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React native and wordpress


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The example code used during the presentation has been uploaded to
This presentation was introduction to everyone to the basic concepts of React, WordPress REST API and very simple example using firebase with it

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React native and wordpress

  1. 1. React Native, WordPress and JavaScript Shenanigans What is React, Why Use it and What WordPress can bring
  2. 2. Who am I? ● Developer Lead ● General Boss Man
  3. 3. Micheál Reilly @michealreilly
  4. 4. What we’ll cover ● What is React? ● How you can use it for mobile apps ● Using it with WordPress ● Cool things in ES6 and ES7?
  5. 5. What is React?
  6. 6. What is it? Quick Background Built by Facebook Components Reactive Updates Just the View Bit
  7. 7. Who’s using it ● AirBnB ● Facebook ● WhatsApp ● Automattic ● Khan Academy ● Tesla ● Loads More
  8. 8. AirBnB
  9. 9. Any other benefits ● Just a View Layer ● Server Side Rendering ● I really like components ● Managing state makes sense
  10. 10. How do I use it for Mobile?
  11. 11. React Native Allows you to build Native Apps in Javascript
  12. 12. Some Reasons why it’s Awesome Live Reloading and Hot Reloading You can still use native code Tons of Libraries
  13. 13. How to use React with WordPress?
  14. 14. It is the API of Course OK what’s an API WordPress REST API What I like to use to query it:
  15. 15. For Web ReactJS and Headless WordPress Using WP-JSON Resources
  16. 16. Why use it on the Web? User Experience Developer Love Make site’s that wow Speed Generate Static Sites with Gatsby
  17. 17. For Mobile Why use it? Admin Panel for Apps that works Eases User Understanding Great for Prototyping Unlocks Apps
  18. 18. What to do in WordPress Advanced Custom Fields Custom Post Types Using Categories Keep it Simple with WordPress
  19. 19. React Native and the Client What does it add What do they get
  20. 20. Getting Funky Mixing Data Sources
  21. 21. Using the latest JavaScript Features
  22. 22. The Joys of Building with React Promise Let and Const Maps and Sets Fancy Object Syntax Classes Arrow Functions Modules Rest and Spread
  23. 23. Getting Started and Useful Tools The Road to Learn React Official Docs
  24. 24. QUESTIONS