Perceptions of social media


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Perceptions of social media sites from focus groups as part of a project in Wisbech led by Cambridgeshire County Council

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Perceptions of social media

  1. 1. Wisbech Social Media Research • These slides present the findings from research carried out by Cambridgeshire County Council and Paul Henderson • The research took place in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in December 2009 as part of a CLG funded project
  2. 2. Reactions to social media sites
  3. 3. Participants • 6 focus groups in Wisbech, Cambs – Nacro – 25-40, unemployed – Urban – 25-40, employed and unemployed – Older people – Youth* – Migrant Workers* – Travellers* *Data not included in these slides
  4. 4. Methodology • Participants were asked about issues in their local area: – What type of issues? – Who would you tell? – How would you tell them? – What would you expect to happen? • Participants were asked quick questions to establish their internet/media literacy • Participants were shown various social media websites and asked: – What do you think/feel about these sites? – Which do you like/dislike?
  5. 5. What sort of problems are there? Theft Play area traffic is dangerous for kids, would be nice to have speed bumps Bus station/taxi problems traffic Drains and soak always are full up Need a crossing on Norwich Road, sent in a questionnaire no further action was taken Speeding traffic How do I contact Highways? Who is our Councillor? Drunks/drugs in Wisbech Centre, who do tell? Police? If so how quick a response? People biking to work with no lights, don’t know who contact? Vandalism Human mess Bins Dog mess Worried about individual living in the woods How can we stop speeding through my village How can we influence planning decisions? Traffic – why do the council dig up the road and alternate routes at the same time?
  6. 6. Blogs Easy to follow How is it being made? Impressed with site Very up to date Informative Keeping you up to date Notes problems and safety issues Needs to be brilliant to catch attention Problem page would be better Is it safe? Safety of my information Dull Doesn’t catch your interest enough, it’s too plain Can groups and individuals set up blogs? Like the layout impressed at how up to date it was lots of information on progress Can see pictures of other people who write about problems and you can see how they were fixed Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  7. 7. Flickr Highlight local issues - picture of a traffic jam outside asda Use Skype to share images Too many easier and more accessible sites for this to interest me everyone can see your picture even if you don’t want them to you can put your own picture Only negative is kid pictures online Can find a subject easily through tagging Easy to use/ navigate Very well organised Was quite good showing a lot of different stuff just use Google to search for a photo Could spend a long time on it old pictures were interesting too – people could help identify gravestones in a local cemetery – attract volunteers Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  8. 8. Google maps Easy to use Easy to understand and use Liked you could zoom right into your house Had used it for directions but didn’t know about public transport times Don’t like someone seeing my own back garden love itI like this site you can get directions straight away where you want and it shows by car, walking and on public transport Very clear and detailed pictures Amazing details Easy/clear instructions All had used it Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  9. 9. FixMyStreet Anonymous settings confusing I like this site Basic (very) not much being fixed Probably better off reporting straight to the Council/police etc Not always sorted in good time, my report is still waiting to be dealt with after 6 months and even a year Easy to use Very good for people who want to move to an area you can’t see when the problem is likely to be fixed easy to use and a good site Very good easier than traipsing to somewhere to report a problem Like it, good to know it’s there Now I know about it, will probably use it Why do they want my email to report a pothole? very good could be useful Does it really work? No-one heard of it Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  10. 10. WhatDoTheyKnow Wouldn’t use it, boring Not sure that you could trust statistics from the council Don’t believe you would get the real information Don’t think we would use it Never heard of it very plain boring site Not interested not what I expected Positive: none, unless you want information from a specific authority Slow/boring No-one heard of it Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  11. 11. Pledgebank Never heard of it A do-gooders website Very good idea and needs more publicity Basic- no confusionEasy to use/understand Good idea You can write your own things, problems and chat to people to get things done helps you if you have a problem bad pledge fails to get enough subscriptions Wouldn’t use it Not interested Only loudest voices being heard, not the majority Don’t think I would join in Not used an online petition No-one heard of it Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  12. 12. Discussion forums do use some discussion forums Not used a forum like this Where would you find one? Looks easy to use Would be interested in a local one (village or small town)would use a community discussion forum website Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  13. 13. YouTube Good way of learning Use this daily talks for itself Used all the time Everyone uses Youtube Excited to use it Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  14. 14. Twitter Interested in it – but not got time for itEveryone heard of it/ no-one used it irrelevant information Very childish Annoying- what’s it for? What’s the point? Need to be careful what you say on there – especially politicians Never been on it Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  15. 15. Facebook fan Everyone heard of it and one regular user Only for Facebook for communicating with family Don’t log in so can’t see it being useful Don’t belong to any fan pages or groups Could have an anonymous Facebook for complaining except for topics like school crossings which wouldn’t need to be anonymous. Well used, but not for complaints use it for everything chat, games, forumFavourite site on the net Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  16. 16. Community sitesactual site is boring to look at Easy to follow Community news and goings on Interesting Lots of good information helpful if you want to move to the area Too many tabs and links on this front sheet User friendly Who do I contact? Where do I complain Too much to take in, too many links etc who would put things on it? want it centrally run if it was for Wisbech it would be something I would go on Nacro Urban 25-40 Older people
  17. 17.  Don’t like Like 