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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE - MICHEL HARDEMANAVAILABLE AS FROM APRIL 1ST 2012PERSONAL DETAILS:Name: Michael Andreas Joseph HardemanFirst name: MichelAddress: Lindholm 281ZIP code: 2133 CTPlace of residence: HoofddorpTelephone (cell phone): 06 – 16720023Telephone (landline): 023 – 5616343Date of birth: October 19, 1961Place of birth: HilversumGender: MaleMarried/Unmarried: MarriedSalary indication: €2300 - €2700 (conform my current position)Travel requirements: Stationary, public transportationE-mail: michel.a.j.hardeman@gmail.comLinkedIn profile: Jeanne d’Arc in Eindhoven (Graduated: Yes)H.A.V.O. Eckart College in Eindhoven (Graduated: Yes)V.W.O. Eckart College in Eindhoven (Graduated: Yes)Language skills Dutch, English, French and GermanL.O.I. (1985 – 1986) Microcomputers & BASIC (Graduated: Yes)PBNA (1988 – 1989) Praktijk Diploma Informatica 1 (PDI) (Graduated: Yes)L.O.I. (1990 – 1991) Praktijk Diploma Informatica 2 (PDI) (Graduated: Yes)ECABO/SIOM (1991 – 1992) Application programmer (Pascal/C) (Graduated: Yes)ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATES AND COMPETENCIES:Certificates: - SIOM/ECABO certificaat (praktijkdiploma) Object Pascal-programmeur. - Sybase - Powerbuilder Building Blocks. - Centurasoft - SQL Windows and CTD. - MSCE TCP/IP - Training AT&T (2005): network training CISCO routers. - Checkpoint VPN Secure Client - RSA. - HDI Certified - ITIL CertifiedCompetencies: - Profound knowledge of all day IT software products. - Languages: Dutch, English, French and German. - Contributing excellent account based knowledge articles. - Designing/implementing multi-lingual articles and templates. - Proactive, attentive and stress proof. - Sixth sense for gaps in both processes and instructions. - Widely employable.
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE:COMPANY: CNT/CTT Systems B.V. (Alphen a/d Rijn). Languages: Dutch and English.Worked as: Application-programmer/operator from 02-02-1992 to 10-08-1992.:- Work on/improve time registration sheets and developed other application programs.COMPANY: Digital Equipment Corporation B.V. Languages: Dutch, English, French and German.Worked as: International Helpdesk Engineer/specialist from 17-01-1995 to 01-12-1995.- Support German end users (Borland Pascal, Delphi and Microsoft products).- Testing and evaluating new Borland products. Draw up and selling contracts.- Set up a project + subprojects (Benelux, Germany, UK and a Scandinavia department..- Primary support core Borland and Microsoft products (Windows 3.x, Windows 95, MS-Word 6.0/7.0, Excel 5.0/7.0).COMPANY: Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid. Languages: Dutch and English.Worked as: Point of report Helpdesk-engineer (internal) from 29-01-1996 to 01-05-1996.- Internal support (KA project (Kantoor Automatisering)). Supported transition of commonly used Mac configurations to Windows configurations.- Direct support at the administrative workers’ locations (in their own rooms), remedying of local and general malfunctions.COMPANY: Digital Equipment Corporation B.V. Languages: Dutch, English, French and German.Worked as: International Helpdesk Engineer/specialist from 01-05-1996 to 01-01-1997.- Support of German customers (Borland Pascal, Delphi and Microsoft products).- Testing and evaluating new Borland products. Draw up and selling contracts.- Set up a project + subprojects (Benelux, Germany, UK and a Scandinavia department..- Primary support core Borland and Microsoft products (Windows 3.x, Windows 95, MS-Word 6.0/7.0, Excel 5.0/7.0).COMPANY: Sykes Enterprises Incorporated. Languages: Dutch, English, French and German.Worked as: Int. Helpdesk Engineer/Technical Engineering Mentor from 04-03-1997 to 31-01-2006.- Set up the Borland Helpdesk (January 1st 1997. Assisted new agents in supporting Borland products.- Support of Sybase, PowerSoft and Watcom products.- Support of Centurasoft products (Database: Client/Server and programming issues).