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Tackling the Big, Impossible Project


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Big, Impossible Projects are exciting, transformative, and begin with an overwhelming number of unanswered questions. Developing against a moving target is never easy — you might find yourself going against best practices such as designing solutions without knowing all the parameters, or encountering dependencies you didn’t even think were possible. Big, Impossible projects can start out looking small and simple, but like an iceberg, they have much more to them once you get up close. In this talk for both new and seasoned leaders you will learn to navigate the icebergs and bring your next Big, Impossible Project to a successful conclusion.

Published in: Software
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Tackling the Big, Impossible Project

  1. 1. Tackling The Big, Impossible Project Michele Titolo Lead Software Engineer, Capital One
  2. 2. What Is A Big, Impossible Project? Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash
  3. 3. @micheletitolo Large Scope Or Large Change
  4. 4. @micheletitolo Relative To Current State
  5. 5. @micheletitolo Can Be New Product Or Existing
  6. 6. @micheletitolo Intentional Or Unintentional
  7. 7. • Definition of Done • Dependencies • Transparency 3 Key Things @micheletitolo
  8. 8. Definition Of Done Photo by Jean-Frederic Fortier on Unsplash
  9. 9. @micheletitolo Define for Individual Items
  10. 10. @micheletitolo Define for Project
  11. 11. @micheletitolo End Result Starts Fuzzy
  12. 12. @micheletitolo New Product: MVP
  13. 13. @micheletitolo Existing Products: Giant Lists
  14. 14. @micheletitolo Beginning: 120 Line- Item Spreadsheet
  15. 15. @micheletitolo End: ~170 Items
  16. 16. • New Features • Breaking things into smaller chunks • Surprises the list grew because @micheletitolo
  17. 17. Dependencies Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
  18. 18. @micheletitolo What Is a Dependency?
  19. 19. @micheletitolo Any Work That Needs To Get Done That You/Your Team Cannot Do
  20. 20. @micheletitolo Identify Early
  21. 21. @micheletitolo The BAU Trap
  22. 22. @micheletitolo Plan To Get Blocked
  23. 23. @micheletitolo Have a Plan B
  24. 24. @micheletitolo Communicate Blockers
  25. 25. @micheletitolo Having a Dependency -> Being a Dependency
  26. 26. Transparency Photo by Justin Medina on Unsplash
  27. 27. @micheletitolo Make It Easy for Others To See How You're Doing
  28. 28. @micheletitolo Fewer Meetings 🎉
  29. 29. @micheletitolo Communicate
  30. 30. @micheletitolo Plan Risky Things First
  31. 31. @micheletitolo A Risky Rewrite
  32. 32. @micheletitolo Important To Get Right
  33. 33. @micheletitolo Design and PoC
  34. 34. @micheletitolo Buy-in
  35. 35. @micheletitolo Change Was Well Known and Well Estimated
  36. 36. @micheletitolo Don't Spring Big Changes
  37. 37. Photo by Kristine Weilert on Unsplash
  38. 38. Thanks! @micheletitolo