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Code is Poetry: The WordPress OpenSource Project

  1. The WordPress Open Source Project
  2. A bit about Michele Butcher ❖ WordPress Specialist at WP Security Lock ❖ Lead Organizer for Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup ❖ Designer and Content Creator at 13 Core ❖ Blogger for Can’t Speak Geek ❖ Community and Teaching Contributor for WordPress ❖ WordCamp Speaker ❖ JALC Beginner’s and Intermediate WordPress instructor
  3. Over 60 Million sites are Powered by WordPress About one-fourth of all the websites are running WordPress Almost 50% of all CMS ran sites are on WordPress
  4. WordPress Core is written and used in over 180 different languages.
  5. It is NOT just for bloggers
  6. Vouge The New York Post Time Magazine Sony Music Wil Wheaton Georgia State University Flickr
  7. There is virtually no limit to what you can build.
  8. Built with MySQL and PHP it’s origins lays with b2/cafelog. Using W3C standards for XHTML and CSS ensures sites are easily rendered across most platforms.
  9. WordPress Core is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
  10. Being OpenSource means more can work on the Code and Core is ever evolving.
  11. Anyone can copy, edit, or distribute the Core files.
  12. Great tutorials for most anything WordPress related
  13. The Codex can show how to dig deeper as a developer for the WordPress Project
  14. Anyone can request features and report bugs. This is how many of the lead developers start out.
  15. Constantly being updated: 3 major releases to Core in the past year. 785 people helped contribute to these updates
  16. Over 34,000 plugins and 2,700 themes for site customization in the repo alone. This is not counting premium plugins and themes.
  17. The WordPress community is one of the largest international professional communities.
  18. Anyone can join, help out and contribute to WordPress which is why it is the most popular. Anyone is able to work on the core code, API, mobile responsiveness, support and documentation
  20. WordCamps. The best $20-$40 spent for any conference. Upcoming WordCamp Schedule at
  21. Over 20,000 people make their living using WordPress and that number is rising.
  22. What does all of this mean to you?
  23. There are at least 4 companies just in the Carbondale area that make WordPress based sites.
  24. WordPress is one of the most requested skills in the world. Just behind knowing MS Office
  25. Companies both big and small are looking for designers, developers, and content creators to help them stay in competition.
  26. It is not a build it and forget world for websites anymore. Many clients now want access to their website for content creation.
  27. Most bloggers, freelancers, and small businesses chose WordPress over Joomla and Drupal.
  28. Most designers make $100k a year designing a WordPress website. Most developers make between $300k and $400k per year.
  29. Community support when you can get answers 24/7/365 Code or a forum post has already been made for most issues.
  30. Most answers can be found in the forums.
  31. Answering the Forum questions is easy to.
  32. The users, developers, and community is always growing.
  33. Building one simple plugin or theme build can change a future.
  34. Getting started now in Contributing to WordPress can lead to many great things after graduation including remote positions with a high starting pay.
  35. Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup Next Meetup will be December 9, 2014 at Pagliai’s Pizza from 6pm-8pm
  36. Questions?