- Role as Technical Engineering Mentor. Responsible for the course of business: monitoring a good progress of the support in general, administrative and procedural processes. Providing the engineers with internal trainings on the use of call registration packages, the proper follow-up of the procedures to be applied.- Support of PowerQuest (Data Storage Management) both enterprise and home support.COMPANY: Norman/SHARK (Hoofddorp). Languages: Dutch and French.Worked as: Corporate Helpdesk Agent / Positions 1st & 2nd level from 01-02-2006 to 01-08-2006.- Home product support: Norman Virus Control, Norman Personal Firewall, Norman Ad-Aware, SpamWeed, Cryptainer and Norman Privacy.- Corporate products support: Norman Virus Control Network, GFI software.- Hired as support employee to provide technical support to home and corporate users throughout the Benelux. Effective way to offer support by phone, e-mail and remote desktop support.Remarkable: Remote support using ISL Light.CRM: GoldMine (GM) and Lotus Notes 6.5 (Database, e-mail, knowledgebase).
  3. 3. COMPANY: Dell Nederland BV (Amsterdam). Languages: Dutch, English, French and German.Worked as: Dell Managed Services / Senior Support Analyst from 23-01-2007 to 01-03-2012.- Dell Managed Service Desk support AXA Assurance / AXA Bank employees in Belgium and offshore.- Move onwards to Dell DMS Senior Support Honeywell (from 01-08-2010 to 01-03-2012). A high demanding account.Keywords (Honeywell): Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Cloud Computing. DELL Hardware, EMEA dispatches, DELL desktops/notebooks, DellServ, SPMD. Knowledgebase (KCS), knowledge management, Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Acrobat Standard (Pro). Getronics ODS. Active Directory, LDAP, Honeywell Intranet and Extranet. Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), Blackberry, Blackberry Desktop Manager (5.01/6.01). iOs, Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 (Smartphones), 3.1, 3.2.x (Tablets). CRM: BMC IBM Remedy, BMC Dell Remedy, Checkpoint VPN Secure Client. Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco IP Softphone, LANDesk Server/Client. McAfee Endpoint Encryption, McAfee Antivirus Enterprise. Genesys Meeting Center, Microsoft Lync 2010, Interact Verizon/Damovo Business.Keywords (AXA): Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista. Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Standard (Pro), CRM: USvD CAR11, Checkpoint VPN Secure Client (RSA), Citrix Presentation Server, SPOC, Major Incident Management. Knowledgebase (KCS), knowledge management, Microsoft SharePoint. RAS, Active Directory, LDAP, GetIT Remote Client, XP Remote Services. Offshore, VMWare.I would like to opt for a role as process coordinator for I have experience in process management whichkeeps pace with the service life cycle as prescribed by ITIL.Why?- I have the experience of living through these services as part of the ITIL life cycle.- As to the practical implementation I have assessed existing documents and made process change proposals candidate for CAB meetings as per services life cycle as prescribed by ITIL.- Change management: Changes as they have been put forward as a product of assessment as candidate for CAB meetings. I have also attended many CAB meetings during the AXA and Honeywell projects.- Creating, reviewing of existing documents and publishing as part of process coordination.- These documents are in English, Dutch, French and German.
  4. 4. CHARACTERISTICS:My characteristics can be described as follows:- Very patient regarding the support to end-users.- Analyzing: a problem to an outcome (solution or workaround) as program code, recommendation or advice.- Accurate: Reproducing problems and, based on them, coming to a solution, recommendation or workaround.- Team spirit: Solve more complicated problems with other members of the team or to corporate yourself in order to solve other people’s problems.MILITARY SERVICE:Not applicable.
