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Successful Teams are Created when Everyone Leads - Shift-Enter Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. 1 Successful Teams 
 Are Created When 
 Everyone Leads Michele Butcher-Jones Shift-Enter - Charlottesville
  2. 43 21 2 I am from Carbondale, Illinois. No where near Chicago. Thrive Agency SUPPORT SPECIALIST 13Core BOSS BABE Can’t Speak Geek HEAD GEEK Photographer Mom WordCamp Organizer TEACHER Hi! I am Michele Butcher-Jones
  3. 3 01 What is the definition of a great team?
  4. 4 They know how to 
 have fun together Everyone has a 
 seat at the table Always time 
 for learning Everyone works hard
 for the same goal Recognition is
 always rewarded Opportunity
 for learning Help is given
 when needed Success is
  5. From the manager to the team members, everyone has a voice on the team to make improvements. With the right team and resources, the sky is the limit as to what the team can accomplish. Micromanaging is a thing of the past. Teams need to be autonomous and held accountable. EVERYONE HAS A SEAT AT THE TABLE THE RIGHT TEAM AND RESOURCES AUTONOMOUS AND ACCOUNTABILITY 5 THE ECLIPTIC TEAM APPROACH
  6. 6 Building a great team02
  7. Starts with the interview process 7 SELECTING AND NOT “HIRING” THE RIGHT TEAM You can always train someone to do any job but you can not train someone on motivation or desire. A right personality is better than the right experienceFirst Have a multi-interview process where the new hire will meet the main leader of the company, their direct manager, their team, and the newest hire so they can have a real feel of the company. Have more than one interviewSecond When sharing a job opening, share the company’s mission statement, the company’s standards and expectations, and how the new hire will fit within their role and the company as a whole. Have a clear MissionThird
  8. 8 QUALITY TRAINING SETS THE STANDARD FOR A SUCCESSFUL AND ACCOUNTABLE TEAM. Some people can be trained in days, while others can take weeks, up to months. Work within the process and the person to ensure that when they are let out on their own, they are ready. Each job is more than its work being done. Ensure that all aspects of the job is covered. This includes training on the company’s voice, the processes, and what authority they have within their position. Always have trainers who know the job in which they are training others to do. This can be accomplished with peer training or by ones in leadership who have been in the position previously. Also, ensure that the trainer remembers what it was like working in that position. NO SET TRAINING TIME TECHNICAL AND PERSONAL ASPECTS EFFECTIVE TRAINERS
  9. 43 21 9 Ensure all team members have the resources they need to perform their duties correctly Resources also includes ensuring that the team knows to come to you when needed Review resources in a Revolving Process and update them as needed and when new technology is available Keep physical and mental resources available for you team at all times HAVE THE RIGHT RESOURCES.
  10. 10 Team Dynamics03
  11. Everyone has a seat and a voice 11 THE
 EXPERIENCE Everyone has a voice and should be listened to. Sometimes the best ideas come from the hardest workers. All Ideas Matter Be the definition and example of respect. Respect works in Both Directions The team is there to collectively work on the big picture. The Big Picture
  12. 12 EFFECTIVE TEAM MANAGEMENT WITH THE ECLIPTIC TEAM APPROACH Everyone on the team is given the authority to make the best decisions with what they are given. They also know that they can come to their leaders with any questions they may have. The Ecliptic Team Approach basic fundamental is trust. Trust that good decisions will be made, trust that words will be followed by actions, and that the actions will be followed by accountability. Communication needs to start with the leadership down. Leadership sets the core identity, culture, and foundation to how the rest of the team will interact. AVOID
  13. 13 ACCOUNTABILITY IS KEY All team members should take the initiative to do the work that needs to be done. Often, every road taken is different but the end result should always be the same. Have a rule that the blame or ownership is never passed over to anyone. The good, the bad, and the annoying all has to be completed. Even if things go wrong, which they can often, do, the team members accept their ownership and accountability and strive for a better tomorrow. ACCEPT 
  14. 14 Future Forward04
  15. 15 MAKING THE MOVE FROM A STANDARD WORK HIERARCHY TO THE ECLIPTIC TEAM APPROACH It is difficult to make this approach work with a linear thought process. The individuals must be able to think outside the box. Everyone must be on boardMost 
 Important Changing a team dynamic is not something that can be quickly changed and still be successful. Work with the team to become ecliptic. It will not happen overnightStill
 Important Once everyone is comfortable in their roles and having authority/accountability, team leaders often see a rise in work quality, output, and less need for interruptions. It will become a fluid work environmentKeep in
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