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Brand Narrative
New Tools for Classic Insights
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
The Story on Stories
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Sir Richard Padget
we use symbols to unite or divide
political figure-obama
pop figure-beyonce
( min 34)
#HiMA2015 @MrDa...
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Language as Reality
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Language as Hierarchy
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Language as Perfection
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Connection of Forces
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Pentad of Event
IS Conference
Marketing PlanHoustonIMA
Conversion Thur. 8-27
Museum N...
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Kurt Vonnegut
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
McDonald’s Shape
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Karnazes Story
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Karnazes Shape
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Drug PSA
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Drug’s Shape
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Flop Ad #1
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Nissan’s Shape
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Flop Ad #2
BMW’s Shape
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Tech Company Case Study
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Tech Company Case Study
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Chapter 1
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Chapter 3
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Chapter 4
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Chapter 5
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Chapter 6
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Chapter 7
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Chapter 8
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
@MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
Story Shape
Campaign Results
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
6 % Lead Conversion (lead total/final list) 149 Demo Leads
Decrease ...
Campaign Lessons
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Today’s Story Shape
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Suggested Reading
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Human Speech - Sir Richard Paget
Grammar of Motives - Kenneth Burke...
#HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
Daniel J. Cohen
Michele Price
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Brand Narrative Architecture - New Tools For Classic Insights


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“Tell a story” is a common refrain in product branding and market positioning. However, the methods of crafting a tale for campaigns are still often abstract shots in the dark by creative design and content teams focused on standard variables and marketing perspectives. In other words, everyone knows the importance of narrative, but the development of tools to create narrative have not kept up with the realization of its importance… Or have they? Perhaps strategic marketers have simply been looking to the business sector rather than literary analysis for new narrative ideas.

Beyond the basic discovery process, narrative architecture offers a different lens for campaign creative, new metrics for measurement, and an easy-to-follow discussion of a narrative arc in multiple dimensions. This presentation draws on the works of literary analysis and applies practical application of time-honored narrative principles in a way that can be strategically integrated into any campaign to improve returns in measurable ways. Our presenters take you through a history of narrative, how that history relates to marketing, practical tools for high level message strategy, and case studies leveraging the strategies described.

Takeaways include:
The marriage between narrative theory and marketing practice
What is missing from most modern marketing messaging plans
How to measure metrics associated with your narrative
How to leverage narrative across campaign tactics

Goal of the Presentation: To demonstrate how to leverage the classic principles of narrative in the modern context of marketing for new insights without sacrificing quantitative focus. This requires marrying narrative tool capabilities with quantitative metrics to determine the best possible future outcomes for campaigns. Tools include Burke’s Dramatistic Pentad, Marketing Narrative Story Arc Discovery, and Throughline tools for Creative Language.

#BBSRadio Host and #StartupGrind Organizer, Michele is one of Houston's most active business community leaders. She consistently seeks and implements avant garde marketing strategies.

Founder of RedShift Writers and Lead Moderator Agree, Disagree, or Qualify, a fast-growing community focused on respectful discourse. He spends his days writing and exchanging ideas.

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Published in: Marketing
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Brand Narrative Architecture - New Tools For Classic Insights

  1. 1. Brand Narrative Architecture New Tools for Classic Insights #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  2. 2. The Story on Stories #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  3. 3. @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015 Sir Richard Padget
  4. 4. we use symbols to unite or divide political figure-obama business-apple pop figure-beyonce ( min 34) Symbols #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  5. 5. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Language as Reality
  6. 6. @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015 Language as Hierarchy
  7. 7. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Language as Perfection
  8. 8. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Connection of Forces
  9. 9. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Pentad
  10. 10. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Pentad of Event IS Conference Marketing PlanHoustonIMA Conversion Thur. 8-27 Museum Natural Science
  11. 11. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Kurt Vonnegut
  12. 12. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  13. 13. McDonald’s Shape #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  14. 14. Karnazes Story #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  15. 15. Karnazes Shape #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  16. 16. Drug PSA #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  17. 17. Drug’s Shape #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  18. 18. Flop Ad #1 #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  19. 19. Nissan’s Shape #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  20. 20. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Flop Ad #2
  21. 21. BMW’s Shape #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  22. 22. @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015 Tech Company Case Study Problem
  23. 23. @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015 Tech Company Case Study Solution
  24. 24. @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015 Chapter 1
  25. 25. Chapter2 #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  26. 26. Chapter 3 #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  27. 27. Chapter 4 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
  28. 28. Chapter 5 #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  29. 29. Chapter 6 #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  30. 30. Chapter 7 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015
  31. 31. Chapter 8 #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  32. 32. @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal#HiMA2015 Story Shape
  33. 33. Campaign Results #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal 6 % Lead Conversion (lead total/final list) 149 Demo Leads Decrease in opt-outs over course of campaign Average Customer Conversion Value $17,500
  34. 34. Campaign Lessons #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  35. 35. Today’s Story Shape #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal
  36. 36. Suggested Reading #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Human Speech - Sir Richard Paget Grammar of Motives - Kenneth Burke The Rise of PR and Fall of Advertising - Ries and Ries The Art of Storytelling - Released by Dramatica
  37. 37. #HiMA2015 @MrDanCohen @ProsperityGal Daniel J. Cohen Michele Price
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