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  1. 1. Alabama – U.S.A. Michelangelo Casabianca Classe III AELiceo Socio-Economico “G.Perticari”
  2. 2. Alabama StateFlag Alabama  is a federal state located in the Southern United States of America Seal
  3. 3. IntroductionIt is bordered by Tennessee to the north,Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf ofMexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.Alabama is the 30th-most extensive and the 23rd-most populous of the 50 United States. The capital of Alabama is Montgomery.
  4. 4. GeographyAlabama is known for its scenic beauty, and has a lot to offer those who enjoy the great outdoors. Alabama can be characterized as having 4 regions : Mountains - the north Its laden with shimmering lakes, waterfalls, caverns and tree-crested mountaintops (Huntsville, Decatur, Tuscumbia) Metropolitan Alabama - central big cities (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa) River Heritage - the south, except Gulf Coast (Montgomery, Auburn, Dothan) Gulf Coast - the south west the sugar-white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach (Mobile)
  5. 5. Economy• Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, cattle, nursery stock, peanuts, cotton, vegetables, milk, soybeans.• Industry: Paper, lumber and wood products, mining, rubber and plastic products, transportation equipment, apparel.
  6. 6. HistoryThe state is named after the Alabama tribe, a NativeAmerican people who originally lived at the confluence of the Coosa andTallapoosa Rivers. Originally colonized by the French in 1702, Alabama exchanged hands a fewtimes moving from Spanish control to British and finally becoming a completelyUS territory around 1814. At the time its rich soil made Alabama an attractivelocation for agricultural settlers who arrived in droves during the 1820’s and30’s. The main crop was cotton and the vast majority of labor was supplied byslaves brought by the land owners or imported from neighboring slave states.Alabama history is emblazoned by battles over racial equality and has been hotbed of controversy since before the American Civil War, culminating in bothmassive civil unrest and major victories for the Civil Rights Movement in the1960s from lynching and rioting to desegregation and a repeal of the Jim CrowLaws.
  7. 7. CuriosityDid You Know...?The first inhabitants of Alabamawere Cherokee, Creek, Choctawand Chickasaw Indians.Did You Know...?NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsvillebuilt the first rocket to puthumans on the moon.Did You Know...?Alabama marble is considered the purest and whitest in the world.It has been used in buildings such asthe Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
  8. 8. Tourism