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Introduction to Jetpack- WordCamp Chicago 2014

  1. An Introduction to Jetpack Michele Butcher @michele_butcher
  2. A 20 second bio of who this girl up here talking is…
  3. With over 10 million downloads, Jetpack is one of the most used WordPress plugins in the world.
  4. In the beginning…
  5. What does Jetpack have to offer me?
  6. A whole lot of AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! in a tiny living space!
  7. Installing Jetpack 1. Download via Plugin Repository 2. Activate 3. Sign in with your account 4. You are ready to go!
  8. First, go into the “Install Plugins” page on your dashboard In the search box type in “Jetpack” and click “Search Plugins”
  9. The top choice will be the Jetpack that you want. Click “Install Now” to download Jetpack to your WordPress site.
  10. This is what you will see once the plugin has been installed Click “Activate Plugin” to turn it on in your dashboard
  11. Now you have to connect Jetpack to your account Click on the “Connect to to proceed”
  12. This is where you use you login. If you do not have a login you can click on “Need and account?” Sign up is free and takes about 5 seconds.
  13. Now you are ready to rock Jetpack!
  14. There are three types of people that Jetpack was designed for. ! 1. Users 2. Readers 3. Developers
  15. For those awesome WordPress users…
  16. Get your site attention and love with social media by using Publicize and Sharing
  17. Share with the most popular social media platforms!
  18. Security Within Your Site
  19. Monitor will email you as soon as your site goes down. Know instantly for minimal downtime. Get emails delivered when your site goes down and how long it was down.
  20. VaultPress: Jetpack’s backup and security feature. It is a paid feature that will secure your site in real time to make sure you have no unwanted visitors.
  21. Not a fan of the WordPress mobile app but want to post on the go? Then post by email could be your answer! Jetpack sets up each user their own email address to send the posts to. ! Add your HTML to the email your your special bling
  22. For the media fans, Jetpack has a few somethin’ somethin’ Carousel will take your pictures and showcase them in a rocking full page experience.
  23. Plus tiled galleries gives you more options for displaying your fantastic photos Tiles Circle Square
  24. VideoPress, one of two paid Jetpack features, is one of the easiest ways to upload and edit videos to add to your WordPress site.
  25. • Unlimited video length for videos up to 1GB • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming videos • Share and embed VideoPress videos anywhere on the internet • Videos inherit your blogs privacy settings for strict privacy control • VideoPress supports MP4 (.mp4,m4v) QuickTime movies (.mov)Windows Media Video (.wmv), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), MPEG (.mpg), Ogg (.ogv), 3GPP, (.3gp), and 3GPP2 (.3g2) Benefits Include
  26. Hey grammar nazis everywhere! Jetpack has this cool little thing where they will check your spelling and grammar for you. It just does it! ! ! ! ! ! If only it could be everywhere…..Think of the possibilities!!!
  27. Site Verification Tools NEW NEW Verify your site with Google, Bing, and Pinterest. Get noticed faster!
  28. Sing with me… “This is the site that doesn't end. Yes it goes on and on my friends… When used, and applicable to your theme, Infinite Scroll will make your site seem like it never ends. It will show all of your posts on the one page. Disclaimer: The theme author must integrate this into the theme for this feature to work
  29. ! ! Do you hate logging in to each and every one, each and every time? Single Sign On is the key to solve all of those pesky login problems. Have multiple WordPress sites?
  30. Want to know more about that person who commented on your post? Gravatar hovercards will show the Gravatar bio information when you hover the curser over a Gravatar image.
  31. Sometimes the need arises that one needs to search their WordPress back end to find something. Yeah it happens to the best of us. Insert Omnisearch ! Jetpacks handy dandy search option. It will search posts, pages, comments, media, and plugins.
  32. Enhanced distribution allows your blog’s public content to be included in the firehose. Enhanced Distribution
  33. Want your site to move at warp speed? Photon is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hosted on or on Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. That means less load on your host and faster images for your readers. Just click “Activate” and done!
  34. Widgets widgets everywhere! Widgets give more options to put all kinds of coolness on your site. Jetpack gives you the option to pick what widgets you want on certain pages and gives you more widgets to pick from.
