E Health Goes Retail


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E Health Goes Retail

  1. 1. eHealth & Digitally signed by Michel Oosterhof DN: cn=Michel Oosterhof, o=eHealthConnect, ou=ResearchDevelopmen Wellness t, email=ehealthconnect@g mail.com, c=SG Date: 2011.04.20 10:24:00 +0800 go Retail March 2011 Michel Oosterhof Iván Llorens eHealth Connect Pte Ltd
  2. 2. IntroductionPervasive health monitoring• Pervasive health monitoring presents a shift from the traditional event-driven model (i.e. go to doctor when sick) to one where we are continuously monitor our “well-being” through the use of sensors, smart-home technologies, and information networks.• This allows us to be more proactive in health & wellness maintenance, as well as allowing the health care provider to make more informed decisions with a greater wealth of accurate data.• Patients become eHealth consumers who self manage and -guide through service offerings by healthcare and wellness providers, and stay healthy through simplified communications via their mobile, wellness programs and improved healthcare delivery. Introduction
  3. 3. Why relevant?• Tools that allow patients to take personal readings at home and then submit the data electronically to their doctor or medical case manager are gaining popularity among several health insurance companies as a way to cut costs, the Wall Street Journal reports.• Use economical benefits to deploy eHealth tools with General Practioners.The Do-It-Yourself House CallInsurer-Endorsed Remote-Monitoring Technology Leads Heart Patients to Take Their Readings at Homehttp://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704700404575391262635170370.html Relevance
  4. 4. Health goes retail1. Patients become Health & wellness consumers. Get financially rewarded for maintaining your health;2. Insurance, banks, unions, telecomm offer ‘Health=Wealth’ economical benefits, as part of their customer loyalty strategy;3. Clinicians distribute Health & wellness tools that enable remote care;4. Consumers receive support/benefits via mobile, interactive TV & Health portals;5. All hardware, technology, connectivity is controlled by eHealthConnect (end-to-end). Deal
  5. 5. Typical benefits“Get rewarded, maintain your Health with your bank!” Lower premiums on Health/Life insurances, if you ‘check in daily’ Discount on medical costs, provided sensors help with your treatment Subsidized eHealth kits & budgeting to treat your Chronic Disease Get a Second opinion or quotes from other clinics with 1 mouse click Reduce doctor visits & off work. Ask specialists to monitor your health Enjoy health & wellness related promotions, via your GP & local bank Benefits
  6. 6. eHC Consumer Health Portal Detail
  7. 7. eHC Retail Health Portal Detail
  8. 8. Implementation Overview Detail
  9. 9. Web services Detail
  10. 10. Application example I Parameters Monitored Pulse Oximeters •Measure percentage of blood oxygenation •Correlate breathing and heart beating •Detect hypo / hypervolemia •Detect range of cardiac problems 3-Axis Accelerometer •Orientation (Sleeping on back / standing) •Activity levels (sedentary or jogging) •Detect acute event (Falling)Health Checkup Support• Your “well-being” is remotely monitored by your healthcare professional of choice. Through the use of sensor devices selected with your specialist. E.g. a blood pressure meter + pedometer that you take with you, even when travel abroad. All you need to do is use the devices and read the reports your specialist sends to your phone. Applications
  11. 11. Application example II Parameters Monitored AUDIO •Record breathing sounds •Record heart beating sounds •Detect asthmatic events through frequency domain analysis VIDEO •Skin Temperature •Coloration with internal body temperature •Long term trending, ability to correlate with other physical parametersVisiting care & health alerts• Stay home while on Medical leave. Your healthcare professional already knows about your condition (from your sensor readings this morning) and prepared a digital consultation that can be retrieved via your eHC eHealth hub. Are you travelling? The eHC hub will connect itself to any signal available and offers you 2-way communication with your specialist through secure VOIP . Applications
  12. 12. Application example III Parameters Monitored EMG/GSR “Stress” Detection •Measures muscle tension (EMG) on back which is indicative of “stress” •Measures “skin resistance” (GSR) which varies with the involuntary production of sweat as a result of stress/emotionPublic prevention campaigns & Clinical trials• Collect mass data from users trying out new ways of improving health & wellness, e.g. home use of fitness equipment. Allow people to participate in public prevention campaigns, e.g. quit smoking and track their improvements. Applications
  13. 13. Application example IV Parameters Monitored EMG/GSR Detection •Detect transient cardiac events for diagnostic purposes •Detect acute (life-threatening) events and alert •Correlate cardiac events with activity levels, or other parameters • Monitor variations in rhythm induced by medicationsTelecare and remote diagnosis• Patients overseas can now enjoy Singapore standard healthcare. Connect to healthcare professionals at your convenience, reduce medical travel expenses. Applications
  14. 14. Thank You! Special thanks to: Reza Naima (UC Berkely) for describing Parameters Monitored25 years experience in marketing and businessdevelopment. Has been involved in 7 successful start-ups and launched over twenty products and onlineservices responsible for more than $746 million inrevenue. Reinvented the presence of 2 majorGovernment departments in the Netherlands and hasconsulted several market leaders among whichEurope’s market leader in financial agent services.http://www.bluezones.asia Michel Oosterhof (Singapore)15 years experience in Design, Website development& Brand Management. Concept development &Implementation of Web Services for several marketleaders such as TUI Travel, EasyJetHotels &BBVAHoteles.http://www.tuitravelplc.comhttp://www.easyhotel.comhttp://www.bbvavacaciones.com Iván Llorens (Valencia)