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Visualizing Gay Liberation in Canada: Using Digital Tools to Represent Identity


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Presented at the CSDH/ACCUTE session at Congress 2014, Brock University.

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Visualizing Gay Liberation in Canada: Using Digital Tools to Represent Identity

  1. 1. Visualizing Gay Liberation in Canada: Using Digital Tools to Represent Identity Michelle Schwartz Ryerson University @MichelinaNeri Constance Crompton University of British Columbia, Okanagan @CLKCrompton
  2. 2. Lesbianand Gay LiberationIn Canada: A SelectedAnnotatedChronology,1964-1975 • lgl
  3. 3. EncodingLesbianand Gay LiberationIn Canada in TEI
  4. 4. Bibl Bibl Bibl Bibl
  5. 5. Bibl Bibl Bibl Bibl Information to capture • Names • Pseudonyms • Dates • Places • Publications • Organizations • Protests • Legislation
  6. 6. LGLC Appendices Gay organizations (now includes political parties and homophobic organizations) Bars and clubs (expanded to include almost anything with geographic coordinates) Canadian LGBT Periodicals (now all inclusive)
  7. 7. Analyzing LGLC data
  8. 8. The people of LGLC, Vol. 1 The people of LGLC: There are 2596 names listed, 1184 of these are within event records and 1402 are within bibliographical records. 1076 of these are unique names. There are 145 people that appear in both the bibls and the events: (some examples: James Egan, Jane Rule, Norma K. Mitchell, Réjane Rancourt, Thérèse Limoges, John Alan Lee, Douglas Sanders, Gary Nichols, Michael Hanlon, Marie Robertson, George Stanley, Christine Bearchell…) The most prodigious writers cited in the bibls: 1. Gary Kinsman (56) – The Regulation of Desire: Sexuality in Canada 2. Ron Dayman (43) – Body Politic, CLGA 3. Margaret Fulford (31) – The Canadian Women's Movement, 1960-1990 4. Ken Popert (27) – Body Politic 5. Ian Young (27) – UTHA, Catalyst, Body Politic
  9. 9. The people of LGLC Force Atlas visualization in Gephi
  10. 10. The people of LGLC
  11. 11. The people of LGLC The John Damien case in Neo4j
  12. 12. Future directions: Identity “For anyone who wants to know what it is to be a lesbian, this book offers as many answers as there are voices to speak… no view need cancel another, for this is an exploration into variety rather than a thesis to prove my particular.” – Jane Rule, Lesbian Images, 1975
  13. 13. Future directions: Identity “Gay in the Seventies, ” Weekend Magazine, Globe and Mail, Dec. 17, 1977 “…they wanted ‘just average gay people,’ nobody who worked with an exclusively gay business, nobody who was a ‘professional homosexual’ (?), and nobody who was unemployed. All very respectable.” – Body Politic, Feb. 1, 1978
  14. 14. Future directions: Identity “Gay in the Seventies, ” Weekend Magazine, Globe and Mail, Dec. 17, 1977 “All busy little gay activists. Why are these people smiling? Take a guess.” – Body Politic, Feb. 1, 1978
  15. 15. Future directions: Identity Christine Bearchell Office worker, Toronto Konnie Reich Photolab technician, Toronto - Weekend Magazine, 1977
  16. 16. Future directions: Identity Chris Bearchell Dyke dynamo… member of the Lesbian Organization of Toronto, the Gay Alliance Toward Equality, the Gay Offensive Collective, and… the BODY POLITIC FREE THE PRESS FUND. She usually writes the “Dykes” column in the Body Politic. Konnie Reich Active with Lesbian Organization of Toronto and a member of the Gay Offensive Collective – they’re putting together a cable TV program called “This Program may be Offensive to Heterosexuals.” – The Body Politic, 1978
  17. 17. Future directions: Identity Christine Bearchell LOOT, GATE & its Damien Committee; TBP writer from 1975, collective member 1978-87; later with the sex-workers' right group Maggie's. Konnie Reich LOOT, the Gay Offensive Collective; lover & later longtime group housemate with Chris Bearchell – Rick Bébout, 2003
  18. 18. Future directions: Identity MARC Authority Fields 100 – Personal name 370 – Associated place 371 – Address 372 – Field of activity 373 – Associated group 374 – Occupation 375 – Gender (and dates applicable) 377 – Associated language 386 – Creator/Contributor Characteristics 400 – Alternate names 997 – Dates (lived, circa, flourished) 375 ##$amale$s1926 375 ##$afemale$s1972? 386 ## $m Sexual orientation group $a Lesbians 386 ## $m Gender group $a Women
  19. 19. Future directions: Public knowledge
  20. 20. Future directions: Public knowledge
  21. 21. With thanks to Don McLeod, Travis White, CWRC, and the CDH. Keep in touch! Michelle Schwartz: @MichelinaNeri Constance Crompton: @CLKCrompton