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You Don't Have to be Crazy to Work Here! A Mental Health Check

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You Don't Have to be Crazy to Work Here! A Mental Health Check

  1. 1. YOUDON'THAVETOBE CRAZYTOWORKHERE! @michele_butcher Handling your mental health while working remotely and dealing with a pandemic WordCamp Greece 2021
  2. 2. - Head Geek at Can’t Speak Geek - 13Core Founder - ShePress Founder & Executive Director - Lead Organizer for Southern IL WP - Beginners WP Instructor MICHELEBUTCHER-JONES @michele_butcher
  3. 3. DISCLAIMER I am in no way a medical professional. If you feel you need professional help, please seek help. Ideas expressed in this talk are opinion based. Oh and there will be lots of cat memes! Because cats make people happy @michele_butcher
  5. 5. HOWSOCIETYTHINKSWEWORK @michele_butcher
  6. 6. HOWOURDAYTYPICALLYGOES @michele_butcher
  7. 7. BENEFITSOFWORKINGREMOTELY @michele_butcher
  10. 10. BECAUSEPANTSAREOPTIONAL @michele_butcher
  12. 12. MENTALILLNESS @michele_butcher
  14. 14. BURNOUTISAREALTHING Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anger, irritability, health issues like indigestion and headaches), lack of motivation, decreased job performance, loss of focus and forgetfulness can all be signs of burnout. @michele_butcher
  15. 15. WORKANXIETY Am I good enough? Will they fire me for this one mistake? I am not coding fast enough. @michele_butcher
  17. 17. It will be there when you get back I promise LEAVEWORKATWORK @michele_butcher
  18. 18. Life does not have to be at the speed of light all the time. RELAX @michele_butcher
  19. 19. Work someplace new, go out to lunch, take a walk break, take a 20 minute nap sometimes. CHANGEYOURROUTINE @michele_butcher
  20. 20. Take advantage of social media platforms. Slack, Facebook, Twitter, and other chats can help you feel connected while working alone. TALKTOPEOPLE @michele_butcher
  21. 21. And make it something that does not involve a screen DOSOMETHINGFUN @michele_butcher
  22. 22. Be deliberate on taking care of yourself. Eat healthy, keep up with hygiene, and stay clear of bad health habits. DON’TFORGETABOUTYOU @michele_butcher
  23. 23. Boosting the heart rate makes endorphins and endorphins make you happy GETPHYSICAL @michele_butcher
  24. 24. You might feel alone but you are never alone. There is always someone willing to listen. TALKABOUTIT @michele_butcher
  25. 25. If you ever feel sducidal, just can’t take it anymore, or wanting to hurt yourself or others, seek professional help. GETHELP @michele_butcher
  26. 26. MAKINGACOMMUNITYSTAND @michele_butcher
  27. 27. Mental Health can affect everyone. KICKTHESTIGMA @michele_butcher
  28. 28. If you see someone who seems like they are having a bad day, be a friend to them. BEAFRIEND @michele_butcher
  29. 29. Don’t be afraid to share your story and share information. RAISEAWARENESS @michele_butcher
  30. 30. QUESTIONS? @michele_butcher YOUCANFINDMEHERE Twitter: @michele_butcher MakeWP Slack: michelebutcher-jones Facebook: Michele Butcher-Jones Email: (Coming Real Soon!)