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Are you designing the right product?


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A presentation I gave at the UK UXPA (@ukuxpa) #LeanUX event in October 2014 in London.

This talk was a variation of my Rapid Product Design talk. I've added a few reflections on my experiences of trying to implement Lean UX principles in a new organisation. I took inspiration from Bill Scott's Lean UX Anti-Patterns to explain some of the problems we encountered.

The other speakers were:

Adrian Howard (@adrianh) from Quietstars who spoke about Lean Persona:

Andrew Godfrey (@tweet_godfrey) from Foolproof who spoke about adapting a Lean UX process and using Lean UX principles in an agency environment, with clients.

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Are you designing the right product?

  1. 1. Are you designing the right product?! Michele Ide-Smith | @micheleidesmith! UXPA, London, 16 October 2014
  2. 2. About me • UX Designer and Manager! • Co-organiser #SDinGov, #UXCam, #UXScotland, #camusability! • *Love* working in Agile and Lean teams! • Agile since 2008 @micheleidesmith
  3. 3. Red Gate makes tooling for .NET, SQL and Oracle @micheleidesmith
  4. 4. @micheleidesmith
  5. 5. Observing our customers working in context was tricky @micheleidesmith
  6. 6. “By the time the product is ! “Marketing that itself ! ready, it will already have! improves peoples lives.”! established customers.”! ! Bob Gilbreath! Eric Ries @micheleidesmith
  7. 7. “We wanted to make sure we were getting customer feedback as we worked so that we were never working on anything that wasn’t valued by the customer.”! Nordstrom Innovation Lab @micheleidesmith
  8. 8. Principles we followed:! ! • Continuous discovery! • Shared understanding! • GOOB (Get Out Of the Building)! • Externalising your work “if you’ve struggled to figure out how UX design can work in an Agile environment, Lean UX can help.” Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX @micheleidesmith
  9. 9. What makes you visit an exhibition stand at a conference? @@micheleidesmith micheleidesmith
  10. 10. Hypothesis: Oracle Developers & DBAs need a better way to source control their database schemas ! >70% interest – develop a tool a.s.a.p.! @micheleidesmith
  11. 11. 9 (mini) sprints, 3 days, 1 prototype @micheleidesmith
  12. 12. Making our processes transparent @micheleidesmith
  13. 13. 25 feedback sessions with users @micheleidesmith
  14. 14. Paper prototyping Rapid prototyping with paper Easy to get feedback and quick to change @micheleidesmith
  15. 15. Feedback went directly into the HTML/CSS prototype, using Twitter Bootstrap @micheleidesmith
  16. 16. Helped build personas People returned to see the feeanddb aa taclkki ng point! throughout the conference @micheleidesmith
  17. 17. The Empathy Map helped us understand customer needs @micheleidesmith
  18. 18. We fixed pain points and learned about customer needs continuously @micheleidesmith
  19. 19. Sketching out processes and environments identified real-world scenarios and pain points @micheleidesmith
  20. 20. It’s was all about communication… @micheleidesmith
  21. 21. …and collaboration @micheleidesmith
  22. 22. Surveys to test hypotheses @micheleidesmith
  23. 23. Releasing functionality early and getting feedback @micheleidesmith
  24. 24. @micheleidesmith
  25. 25. Testing the prototype “Source Control for Oracle is a huge time saver… It doesn't remove the need to version control, but it takes the tedious steps out of the picture. I am blown away! “! Lewis Cunningham, Oracle ACE Director @micheleidesmith
  26. 26. We worked collaboratively, as a ‘balanced’ team. @micheleidesmith 26
  27. 27. 27 We made great things happen! @micheleidesmith
  28. 28. October 2013 - I joined the University of Cambridge and Lean UX principles were introduced. @micheleidesmith
  29. 29. The team collaborated on user research and design @micheleidesmith
  30. 30. But I noticed a few things weren’t going so well… @micheleidesmith
  31. 31. www. s l i d e s h a r e . n e t / b i l l w s c o t t / antipatterns-that-stifle-lean-ux-teams 31 Hat tip to @billwscott Beware Lean UX anti-patterns! @micheleidesmith
  32. 32. Too many cooks. Keep the team small to ensure collaboration and team focus. @micheleidesmith 32
  33. 33. Tribalism. Boundaries between separate functions start to creep back into the team. @micheleidesmith 33
  34. 34. Going dark. Sometimes you need to work alone. But not at the expense of team collaboration. @micheleidesmith 34
  35. 35. Michele Ide-Smith! Design Team Manager! University of Cambridge! ! @micheleidesmith Questions? Thank you! @micheleidesmith
  36. 36. Flickr User Image Credits ! ! Sarah & Mike: ! Kevin.Cochran:! Wonderlane:! Prayitno:! Paigggeyy:! Lolly man:! Lolly man:! Notix:! Kaptain Kobold:! Nur Hussein! Dave Ware:! mac_filko:! Chris:! @micheleidesmith