  35. Jetpack extra sidebar widgets gives you: Facebook Like Box Top 10 Most Recent Posts Twitter Timeline Add an image Show your Gravatar Gallery Display Readmill
  36. Google+ Profile You can connect your WordPress site to your Google+ account.Show your Google+ profile link at the bottom of your posts and let your readers use their Google+ profile to add comments to your posts. You can share to Google+, embed Google content, and add your latest posts on your Google+ profiles and pages.
  37. The people who do math The Beautiful Math Feature complex mathematical equations rock on your site.
  38. Stats Who reads us? How many visited today, last week, last year? How many pages were visited? Where did they visit from? What are they reading? ! ! ! Those questions and more answered here!
  39. Visitors Top Posts and Pages Viewed
  40. For the readers you all know you want…
  41. Want people to leave snazzy comments on your site? ! No need for a separate plugin Jetpack has that covered! This is the Jetpack enabled Comments on Also commenters can use their using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and accounts.
  42. Jetpack subscriptions give readers the ability to get your new posts delivered directly to their inbox.
  43. Just like Facebook, people can “Like” your posts through their account.
  44. Give those readers more posts to read by using Related Posts Snazzy little links can appear anywhere within and/or under your posts to direct readers to related posts that you have made. ! It is awesome! You should try it!
  45. WordPress Security for Beginners 101 states you should never ever never put your email address on your website. Never. So how do your readers contact you?
  46. A contact form! Contact forms give readers a way to contact you and they are fully customizable!
  47. Sometimes your URL is just too long… Shortlinks automatically gives your posts a short link for posting to social media sites.
  48. ! ! Turn this URL: ! ! ! Into: !
  49. And forbid your site theme is not responsive, Jetpack can help! Jetpack Mobile Theme automatically optimizes your site for mobile devices. ! ! ! ! ! But I am sure you are already using a responsive theme right?
  50. Last but never least, those fantastic developer types…
  51. JSON API Allow applications to securely access your content through the cloud
  52. Custom CSS The custom CSS Editor allows customization to the appearance of your theme without the need to create a child theme or worry about theme updates overwriting your customizations.
  53. Jetpack now features Markdown A more relatively new feature, you now can write in Markdown and publish in XHTML
  54. An added bonus for developers… Jetpack has hundreds of filters and hooks within the database that can be modified and tweaked to your own specifications.
  55. A prime example is how you can customize the related posts features.
  56. Shortcodes can make life so much easier!
  57. • [ ] embeds a video. » Full instructions • [ dailymotion ] embeds a DailyMotion video. » Full instructions • [ flickr ] embeds a Flickr video. » Full instructions • [ ted ] embeds a TED talk. » Full instructions • [ vimeo ] embeds a Vimeo video. » Full instructions • [ vine ] embeds a Vine video. » Full instructions • [ youtube ] embeds a YouTube video. » Full instructions Video Shortcodes
  58. Audio Shortcodes • [ audio ] displays uploaded audio file as an audio player. Jetpack now uses the shortcode parameters in WordPress Core. • [ soundcloud ] embeds audio from SoundCloud. » Full instructions • [ bandcamp ] embeds audio from Bandcamp. » Full instructions
  59. Images and Documents Shortcodes • [ presentation ] allows you to display a slide presentation on your site. » Full instructions • [ scribd ] embeds a document/file from Scribd. » Full instructions • [ slideshare ] embeds a slideshow from » Full instructions • [ gallery type="slideshow" ] allows you to create a slideshow by using the built-in WordPress galleries. » Full instructions • You can also use Jetpack to embed Google Docs. » Full instructions
  60. Miscellaneous Shortcodes
 Shortcodes for adding a blog archive index, contact form, polls, and more. • [ archives ] displays an archive index of your blog posts. » Full instructions • [ digg ] displays a Digg sharing button. • [ googlemaps ] embeds Google Maps. » Full instructions • [ facebook ] embeds Facebook posts. » Full instructions • [ polldaddy ] embeds a PollDaddy poll. » Full instructions • [ twitter-timeline ] embeds a Twitter Timeline Widget. » Full instructions Module-Dependent Shortcode
 This shortcode only works when the corresponding module is enabled. • [ jetpack_subscription_form ] displays a subscription form anywhere in your site. Works with the Subscription Module. » Full instructions
  61. Questions???
  62. Thank you! You all have been great! Twitter: @michele_butcher ! ! ! Slide deck can be found at: jetpack-wordcamp-chicago-2014