  5. 5. RECOMMENDATIONSEMEA Senior Technical Support Analyst HoneywellDell Nederland BV Amsterdam“A proficient IT professional Michel has demonstrated his ability to adapt quickly to new situations andsupport his colleagues in the process.Quality and Process focused with excellent problem diagnosis and customer relationship managementskills Michel consistency performed at a high level.Although not reporting directly to me Michel has been part of my team for 5 years now and is respectedby his direct management and peers as being a great team player willing to go those extra miles to supportthe team goals.A support centre Senior Analyst with strong technical skills delivering high level of customer support inmultiple languages, Michel would be a valuable member of any team and it has been a pleasure knowingand having him as part of the Service Desk team.”NOVEMBER 24, 2011DENISE RIDGEWAY, GLOBAL CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, DELLMANAGED MICHEL INDIRECTLY AT DELL NEDERLAND BV AMSTERDAM“Michel has been working for the Global Service Desk org. for more than 4 years, under myresponsibility and is surely the most consistent employee in many ways.As a manager I can say that Michel is great in working on projects, escalations assigned to him. Deliversresults in timely manner. He can work independently and can also be a great team player; stays focus onhis tasks. Michel takes initiatives in improving how the work is done.Through his knowledge contributions, reviews demonstrate his excellent communication & analyticalskills.High IT command; process oriented; recognized at multiple occasions for his extra miles in deliveringremarkable support combined with incidents resolution at first level.Michel is customer focused and obtained different awards in Customer Satisfaction.I would recommend having Michel in any teams; he will be a valuable asset to any organizations.”NOVEMBER 15, 2011JEROME LAURET, SERVICE DESK MANAGER, DELL BVMANAGED MICHEL AT DELL NEDERLAND BV AMSTERDAM“Michel Hardeman is a knowledgeable colleague, who has been supporting the Service Desks at Dell inAmsterdam. His support towards the end-users and customer has been more than adequate and conformHDI standards. Michel is able to determine gaps in processes and instructions.”NOVEMBER 4, 2011ADAM JELENJEV, KNOWLEDGE MANAGER, DELLMANAGED MICHEL INDIRECTLY AT DELL NEDERLAND BV AMSTERDAM
  6. 6. “31th October, 2011TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Michel Hardeman. As theEMEA Global Technical Trainer for Dell Services I have known Michel for approximately five years.Michel joined our organization as an IT Technical Helpdesk Agent. Demonstrating an incredible initiativeand a strong dedication, he moved to Senior Technical Helpdesk, where he was handling all VIP andExecutive users with utmost care. His enthusiasm and dedication are both inspiring and motivatingpersonal efforts have created a happier and more productive team.Michel is an innovative self-starter, who rarely requires supervision. He is punctual, typically exceedsexpectations, manages stress well and voluntarily works overtime to meet a deadline.Moreover, Michel has received often On Spot Award in recognition to flexibility and excellent work!In a nutshell, Michel is a valuable asset to any IT Helpdesk Technician position, and I stronglyrecommend hiring him.Yours Faithfully,Albino Da Costa AbreuDell EMEA Technical Trainer”OCTOBER 31, 2011ALBINO DA COSTA ABREU, TECHNICAL TRAINER/COACH, DELL NVMANAGED MICHEL INDIRECTLY AT DELL NEDERLAND BV AMSTERDAM“I had a pleasure to work for about a years and a half with Michel in the same department. Michel is acustomer focused, experienced and responsible team player. I can highly recommend working with him.Michel did not fail a single time. Michel was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work atDell. Michel is an independent co-worker. Great, insightful and well educated. Is ready to deal withdifficult situations and solve the problems on time. He denotes a lot of analytical capability andwillingness for his both personal & professional development.”OCTOBER 31, 2011A. A. DEI CASTELLI, CLIENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT ASSOCIATE FOR HONEYWELL EMEA, DELL B.V. -AMSTERDAM, NLWORKED DIRECTLY WITH MICHEL AT DELL NEDERLAND BV AMSTERDAM