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Digital Analytics Hacks for the Masses

There are never enough hours in an analyst’s day! Join Michele Kiss from Analytics Demystified to share hacks and time-saving techniques to help you maximize your day. These can be anything that makes an analyst’s life easier, whether it’s a clever use of your analytics tool, spreadsheets, a data viz solution, automation, SQL, or even email, calendar or task management! Michele will share a few of hers, and please bring along your favorite hack(s) to share with the group. You’ll be more productive in no time!

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Digital Analytics Hacks for the Masses

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  2. 2. Digital Analytics Hacks For The Masses There are not enough hours in the day! Learn and share hacks and time-saving techniques, to help you maximize your day. Michele Kiss @michelejkiss Senior Partner Analytics Demystified
  3. 3. 1 2 The goal of our session I share some of my tips You share yours!
  4. 4. 01 Use Google Sheets to manipulate data
  5. 5. When you can’t read your data…
  6. 6. =DETECTLANGUAGE(A2) Google Sheets to the rescue!
  7. 7. =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A2,B2,"en") Google Sheets to the rescue! Which field you’d like to translate Language you’re translating FROM Language you’re translating TO
  8. 8. CASE WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(Event Label,"iemand.gezien.*niet.herkent|volto sconosciuto") THEN "Type 1" WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(Event Label,"bekend gezicht") THEN "Type 2" WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(Event Label,"gehoord|suono") THEN "Type 5" WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(Event Label,"qualcuno|volto|quelqu.un") THEN "Type 4" WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(Event Label,"gezien|misschien|activiteit|attivit.") THEN "Type 5" ELSE "Other" END Google Sheets to the rescue!
  9. 9. Convert GA’s funky 20190722 date format (Thanks Annie Cushing!) =DATE(LEFT(H7,4),MID(H7,5,2),RIGHT(H7,2) ) Other useful formulas
  10. 10. REGEXREPLACE, REGEXMATCH and REGEXEXTRACT Other useful formulas
  11. 11. Example use case: Separate regional URLs Reg Ex
  12. 12. CASE WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(,"/[a-z]{2}/[a-z]{2}/") THEN REGEXP_REPLACE(,"/[a-z]{2}/[a-z]{2}/","/") WHEN REGEXP_CONTAINS(,"/[a-z]{2}/") THEN REGEXP_REPLACE(,"/[a-z]{2}/","/") ELSE END AS PagePathMinusLocale, Reg Ex Contains and Replace
  13. 13. What others do you find useful?
  14. 14. Using Spreadsheets to build repetitive SQL 02
  15. 15. So tedious…
  16. 16. Make it a little easier
  17. 17. 03 Fix bad data! Using Adobe Analytics calculated metrics to fix bad data
  18. 18. Who has seen negative revenue... Major revenue issues… ● Order revenue recorded was grossly inflated or negative ● Duplicate purchase event (on the wrong page), double counting revenue ● Donations counting as “revenue” (instead of in a separate event)
  19. 19. Adobe Calculated Metrics to the rescue!
  20. 20. First, create a “Valid Orders” segment Requires: ● Correct product category ● Purchase be fired on the proper confirmation page ● Order was not be one of the known “outlier” orders (identified by the Purchase ID)
  21. 21. Create your “Revenue (Corrected)” metric Create a calculated metric:
  22. 22. Magic! Voila! Problem solved:
  23. 23. 04 Using Data Studio for Google Analytics Alerts
  24. 24. Who finds these useless?
  25. 25. I’ve moved to Data Studio A few key metrics per client/site Sends daily
  26. 26. (We’re actually pretty good pattern detectors)
  27. 27. 05 Share cleaner screenshots Want someone to “see what you see” on a report? Need to anonymize a screenshot for a blog post?
  28. 28. 01 Share cleaner screenshots
  29. 29. 01 Share cleaner screenshots What do you want users to look at?
  30. 30. 01 Share cleaner screenshots Hide menus Keep important info, like which View the data is coming from, or the fact that it’s not segmented Call out the metric(s) of importance
  31. 31. Share cleaner screenshots Add call outs
  32. 32. Redact information
  33. 33. Redact information “Blur” is my friend!
  34. 34. 06 Data Studio Dashboard… … of your Data Studio Dashboards!
  35. 35. “Does anyone even use this report?”
  36. 36. Data Studio “Meta Dash”
  37. 37. Add GA Tracking to every DS reports (I use a separate property for each client)
  38. 38. Clean up GA data URLs captured are going to be gibberish Page Title is going to be your best bet for easy-to-understand data
  39. 39. Uh-oh, we have a consistency problem Reports with multiple pages Reports with only one page
  40. 40. Page Title + > CONCAT(Page Title," ›") What it does: Appends “>” to the end of all Page Titles. Now every page title contains at least one “>” If a report has multiple pages, it will end up reading Report Name > Page Name > but that’s fine – we’re never going to actually use that value. Let’s fix it
  41. 41. Let’s fix it Page Title Combined CASE WHEN REGEXP_MATCH(Page Title,".*›.*") THEN Page Title ELSE Page Title + > END What it does: Chooses which value to use – the original Page Title, or the one created by Formula 1. Where there is already a “>” in the Page Title, it will use the original Page Title. If there is no “>”, it will use the Formula 1.
  42. 42. Woo hoo! Report Name – Final REGEXP_EXTRACT(Page Title Combined,'(.*).*›.*') What it does: Extract everything before “>” This will give you just the “Report Name”, for every Page Title, regardless of the number of pages and the presence (or absence) of “>” in the original Page Title (Why so many formulas? I tried combining them in to one uber-formula, and unfortunately Data Studio could not cope with that kind of adversity.)
  43. 43. Final Report Click a report to see the most popular pages below See where people are accessing the report(s) from (Proxy for which office they work in, or what team they’re on.)
  44. 44. (You still can’t send PII)
  45. 45. 07 Using Data Studio to recreate Channel definitions
  46. 46. 1 2 3 4 In-built Channel Definitions are (a necessary) Not retroactive Tedious to create and maintain Painful to scale evil
  47. 47. Define Channels in Data Studio
  48. 48. They execute in order
  49. 49. 08 Use Sparklines for quick visuals
  50. 50. Use Google Sheets in-built Sparklines formulas to add “mini trends” to data tables, or create quick visual funnels: =SPARKLINE(B2,{"charttype", "bar";"color1",$B$15;"max", $B$14}) Sparklines Set automatic max to 10% higher than your biggest value Control hex code from one place
  51. 51. Let’s share!
  52. 52. Michele Kiss Email Measure Chat michelejkiss Twitter @michelejkiss