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Introduction to UX & Service Design


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Talk about User Experience and Service Design, prepared for Goldsmiths’ career sessions for psychology and behavioural sciences students. I spoke about my profession, and how I got there to help students decide if it’s something they might be interested in.

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Introduction to UX & Service Design

  1. 1. UX & Michel Jansen @dawuss Service Design
  2. 2. what is User Experience
  3. 3. product user experience
  4. 4. The uncomfortable project by kkstudio
  5. 5. Useful? Beautiful? Easy to use? Fun? Pleasant? Desirable? Effective?
  6. 6. user experience designer design context product
  7. 7. user experience designer design product research context
  8. 8. The Disciplines of User Experience – Dan Saffer
  9. 9. user experience ux architect design product visual designer developer (or service)
  10. 10. user experience visual designer ux architect design developer product (or service)
  11. 11. user experience visual designer ux architect design developer product (or service)
  12. 12. user experience visual designer ux architect design developer product (or service) product design
  13. 13. user experience visual designer service ux design architect product design (or service) developer
  14. 14. why service design
  15. 15. 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience CEI Survey, quoted in Forbes 1/21/2013
  16. 16. Customer Experience Leaders Outperform the Market 7-Year Stock Performance of Customer Experience Leaders vs. Laggards vs. S&P 500 (2007-2013) Watermark defines Customer Experience Leaders and Laggards as the top ten and bottom ten rated public companies in Forrester Research’s 2007-2014 Customer Experience Index studies. Comparison is based on performance of equally-weighted, annually readjusted stock portfolios of Customer Experience Leaders and Laggards relative to the S&P 500 Index.
  17. 17. The job
  18. 18. THE BRIEF “we need a new website” (or app)
  19. 19. making the right things for the right people in the right way
  20. 20. w hat do you need who are your customers what do they want
  21. 21. what do you need business requirements
  22. 22. who are your customers user needs & behaviours Total Small Med Large Sample 299 78 150 64 % % % % Gender Male 53 36 53 70 Female 47 64 47 30 Age of Respondent 17 to 34 24 22 25 23 35 to 44 26 22 31 22 45 to 54 16 13 18 14 55 to 64 20 23 18 22 65 plus 14 21 8 19 Cars in Household One 56 60 57 50 Two 41 38 40 45 3 or more 3 1 3 5 Claire Freebie Hunter Behaviours Mostly uses Facebook from her laptop. Spends a lot of time online. Tracks deals and freebie offers. Likes to give her opinion about things. Doesn't mind some effort to get something for free. Demographics Needs/Goals 30-50 Female Stay-at-home mum Wants free stuff Likes to know that her opinion is appreciated picture (cc) jimmypk @ Flickr
  23. 23. who are your customers user needs & behaviours
  24. 24. what do they want from user needs to features
  25. 25. what do they want journeys and blueprints
  26. 26. what do they want prototyping & designing 3G 10:00 AM Piz| Piz Pizza Oetker Family Pizza Sprint X Morrisons Ham & Pineapple Pizza 200 points you previously added special offer Morrisons Mini Cheese & Ham Pizza 150 points Q W E R T Y U I O P A S D F G H J K L 123 Z X C V B N M space Add special offer Cancel Once the user starts typing, the list gets filtered down items (from categories, previous input and other lists) The topmost item is always the user’s exact input. Autosuggest results come from cached db on the appear per character typed. 4.4-add-items-dialog-typing
  27. 27. creating success sustainable relationships
  28. 28. creating success desirable services
  29. 29. creating success desirable services
  30. 30. UX is diverse
  31. 31. “The majority of UX professionals hold degrees from an immense range of disciplines, from history to chemistry, most of which don’t have a direct bearing on UX work.” 11% Human Computer Interaction 5% information design 4% human factors 3% digital design 3% technical communication 1% interaction design 1% information architecture Other: MBA, psychology, library science. User Experience Career Advice: How to Learn UX and Get a Job – Susan Farrell & Jakob Nielsen, January 12, 2014
  32. 32. P.S. it’s also incredibly fun
  33. 33. thank you!
  34. 34. UX & Michel Jansen @dawuss Service Design