is its location, since it is quitefar away from the downtown area - although you shouldn’t let thatdeprive you of the Dürer Kert-experience!
  36. 36. LIVING ROOM 1053 Budapest Kossuth Lajos St 17., Hungary
  37. 37. MIX CLUB BAR RESTAURANT Terez korut 55-57 | Eiffel Square, Budapest, Hungary Restaurant/ Bar/ Club/ Terrance